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Martins Oputa

Top 10 Ways To Automatically Publish Your Blog Post To Social Media Networks 2015

Social media plays an important role in driving traffic to blog and websites. A blogger will not depend on organic traffic from Google or paid ads for all his traffic. When you have worked hard to create a new content, how do you create awareness about your new post to let both interested humans and search engine know about your new content. Do you manually share your new blog posts to all the social networking sites or you auto post to social networks.

As a blogger, you need to keep on updating your blog with new posts frequently and also write quality posts. All this takes a lot of time and may leave you with little or no time to be active on social networks. However knowing that there is a software you can use to automatically schedule and share your posts to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will go a long way to free up some time for you and help you better manage your social media presence and boost your productivity.

Some of my blogger friends  and our fans have always wonder if there is any way they can apply automation when it comes to sharing and posting their contents to major social networks like Facebook, Twitter. So am glad am making this post because among the top ten social auto-share software I will list here you will find one that will satisfy your need.

You can use the following software below to drive traffic to your blog by auto sharing your post to social media:

1. Hootsuite
Most popular social media management app

Hootsuite gives you a real automation when it comes to publishing your post to social networks. It is the most popular social media management software with lots of features. You can manage all your social media networks with Hootsuite. Hootsuite will allow you to try out their service for free 30 days, if you choose to continue with the free account, Hootsute will allow you to manage only limited features with your social media auto posting.
If you choose to use Hootsuite for auto publishing your blog posts, you can schedule messages, engage your audience and your "ROI" right from your dashboard.

top social media auto-share app

Dlvr takes sharing your posts to social media to another level, it has more than 500,000 users. With you can schedule all your blog's RSS feeds to your social media accounts. even allows you schedule your posting to Google+, this is a feature some of other auto sharing software are yet to catch up to. You can also schedule and post other people blogs RSS feeds with while you give credit to the blog owner. gives you stats on how you social media posting are performing. I love seeing post shared by whenever am on Facebook.

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3. Bufferapp

share your blog post to facebook automatically

This is a standalone social media auto-share tool, Bufferapp helps you to schedule your post to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It helps you make smart decision by scheduling post when people are likely to be most active on social media to get maximum exposure. You can use Bufferapp for free and add up to 10 updates at each time to each profile in your Bufferapp account.

4. TweetDeck
top ways to auto share your blog post to social networking websites

Another software for your social media management, With TweeDeck you can watch your updates stream in real time from Facebook, Twitter and other social media you connect it to. TweetDeck is downloaded and install on your hard drive as part of your desktop application. You can organize and build custom timelines with TweetDeck. It have an app for Iphone and android users.

5. Post RSS
auto-post to social networks

Post RSS is another software that helps you to share your contents to social media automatically, You can share your contents to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can use Post Rss free without upgrading, however if you choose to upgrade it have monthly plan as low as $10 and highest is $100 per month.

SocialFlow works in the same way like Bufferapp, however, it suppports scheduling your post on Facebook and Twitter. This app is currently being used by BBCAfrica to share their post on Facebook. SocialFlow shares you tweets in real time when your followers are most likely to be active on the network.

7. WP-AutoSharePost
This auto-share plugin is exclusively for wordpress users. This allows you to integrate the plugin with your wordpress, and share your blog posts automatically on Facebook and Twitter. It have what they called CommentGrabber, which grabs all the comment on the blog post on Facebook. WP-AutoSharePost requires you create Facebook app and Twitter app before you can share your post.

8. SpredFast
social media autos

SpredFast not only allow you to schedule your content on social networks but also help you to manage and analyze data gathered from your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter to know your post reach and engagement. SpredFast has no free option but you can request for a demo. If you love measuring analytics then this app is for you. It is the social media management app being used by  FIFA.

TwitterFeed does not only feed Twitter, you can connect it to your Facebook and LinkedIn account. Twitterfeed updates your social media account by pulling feeds from your newly published blog posts and post their links to your social media account.

SocialOomp is a great app when it comes to managing your social media. It manages the scheduling of your post to your social media profile, pages and groups, not only that, this app have extra feature in it. You can also schedule post to your blog. With free account, you can create unlimited profiles, schedule post, track your keywords and even purge your direct message inbox.

Which app are you making use of to auto share your post to social media. is it in our list? how is your experience so far, We will be glad to hear your opinion in the comment section.

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Martins Oputa

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