The Life Cycle of a Perfect Post

Great content is what brings quality traffic and every webmaster needs traffic to survive. You need quality traffic that converts and that's the only to survive.

How then do you get quality traffic? One of the best ways to get quality traffic is by the creation of a perfect content. Of course, every digital marketer needs to know how the content cycle lifecycle works before he can be able to create the perfect content. You need a content that is shareable, marketable and easily converts. This article will show you different stages of a successful post lifecycle.


Stage 1: Write What People Are Searching For

A successful post starts by writing an idea that is original and useful to your audience. It is something that everybody have not written on. Writing a topic that has been written over and over again will not give you the perfect post. It has to be original and unique and most importantly, useful to your readers.

Ensure that you write what people are searching for. Start with keyword research to make sure that there is interest in the topic. If you see medium to high search ratio, then you know your post have a leg to stand. Next is to search the web to know if anyone else has done it before. If you don't see anything in the first three pages of search result, you are in luck, you can proceed to write your post.

Stage 2: Carry Out Perfect Optimization

This stage involves making sure that your post is discoverable and digestible. Optimize your content with the best SEO practices. Ensure you keep your post simple, with adequate paragraphing and use of bullet points. This will enable users to quickly scan through your post, this is because no one has the time to read through the boring details except if you are providing some industry secret.

Stage 3: Choose Where to Place Your Content

Deciding where to show off your content is a major decision. Do you post to the company's blog, resource center or in another blog? There are so many choices.

The trick is to find out where the content will do best and post it there. You can choose to post it as guest post in a popular blog and enjoy increased traffic and backlinks. If you think the company blog will make much bigger impact, go ahead and post your content there.

Stage 4: Publish your Content Live

There is a trick here: How often do you use your analytics? It will give you idea on which day your post do well. You must post on the day your post will make greatest impact. You can schedule to post on weekends or Mondays, anytime you feel the post will get the greatest exposure.

Stage 5: Going Social

You cannot ignore the impact of social media on contents nowadays. There are many options available to you; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Google Plus. All of them have potentials to bring in loads of traffic.

Share your post where you will find greatest number of audience. You can find all sorts of audience on Facebook. If you are targeting the working class, you might prefer to use LinkedIn as there are huge number of working class and working professionals on this site.

Use Twitter to make your content go viral, and Google Plus to rank your post higher in search engines.

You are not yet done. You need to follow up the post on social media; comment, accept request and reply to feedbacks. You will see people getting across to you for feedbacks, don't ignore, replying will only make your post to get more audience and add more authority to you. Respond to praise, accept corrections and clarify questions.

Step 6: Don't Ignore the Analytics

Don't forget to measure and understand your content in context. By checking the analytics to see how well your content is performing, you will be continually making your entire content more discoverable and better performing. It will help you to tweak and adjust your targeting until you get the optimum result.

Stage 7: Know When to Update

Google love frequently updated contents. Check to know when your content is getting obsolete and understand the time to either retire the post or update. In most cases, there is certainly no reason to retire a post, think of all backlinks it must have accumulated. However, you may need to update it will current information and change your targeting.

In rare case where your post is no longer relevant and can't be useful to audience anymore, then you may consider pulling the plug.

Enjoy it while it last

Successful post have ability to bring in traffic, increase your revenue and your credibility. It is certainly beautiful while it last. Pay attention to your next post, it may be your breakthrough post.


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