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10 Guaranteed Methods To Build A High Quality Backlinks Plus 20 High PR Sites to Create Profile Backlinks Free

Free High quality backlinks

Backlinks are very important if you have blog or website and you want it to get noticed, infact the best kind of traffic you can hope for is those that come into your website/blog organically (find by the visitor without you paying or asking him to visit the site).

Today there are millions of bloggers fighting to get their blog get listed in the first page of search engines so you can see why it is survival of the fittest for website/blog owners nowadays. That’s why backlink is very important.

One of the secret of getting your page rank high in search engine is backlinks. Links pointing back to your website is very good in ranking high in Search Engines but
not all the website guarantee good/quality backlinks, some will get your site into trouble (rank low). This article is made to teach you how to get quality backlinks from high quality websites without paying a single kobo.

This article contains the service many people offer for sale on their fiverr gigs and what some SEO company made you to pay hundreds of dollars to do for you.

What Is A Backlink?

Backlinks are links on other websites pointing back to your website, for example, your website is and you commented on someone’s post on Facebook and add the url of your website. Then you have just created a backlink to your website. The trick is that the more backlink you have to your website the more Google and other search engines ranks your site high; it is infact a popularity contest.

How Can You Build A High Quality Backlinks?

1. Create “How-To” Articles:

Creating a long interesting article on “how-to” do some stuff is a good way to start building a quality link for your website, Your article should make use of captivating images, charts and graphs to get your point across to your reader.To create attractive charts and graphs you can make use of Piktochart. Make sure to explain the details of your article in 1000 – 1300 words that your reader will understand what you are explaining fully well.

The reader will link back to your website naturally without you asking.

2. Submit Your Links To Social Media
Social media brings back lots of traffic to your website, creating backlinks in social media can double your site traffics, Here are some social media sources to get backlinks

i. Reddit
Sharing your article on Reddit gives you backlinks and also help you grow the amount of traffic coming to your website. This method is quite popular, if you have been ignoring it now is a good time to start using it.

ii. StumbleUpon
This is a must for you if you are serious about creating backlinks. StumbleUpon acts as a discovery engine that directs the users to rate and read quality web contents. It’s a very important in growing your website traffic and creating your backlinks which brings the traffic to your website

Every new site needs Backlinks and Visitors. So building your links in StumbleUpon will bring you backlinks and the visitors you need.

iii. Digg
Digg is just like stumbleUpon. Digg is a bit better than StumpleUpon and Reddit because the links it gives you do not have “no-follow” tag and this tends to bring more visitors to your website.

iv. Flickr

Flickr is more like a photo sharing website. When you share a photo in web, the description you give to the photo or image and the link you add to it brings back visitors to your website.

3. PagesTo get backlink from google in this way, You simply need to go to > Create page > Edit page > Write any topic paragraph link back to texts. Google sites is a simple way to create a wiki structured pages that will link back to your website. You can easily write any article there and use it to increase your site backlinks.

4. Write e-Books
Writing e-books is a good way to give out your bonus to your readers and website visitors, your ebook should have your links back to your website.

Write high quality e-books on a needed topic that is very useful, highly readable that your visitors would like download and read it. It should also be shareable in order to build a high quality backlinks.

5. Participate In Guest Blogging
Guest blogging simply means writing an article on another blog/website with the permission of the owner of the website who allows you to insert your link in the article. This may not attract direct traffic to your website but by guest blogging on another blog you have the chance to make your own blog go viral.

You can write an article of 250 -1000 words if you put your mind to it. Contact other bloggers and ask them if it is possible to post an article on their blog, if your blog is good you won’t have problem getting positive answers.

6. Join Forums and Participate
Join as many forums as you can, People usually post questions in the forums, that’s where your service comes in, find solution to those questions and reply with quality answers, if the answer is related to an article in your blog you can insert your link (if the forum allows it).

As you start new threads in the forum and help people with their questions with your valuable posts, you are building a network of potential fans who might offer you high quality backlinks.

7. Use Dailymotion Instead of Youtube.
Youtube add “no-follow” tag in links in video description, channel links & comments, so when you are uploading a video for backlinks purposes it is better to upload it to Dailymotion which does not mess with your links.

8. host pages
Googledrive have “do-follow” links, so this is a unique way to link back to your website. To do this you have to create a HTML page and write some article or text in the HTML page you have created then the next thing to do is to link back in the footer section.

Avoid getting greedy and adding too much links here or Google might flag it as spam, instead create another HTML page and repeat the process again instead of stacking your links on one page.

9. Google+ Profiles
If you are using blogger platform and have already set up your Google+ profiles, Google automatically allows you to share your article in your Google+ profiles, this is a good source of backlinks for your website.

Now to get more high quality backlinks go to your Google+ profile “About Section” then write large description on this section and link more text with your site topic directory.

If you have other authors to your website/blog ask them to link your site in their Google+ profile about section, this has power of PR9.

10. Twenty High PR Sites to Create Profile Backlinks Free




















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