10 Most Popular Social Networking Websites You Must Share Your Blog Posts

Social networking websites (web 2.0) is now a great source of traffic to most blog. I happened to manage one blog for one client and 90 percent of his total blog traffics comes from social media and he is getting about 3000 per page views per day.
In this era of social media you cannot do without it if you want serious traffic to your blog. I get most news from shared post of many websites when am on Facebook or Twitter.
share your blog post to get traffic
Social networking sites can drive a huge amount of traffic to your websites, Let's do a little maths here. Assuming you have a very good engaging unique content lets say you publish a post on "ten top social networking websites for bloggers" You share your post to 50 social networks.

Out of these 50 social networks, one person click on the link to visit your blog on each social network that is 50 unique visits for you. Assuming inside that post you shared, you have a "recommended post" or "related post" like "how to easily share your blog post to social media" Your blog visitor who clicks on the first link you shared because he is interested in it is likely to click on the second link and so on. Can you see how social media can get you massive traffic. If you have an awesome content I bet you will have more than one person checking it out from all the social network you shared the content.

Below am going to list 10 top social networking sites you must share your blog post to get a good amount of traffic back to your blog. The networking sites below are ranked according to their potential to drive traffic to your blog.

1. Facebook
most popular social networking websites

Facebook is most popular social networking website in the world, everybody who uses phones or atleast watch television has heard of Facebook, Facebook has over  1 billion accounts and growing daily. In the terms of search engine ranking, Facebook has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 2 and over 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

There are tons of Facebook plugins and widgets you can install on your blog to share your post by yourself and also let your blog visitor share your blog post. This is infact a great way to double your website traffic.

In terms of paid advertising, Facebook is rivaling Google when it comes to paid adverts, Facebook can find people interests and display your ads to specific set of people you want to see your ads for a really cheap price. I ran an ad with Facebook for $1 and I was able to get a good amount of traffic.

To begin leveraging Facebook for free today, create a Facebook fan page for your blog and share your posts, you can use software to share your post automatically. But don't stop there, create a Facebook group where you can add all your friends with same interest and share your post to your group and also share your blog post to other groups on Facebook with similar interest to increase your blog traffic.

2. Twitter

top 10 social networking websites

Twitter is second most popular social networking websites after Facebook, It is a microblogging websites with 140-character text limit. Twitter has Google PageRank 10 and Alexa Rank 8, it accounts for over 350,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

Twitter growth in recent years has been phenomenal, it has become a great platform to share real time news. If your blog has a content that is viral in nature then twitter will bring incredible traffic to your content.
Like Facebook, Twitter has lots of third party plugins you can use to automatically share your posts and also allow your visitors to share your post.
Sharing your contents in twitter is a good way of getting backlinks to your blog.

3. Google+

Best social networking sites

This is another social networking websites becoming more popular in 2015. Google made its debut in 2011. Google+ has experienced a phenomenal growth rate especially among webmasters and internet marketers. Google+ has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 1 with over 200,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. It really bring a great alternative to Facebook among webmasters.

Google uses this social media platform to give priority over page it's search engine display. If you are popular on Google+, Google tends to display your post with authorank on top of their search engines. Google+ is a must-used social platform for bloggers and webmasters to share post and get more traffic to their blog.

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4. LinkedIn
Best social networking to share post and get traffics

The social networking websites for professionals. LinkedIn is among 5 top social networking sites to share your blog post and get good traffic.

LinkedIn has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 13, with estimated over 300,000,000 unique monthly visitors. It has over 100 million active users (or professionals).
One interesting thing about using LinkedIn is that it can give you quality traffic in the sense that it is mostly used by professionals who are looking to make connections, get better job opportunities and more importantly get right informations.
Share your right informations with your "connections" on LinkedIn.

5. Pinterest

recommended social networking sites to share blog post

Pinterest is highest growing visual content sharing site, it is also a social networking websites. Pinterest has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 31. It pulls over 260,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

Pinterest growth has been described as phenomenal and a great alternative to both Facebook, and Twitter combined when it comes to driving traffic to websites/blogs. It has users who are willing to spend on the right content.
Pinterest can drive quality traffic to your blog when you pin your quality images in the right category on your Pinterest dashboard.

6. Tumblr

top 10 social networking for best traffics

Tumblr is a very popular social networking websites you need to share your post to. It has a huge number of young users who are willing and eager to learn with fresh brains. Tumblr brags of Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 34, it has estimated 120,000,000 unique monthly visitors.

Just like Pinterest, Tumblr is popular for sharing visual contents.

7. Instagram

most popular social networking sites to integrate in blog

Instagram is a most popular social networking website for photo-sharing, it has a serious growth rate, It was once seen as a prestige social networking site for celebrities. Instagram has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 27 with over 100,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

Instagram is a perfect social media to promote your brand. You can drive traffic to your blog when you have a good profile page in Instagram and share relevant pictures and videos.

8. VK

top social networking sites

Vk is very popular social networking website in Europe especially among Russian speaking Europeans but it is also available in many languages, it is gradually making it way across other continents. Vk has estimated unique monthly visitors of over 100,000,00 with Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank of 21.

VK acts almost like Facebook and sharing your contents in VK will not only be a source of great backlink to your blog but it will also pull quality traffic from Europe to your blog.

9. Flickr

photo sharing social networking site

Flickr prides itself for being the largest photo sharing website in the world, Flickr gets 65,000,000 estimates unique monthly visitors. It has Google PageRank 9 and Alexa Rank 125.

Sharing your interesting photos and videos on Flickr can get people to link to your profile and you may even get them to click on your link. Leverage on custom images you have on your blog by sharing them on Flickr and get more traffics coming to your blog.

10. Vine

sharing your post to social networking sites

Another popular social network website owned by Twitter, Vine allows you to share your videos which you can embed inline on Twitter when you shared it through a tweet, you can also embed it on a website. Vine has Google PageRank 8 and Alexa Rank 1172, It gets over 42,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

You can share your videos to play for maximum of 6 seconds on Vine and still get traffic back to your blog if you share an interesting video.


StumbleUpon is a popular social bookmaking website that can drive massive traffic to your blog. StumbleUpon has Google PageRank 8 and Alexa Rank 157. It have over 20,000,000 active users who are potential visitors to your shared-link.

Note: Google PageRank and Alexa Rank tends to flunctuate, The rank I have here are one at the time of publishing this post. I will try my best to update them as they change.

Do you know any other popular social networking website that should be among our list of top 10. Please make use of comment section to share your view about it. There is love in sharing.

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