10 PC Tricks And Shortcuts You Are Not Using

How effective are you with your PC?---- Do you know that knowing some simple tricks and shortcuts in your computer can increase your productivity. If you use computer frequently and you need how to get things done fast without wasting time, then you will find most of these simple PC shortcuts very valuable.

I write many articles each day both for myself and for others, therefore using some shortcuts when am operating my system helps me to achieve my work in much less time. This shortcuts and tricks here can help you increase your speed, efficiency and time you spend on your PC doing tasks each day.

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Here Are 10 Best PC Shortcut To Save Time And Improve Your Productivity

1. CNTRL  + A
To select all the letters or text in your browser or in your word editor or any other software you are using at once, all you need to do is press CNTRL and A button at same time, Everything will be highlighted on your screen you can go ahead and copy it with the shortcut below.

2. CNTRL + C
When you have selected everything on your screen or editor and wish to copy them, no need scrolling around looking for copy button, just press CNTRL button and C button at same time to automatically copy what you have selected.
Note: You need to first select it with CNTRL + A  before you can copy

Another way to copy is to press CNTRL + INSERT button, If you wish to "cut" instead of copy, then press CNTRL + X.

3. CNTRL + V
This  combination is the shortcut for pasting what you have copied quickly, When you have copied a text or image using CNTRL + C. Then you can paste what you've copied using the CNTRL + V shortcut.
Another shortcut for pasting what you have copied is by using SHIFT + INSERT

4. CNTRL + F
Are you looking for something and you need to find it quickly?--- Then press CNTRL + F together to find it, even on your browser, you can try it out now, press CNTRL + F now to see a little box where you can search anything open.

5. CNTRL + Z
Pressing CNTRL + Z will undo any action you have previously taken, for instance if you are using Microsoft-word and you mistakenly delete a text, just press CNTRL + Z to recall it back.

6. CNTRL + Y
This is the opposite of CNTRL + Z, pressing CNTRL + Y on your keyboard will redo your actions, for instance, if you delete something, then you recall it back and still yet found out that you need to delete it afterall, Pressing CNTRL + Y will take care of it.

7. CNRTL + S
Avoid losing  your work, if you are working on a document, or an a software that requires saving, Use CNTRL + S to continually save your work to avoid losing it.

Pressing this combination will move you to next tab, for instance, if you have multiple tabs opened on your browser, press CNTRL + TAB to move between them.
Another shortcut to do this, is by pressing ALT + TAB

Do you need to delete the whole word instead of a single character, press CNTRL + BACKSPACE to delete the whole word.

If you are surfing the internet, pressing the spacebar key will scroll the page down one page at a time. ............................................................

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