High Valued Websites To Get PR9, PR8, and PR7 Dofollow Backlinks For Your Blog

Getting backlinks for your blog is the latest trend in blogging now when it comes to competing for organic traffic from search engines. Bloggers are literary going for crazy for backlinks to their blog. While some choose to work for it,  others choose to spam it then there is another group who decides to buy it, whatever group you belong to, make sure the backlinks you are getting are not the ones that will hurt your website ranking in search engine.
how to get get free PR9 quality backlinks
Backlinks is now pillar for search engine optimization, If you wish to see your blog among the first page of search engine you have to get a pretty good number of quality backlinks to your blog and you have to get them the Google way. Search engines are using the number of inbound link to your blog to gauge the authority of your blog. This means the more inbound link you have from authority website, the more authority search engine will also assign to your website.

When it comes to getting free backlinks, you should concentrate on quality and not quantity. This means that having 25 quality backlinks is better than having 1000 backlinks you just used some software to get. Below is the list of how you can get quality backlinks from some PR9 ranked websites.

Google+ (Plus) PR9
Google+ is the easiest to get dofollow backlink, it is owned by Google and acts like a social network. If you are using Blogger platform for your blogging then all you need to do to get a juicy PR9 backlink from here is to log in to your Google+ page and edit your "About Me" section. Make sure to add your blog link where an option is provided for your website link.

Youtube.com PR9
Youtube is another Google's product where you upload and watch videos. If you are a youtube partner (not everybody with youtube account is youtube partner) then you can get a juicy dofollow backlink by adding your blog in the channel page.

Pinterest PR9
Pinterest is highest growing social bookmarking website in the world as of the moment and this website has PR9 rank, it also gives your blog a juicy dofollow backlink
-Sign up with Pinterest.com
-Edit your profile, here you will see where you will add your blog link.
-Add your blog url and verify it.
You've gotten yourself a a dollow backlink from PR9 website.

LinkedIn PR9
LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals, any serious blogger will have an account with LinkedIn, you can decide to remain.
To get backlink from PR9 add your blog link in the "About Me" section where it requested for your website url.
To get more backlinks from LinkedIn:
-Edit your account to look professional
-Have a good number of friends in your contact.
-Share your blog posts to LinkedIn to get more backlinks.

Mysql.com PR9
It is an open source database website for programmers owned by Oracle corporation. Getting a backlink from this website is so easy.
-Create your profile.
-Add your blog url after you verify your email and you got yourself a juicy backlink.

Vk.com PR9
Vk is one of most popular social network in Europe with over 100 million users, When I updated my status in Vk.com with a link to my blog, it was a dofollow link by VK and it is PR9 ranked website.
To get backlink from Vk.
-Join Vk.com
-Edit your profile and add your blog url in "About me" section.
-Share your posts to Vk.com each time you publish.

Flickr PR9
Flickr is image and video hosting website used my millions of website and blog owners to host their images.
To get a backlink from flickr
-Open a yahoo account
-Sign in to flickr with your yahoomail account.
-Click on small image by topmost right hand side of flickr website to edit your profile
-Add your blog url in the place they ask for "website url"
Enjoy your new PR9 dofollow backlinks.

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Some PR8 Where You Can Backlinks Includes:
To get backlinks from the following websites, go to their "About Me" section and add your blog url

Some PR7 Where You Can Backlinks Includes:
To get backlinks from the websites below. Add your blog address at their "About Me" section

I will update this list as they changes. Google changes the PR rank of websites as they update their search engine, Websites with higher rank may become lower as time goes or it can also increase in rank. You can check Page Rank of website by going to http://www.prchecker.info

Enjoy your free backlinks and do not enjoy alone, share this please so others can get backlinks too

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