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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs SEO

Businesses nowadays can grow bigger with the help of the internet. From physical products to services, you can now avail of these via the internet. Online competition for business is now fierce. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization steps in. Defined as a sequence of tactics, techniques and methods that are used to increase the number of visitors to a website by improving its ranking in the Search Engine Results Page also known as SERP.
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To simplify things, SEO helps people find your website on top of the list from search engines like Google. So here is a list of the four best reasons why your business website needs SEO.
  1. Businesses Are Going Online
Studies have shown that 93% of consumers that are looking for products and services use online search engines. If you want your business to grow it’s time to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your business website.  You can actually reach more potential customers online if your business website is optimized. Your business website serves as your promotion and customer service portal for your products and or services. It plays an essential key for your business website to be on top of the search engine ranks and for it to reach more potential customers.

  1. SEO Generates More Traffic for Your Business Website
As previously mentioned, SEO is also done with research and with carefully specified details. By the use of keyword analysis, SEO helps you conclude the number of potential customers that are searching for the exact keyword related to your business and products or services. If you can identify the needs, concerns and issues relating to your target customers, you can establish your business website to be trustworthy and legitimate with the help of SEO. This can be translated to an increase of visitor-to-sales rate in your business website. SEO can help your business website convert from potential customers to buyers.

  1. SEO is Cost-Effective
It is rated as excellent in the case of return of investment by about 75% of marketers. The reason behind this is because SEO is an affordable method for online marketing and the results are effective and consistent. Businesses and clubs of Australia have marked SEO to be one the key strategies  for their growth online.

SEO strategy can be customized based on your needs and budget. Various methods like link building, keyword research, social media marketing, and email marketing can be implemented to promote your business. And these methods are usually included in the SEO package services you’re taking. You don’t have to pay for more employees to do these tasks for you.
  1. Take Advantage of the Competition
Not all business websites are SEO optimized and not all of them are using it correctly. SEO is a specialized strategy that is not learned overnight. A business or club that have an SEO optimized website definitely has the advantage over those who don’t use SEO. A business or club website that has been SEO optimized by a professional can reach more potential customers and has greater rate in visitor-to-sales rate compared to those who don’t use it.

A study by Ipsos OTX shows that 71% out of 5000 smartphone users have searched an item because they saw an advertisement online. A business website that is optimized can attract more traffic online by having taken advantage of the search results generated by a SEO optimized website. This is conceptualizing when you research, develop and initialise a well planned SEO strategy.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

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Is Jiji Best Shopping Platform in Nigeria?

If you want your shopping to be fun and easy, you shouldn’t waste your precious time searching for an optimal web marketplace or visiting numerous boutiques and malls. The solution is much simpler – one word, four letters and a huge amount of positive emotions - Jiji.
Jiji is:
     5 new ads every minute and over 600,000 in total
     Over 4.6 mln users and 15 mln visits per month
     Huge selection of new and used stuff
     The lowest prices in Nigeria
     Leader in selling phones, smartphones and laptops
     Convenience and security

     Completely new understanding of online shopping
jiji app review

Jiji App allows you to experience all benefits mentioned above at any time and place. It also provides an entire list of pros:
     Free download
     Easy installation
     Low space requirements
     Low data use
     No interference with other functions
     Huge selection
     Numerous filters for search

Being a buyer on Jiji means
     Enjoying rich assortment and special offers
     Creating perfect lists of ads with tags and filters
     Access to items with photos and detailed descriptions
     Finding the lowest prices
     Direct communication with easy reachable sellers
     Shoes and clothing from famous designers at ridiculously law prices
     Affordable cars and tokunbo to carry all your purchases
jiji app download

Being a seller on Jiji means
     Earning fast an easy
     An opportunity to post unlimited amount of ads for free
     Selling fairly used things instead of throwing them out
     Offering property and jobs in Lagos, other big cities and far beyond
     Living a happy life
Do you need any other evidence? Install the app and enjoy!
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Thursday, 13 October 2016

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Is Zarfund Best Money Making Program At the Moment? Zarfund Honest Review

Need Money Before December? Join This Program (For Serious People Only)

What If I show you a program where you can convert a N13,000 ($19) Investment into N1 million+?  or $74,000+?

Are you going to take such opportunity?

N13,000 to make N1 million sound unbelievable, right? Well, you will be amazed by how this investment program can make your dreams come true this December.

I am going to reveal this program in a few minutes to you!

Before you continue, here is what you should know about me: I don't just promote any program. I promote only the program I think has huge potential, I saw the potential in this one and I am going to help you master the program, make your money, bank your money and leave the program before it crashes

Deal? .... Well, let's continue

The name of this investment is ZARFUND

zarfund review - legit or scam?

Zarfund is an investment opportunity that everyone is talking about, you are definitely missing a lot if you are not investing with Zarfund at the moment.

I know what you are thinking; But hey, don't give up yet, I am going to do a honest review about this program, tell you exactly what to do, how to earn and how to avoid losing your money.

Zarfund can make you rich beyond your wildest dream and it's 100% scam free and transparent.

Here is what you should know;

Zarfund is all about earning bitcoins. Bitcoins is a form of money. And yes to answer your question, you can spend bitcoin just like dollar, pounds and naira. But you haven't heard the last of it yet

Zarfund will help us accumulate over 128btc (bitcoins). Do you know how much that worth in Naira? keep on reading, I will shock you below.

Let's do the review of what Zarfund is all about, please read carefully;
Zarfund is a team-based funding platform. To be successful in this program, you have to join a team.

Hey! Don't give up yet, I will give you a team you can join at end of this report.

Tell me Martins, How Does Zarfund Works?.....  Good Question!

You will need to join Zarfund with one-time investment of $18 or N13,000. You can only pay this fee in bitcoin ( I will tell you where to get bitcoins)

Who are you paying to? You are paying the person that sponsored you. You will be also be paid by person that you will sponsor. Note that you are not paying any money to Zarfund.

Once you pay the person that sponsored you 0.03btc which is $18. You will invite just 2 active persons (not more, just 2 only). It is important that you invite a person that is active and ready to invest. Your two referrals will need to invite their own two persons each and the matrix keeps forming.

You need a team to succeed with this program and like I said, I will give you a team that will help you recruit for free. So you don't need to worry about recruiting. With teamwork, you can use $18 to make over $78,044 once you reach level 6 and you can do that within a month!

Awesome right? Keep on reading.

Here is Where it Gets Interesting

Below is exactly how you will earn from Zarfund just by investing $18 and inviting two persons only.

You join Zarfund and Upgrade to Level-1 by Paying / donating 0.03 BTC ($17)  to your Sponsor. And you   eligible to receive 0.03 BTC from each of your Two Level-1 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.03 x 2) = 0.06 BTC.

zarfund review 1

Now you Upgrade to Level-2 by Paying / donating 0.05 BTC ($29) per month to your Level-2 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 0.05 BTC per month from each of your Four Level-2 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.05 x 4) = 0.20 BTC.

is zarfund legit? Read the honest review here

When you Upgrade to Level-3 by Paying / donating 0.1 BTC ($57) per month to your Level-3 Up-line. You will immediately  become eligible to receive 0.1 BTC per month from each of your Eight Level-3 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.1 x 8) = 0.80 BTC.

is zarfund legit?

When you Upgrade to Level-4 by Paying / donating 0.2 BTC ($114) per month to your level-4 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 0.2 BTC per month from each of your Sixteen Level-4 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.2 x 16) = 3.20 BTC.

Is zarfund scam?

When you Upgrade to Level-5 by Paying / donating 1 BTC ($570) per month to your Level-5 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 1 BTC per month from each of your Thirty Two (32) Level-5 referrals / down-lines i.e. (1 x 32) = 32 BTC.

is zarfund scam?

When you Upgrade to Level-6 by Paying / donating 2 BTC ($1,140) per month to your Level-6 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 2 BTC per month from each of your Sixty Four (64) Level-6 referrals / down-lines i.e. (2 x 64) = 128 BTC.

honest review of zarfund

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System in Naira

Donate 13000 ($19)
Level 1 -: Receive 13000 from 2 ref (your two direct referrals) = 21 k (donate 17500 to upgrade) gain 3500
Level 2 -: Receive 17500 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 70k (donate 35k to upgrade) gain 35k
Level 3 -: Receive 35k from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 280k (donate 70 to upgrade) gain 210k
Level 4 -: Receive 70k from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 1.12M (d onate 350k to upgrade) gain 770k
Level 5 -: Receive 350k from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 11.2m (donate 700k to upgrade) gain 10.5M
Level 6 -: Receive 700k from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 44.8M

As at today 1bitcoin (btc) is $630 and bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world.

Amazing, isn't it? Don't doubt it, it is totally possible and we will help you achieve it.

You are lucky to be reading this, if you take action, you will celebrate this Christmas in a grand style.

Are you an action taker? Keep on reading!

Pay important attention to the next few paragraphs;

Here is why I believe we can make money with this opportunity before December

  1. Zarfund doesn't take any money from you, you pay direct to your sponsor account and your referrals also pay direct to your account. Admin does not hold your money, you will receive instant direct payments.
  2. Fully automated, system will confirm all payments, no waiting for manual confirmation by upline and admin
  3.  Zarfund is still fresh (Started August) the best time to earn from this type of program is while it is still fresh. Now, it has about 70,000 members and growing. We can make our money as fast as possible (if you take action today) before people flock it.
  4.  One bitcoin worths $630. You read right, $630 (six hundred and thirty dollars). With Zarfund, you can be able to accumulate 128bitcoins. My brother, that's over 30 million naira ($74,000)
  5. We have a  WhatsApp group where you will get your referrals. You don't have to worry about referrals.
  6. we help each other out.

Are You interested?

Do you want this year to end in grand style?

Do you Want to be financially free?

Here is Exactly What You Must Do Now

Step 1.
Go to and create your account.

Step 2.
After creating creating your account, visit the email you used to create the account, you will see a link that Blockchain will send to your account, use it to verify your account.

Step 3.
Contact Me on Whatsapp (+2348073097001) so that I can give you a special link that you will use to sign up. Please ensure you our link to get maximum help from us.

Step 4.
After opening your zarfund account, you will need to make a donation of 0.03btc immediately (before 24hrs). Please contact me immediately to direct you where to buy bitcoin to use in making your donation.

Step 5.
The person that will sell bitcoin to you will send it to your Block chain account, log in to your Zarfund account to obtain the "Wallet ID" of your sponsor. Log in to Block chain and make a payment to the Wallet ID of your sponsor you obtain from Zarfund.

Step 6.
Log in to Zarfund, confirm the payment by submitting the Transaction Harsh ID of the payment you just payment. Doing this will help you upgrade to next level and ready to receive your own payments.

That's it. That's all you need to start making serious money with Zarfund. You will keep on repeating the steps above until you reach Level 6 where you will earn 128btc which is equal to $78,000 or N27,000,000.

Now join our WhatsApp group by contacting me on this number to get started +2348073097001.

Contact us WhatsApp now for direction on how to get started.
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Things to Look Out For In Your Next Smartphone

When it comes to electronic gadgets, smartphones are the ones that has the fastest upgrade cycle. Each year, manufacturers are coming up with new and latest technologies and features for you. As they say, ‘change is inevitable’, it is expected to see new things every time.  Hence, if you don’t want to miss on the latest upgrade and the best feature, the only way left for you is to be informed, in a proper way. This would help you choose the best for yourself. 

Next gen smartphone

Before jumping into buying a high-end smartphone, keep certain things under consideration, a 4G connection is almost a must as this is the latest offering for the mobile user in terms of connectivity and network. Further to this, check out these following features while choosing your smart phone. 

Fingerprint Sensor: If you weren’t aware of this, then don’t get too surprised. There are mobiles now with fingerprint sensor. So, if you have too much to hide from the world, grab one of these pieces. Initially, this kind of sensor came with Apple products, precisely, iPhone 5s. But as the brand suggest, it was not affordable for all. However, now you can get this kind of sensor in almost any of the smartphone model, starting from affordable to high range. So, not only can you secure your device to the highest possible way but can also use the latest of technology. 

USB Type C: We have seen and used MicroUSB in our smartphones. This type of connector has ruled the chart for long, starting from featured ones to the flagship devices. But, as change is only constant in life, MicroUSB also has a replacement now. With introduction of the USB Type-C, things are to change for good now. The latest ports are reversible and have the capability to be used from both sides. This to connect with charger easily. Even laptops has this kind of connectors nowadays. So, if you are planning for a new phone, check out for Type-C port. 

RAM: It is the RAM that determines the smooth functioning of your phone, that too, without any hiccups. The processors now come with multi chips to give you a smooth performance. But manufacturers still focuses on the RAM. So, you can get a heavy RAM phone nowadays, with almost a capacity of 3GB RAM. Hence, if you play more and keep using your mobile, bigger RAM is preferred. However, for call and test purposes, 2GB should be sufficient. 

VoLTE: This is the voice of tomorrow, the latest in telecom industry after 4G connectivity. VoLTE actually stands for Voce over LTE. This one uses the LTE connectivity and sends the voice data across. Hence, the phones with 4G connections get the call and then switch to 3G. But, on a VoLTE, such is not the case. Till the time there is connection, the phone stays in 4G mode itself. Thus, you get clearer calls. One of the latest examples of it is the Reliance Jio connection. 

Hence, the above-mentioned ones are the key points to be kept in mind. But, there could more and more minute details and upgrade that could help you get the best of user experience with new smartphone. So, it is better to undergo through research and the get the best for yourself. 

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Author Bio: 
TogoFogo is an online platform which is providing online refurbished mobile shopping in India at very reasonable cost. You can buy refurbished laptopsonline here at best price. You can also buy various second hand mobiles at very less price.

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Hailing in Uber Cabs is the Best Option When Compared to the Taxi Rides

The popularity of the taxi industry is decreasing with the rise of the on demand ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber. They taxi industry and the driver’s are protesting the local government to impose the regulation of the app based companies as they follow.

uber vs taxi

The taxis have to follow certain rules and regulations so that they can operate in the city, but the ride-sharing companies that are operating in the cities do not bother to follow the regulations and yet the people hail in their vehicles. The reason for the people to choose the ridesharing service over the taxi industry is because of the reliable service, limited waiting time, lower pricing, security and others.

Increasing the ridesharing service

In the Long Beach city, California- the government encourages the taxi industry to operate like the ridesharing companies. Since the operations of the taxi industries, like the regulations, pricing and other facts are controlled by the municipality authorities. The municipal officials approved a pilot program that allows the taxis to have discount fares as a conditions warrant that are in line with the low price rates offered by the ridesharing companies. The fleet capacity ranges from one hundred and seventy five cars to one hundred and ninety nine cars and are allowed to increase the size during the peak hours. This program on the whole helps the residents to commute to the destined location and the credit goes to the taxi companies and the City Council that approved the program.

Certify is the company that is responsible for the management of the business expense of the companies and it released a report stating that the number of taxis that were used for the business purpose has reduced from fifty two percent to thirty two percent, but at the same time the number of Uber cars used have increased from nine percent to twenty nine percent.

Reliable service

It is hard to get a taxi during the busy days and during the peak hours of work. When people step out from home, they are not sure whether they will get the taxi ride to work or not. But the rider can be sure that they will have an Uber ride at their door step, the moment when they step out of the house. The only thing that a person must do is to make use of the mobile app to book the vehicle with the pickup address and the drop address. Once when the request is sent, the nearest available driver addresses the request. So, the rider can be sure of the Uber ride even during the busiest times of their day.

Minimal waiting time

When a person books the Uber cab, they can be sure that the waiting time is not more than the five minutes, but this is not assured when the person uses a normal cab or taxi. The app is designed in such a way that the algorithm matches with the nearest possible vehicles of the rider. And if the waiting time happens to be more than five minutes, the driver informs the rider well in advance so that they can look out for the next possible vehicle. This service pleases the customers to stay connected with the service and hence increases the customer base of the company. 

Promotional offers and deals

Unlike the taxi services, the Uber service offers many discounts and offers for the customers. If a rider happens to ride Uber for the first time the cost of the ride is free for the rider, this encourages the customer to use the service more and more. The traditional riders are offered with special discounts on days like the public holiday’s and festivals and they are also offered with special promotional offers that allow them to use it with some of the tie up services of the company, like having a cup of coffee or buying bouquets or discount vouchers that are linked with the other companies.

No tipping policy

The riders have to tip for their ride, if they use the normal cab service. But by using the Uber service, the people need not worry about tipping the drivers because the company follows the non tipping policy that allows them not to give tip for the drivers. The bill that is generated at the end of the ride contains the details of the ride along with the drivers name on it, so the rider can be sure that the driver cannot charge more than the fare for the service. Generally, the fare charged by normal cabs is inclusive of the tips that are twenty to twenty five percent higher than the Uber price, so this allows the riders to use the Uber ridesharing service to that of the other services and the taxis.

Secured service

The company follows many regulations and security measures to ensure the safety of the passengers. The drivers undergo a series of background verifications that include the fingerprint verifications and criminal records. This will help the company to identify whether the driver is subjected to any crimes, thefts or other illegal activities. The vehicles are installed with a tracking system that allows the company to keep in track of the vehicle, so that they can make sure that the rider is able to reach their destination safely. And before getting into the ride, the rider receives all the information about the driver so that they can be aware of the person who is going to take their ride. But, this kind of security features and options are not available in the normal taxis or cabs and that people have to be safe when they ride a normal cab.

Fair pricing

The cost of the ride is lesser when compared to that of the normal cab fare and the pricing also includes discounts and offers at times. This is one of the key reasons for the people to choose the Uber ride instead of the normal cab. The company also follows a new service called the carpooling service that allows the riders travelling in the same direction to share the ride and the cost of the ride is even lesser than the normal Uber ride. Using the carpooling service, the customer can share the ride and at the same time it also reduces the number of cars that are running on the road. But these kinds of options are not offered in the normal cabs or any other services. 

Therefore, all these aspects of the Uber ridesharing service standout to be the best option when compared to the other ridesharing services or the taxis. The company operates its service in many countries and is welcomed by the locals of the countries and in many places, the company turns out to be the public transport. This popularity of the company among the public has gradually drawn the taxi industry to the bottom and this lead to the protest of the taxi industry association against the ridesharing companies. In many parts of the world the company faces some regulatory issues; however the company does not lose its customer base and is successfully running its service in all parts of the world.

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Author Bio:
Anand Rajendran is the Co-founder & CEO of Casperon. He is a content marketing and social media marketing Specialist. He covers many things like ecommerce, marketing, design, development, strategy, plus emerging trends, including omnichannel and cloud replatforming. GetmeTaxi is a Software development Company Owned by Casperon Technologies which has launched a Taxi Dispatch Software called Cabily.
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Whatsapp Blocks Links to Telegram: Both the Platforms compete to gain more Users

Whatsapp undoubtedly is the widely used messaging application in the world. With close to a billion users, the platform stands first. However one must not deny the number of competitors who are emerging to take it away from Whatsapp.

Telegram is one such app who in the recent times has managed to rise victorious in its efforts to grab some of the market share of Whatsapp. These messaging platforms have quiet become rivals, with one blocking the other ones links.

whatsapp vs telegram

Whatsapp users are aware of the fact when we share links in messages they can be clicked from there to open in your browser. Well this is not enables for links related to telegram. They were displayed as simple text and not as hyperlinks. The messages were also not allowed to forward them or copying and pasting it. However this behavior was not common to all the devices.

Telegram Company officially confirmed the activity. However Whatsapp did not send any official update. The link blocking activity is common in facebook, which also owns Whatsapp. The company has been in controversies in the past for blocking sites and related links in the past. It has blocked links for Pirate Bays and also the links related to the social media

However there has never been any blockage of links in Whatsapp. This incident has no official confirmation stating whether it was a glitch or an update from the companies’ site.

Many users tend to believe that Whatsapp believes Telegram as an potential competition to its business. 

Whatsapp Vs Telegram

Both the messengers are quite good to use and have huge user base. The core operations are the same you need to communicate with other over internet. But when we dissect and look into each of the factors this is how it looks.

Whatsapp has close to a billion users and Telegram has 100 million users. This clearly is an advantage for Whatsapp. Even if you want to move to Telegram there are lot of people you know like friends and family who are mostly present on Whatsapp thus making it difficult to completely switch over to another platform.

Whatsapp special features

Whatsapp calls

The messaging service rolled out its calls feature making it more difficult of mobile operators. They use mobile or wifi bandwidth to make a call to another contact over Whatsapp. The calls have good connectivity with a decent internet connection. The call service requires low data and does not add a drain to data balance.

Read reciepits

This feature lets the user know about who has read the message in a group. One can know whether a person in a group has received or not through the small icon over the top on the messaging app. It also provides details on who has not received and time of reading the messages.


The chats and media related to Whatsapp can be easily saved to cloud storages. Google drives supports users to save their data to it in the time period as you wish. The backup can be evoked every week or month or day depending upon the users comfort. So that even if the user wishes to change the device or looses it all the data can be restored in the new device.


This is the most basic function launched in Whatsapp at its beginning stage. This can help you convey one message to the entire contact list. This is not available on Telegram.

Formatting text

Bored of texting the same format? Users are provided with italics, bolds and strike through.

Unique features of Telegram

Secret chat

Users entering secret chat can have end-to-end encryption among several other safety features. They can get notifications when a screen chat is taken also a self destructer which will destroy messages after a certain point of time.

File sharing services

Whatsapp has the ability to share PDF but that is nothing when compared to telegram file sharing, it can help users in transmitting everything from documents to zip.

Multi device

Users can start chatting on one device and continue it on another. This is supported by the cloud services provided by them. It is quick real time and efficient. User can also check active sessions in other devices and terminate them.

Super groups

Telegram has big groups which can support upto 1000 members. Channels can be used to broadcast to unlimited members


The cool bots in telegram are accounts created to perform specific tasks in the groups. Like taking a poll or a special bot which will help users searching other bots.

Stickers and GIF

There are a ton of them in telegram unlike Whatsapp which is limited to smiley and few emoticons. The stickers can be created by users or used from third party websites.

Locking chats

Users can lock chats and keep away personal chats block last seen for only select contacts. Whatsapp allows blocking last seen completely.

Editing messages

Users can edit the messages that are already sent, which is clearly not present in Whatsapp.

Future of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is rolling out more features to keep its users base intact despite several platforms competing against it.

Whatsapp has already given us end-to-end encryption to make our messages safer to transmit. Apart from this update users can now expect video calling services. Voice call is already available and now this would be make an interesting update.

This would make an interesting competition to the latest duo rolled out by Google. It is also a video calling app designed like Whatsapp which uses phones number as user id. Though Google hangouts have video calling duo does not need a Gmail account to make use of the app as your phone number is enough.

Whatsapp integration with Facebook
As we are aware that the application is already purchased by social media giant, facebook has integrated Whatsapp with it for sharing user data.

For facebook data is revenue our likes, dislikes and brand interest is what drives the company’s revenue. They need to have more data on their plate to derive money through advertisements. Whatsapp provides them with it, your chat and the contacts you spend more time with will help them bring out better advertisements on your timeline feed.

However several privacy concern activists have been against the move stating that it is invading into our personal space. One of the major successes Whatsapp comes from the fact it gives more privacy to us. We can chat over facebook but we use Whatsapp, reason, we don’t even know who is on our friend list and so many things to distract us from the chat itself.

The lack of personalized feel and simplicity made Whatsapp successful despite so many platforms available for us to chat with our friends.

Many of the common users believe that this integration may ruin the UI that makes it unique.


Clearly both of the platforms have one or the other advantages and the growth of both of them would be interesting to see in the future.

Author Bio:

Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO - Whatsapp Clone Script. I'm a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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6 Ways to Save Battery Life in Pokemon Go So You Can Keep Playing

Pokemon go game is trending now everywhere in the world and you can play this exciting game via your android device. The mobile battery life is very essential for you to enjoy this game. You can save battery life of mobile by using some innovative ideas.

Save Battery Life in Pokemon Go So You Can Keep Playing

You should turn on battery saver in the pokemon go and it might help you to stay longer hours in this game. Actually pokemon go game has built-in battery saver which helps to turn the mobile phone black by using very less power. Although using less power but you can get vibrate alert when you cross the pokemon. The battery saver option is a splendid way to save the life of mobile phone battery while playing pokemon go game.  However you should learn how to turn on the battery saver in pokemon go and it could keep you staying in the game for many consecutive hours.

Turn off the augmented reality is a cool idea to save the battery life of mobile phone while playing this game. The camera effects and augmented reality can kill the battery of android device so you can’t continue the pokemon go for many hours. If you turn off the augmented reality then you can get more power that helps you to play pokemon go game without any power off problem. The augmented reality option is simple to use by everybody so you don’t feel tough to make it off. You may use pokemon go game guide to know about augmented reality turn off uses.

You may reduce screen brightness to bring more power play pokemon go without any shutdown interruption. The android device phones have effective brightness that should require more battery power. The pokemon go game is a longer game and it needs more battery power to get more pokemon quite easily. If you reduce the screen brightness then you can able to save little battery power which helps you to enjoy the pokemon go game for some more hours. You should know about how to reduce the screen brightness of mobile and it makes you happy with saving more battery power. 

Turn on your mobile phone’s battery saver mode and it might be a brilliant idea when you go for play pokemon go game. The battery saver mode can able to save more power so you can enjoy the pokemon go game without any issues. The mobile phone should be ready to access pokemon go game completely so you should try all the possible ways to make phone alive without any shutdown issues. The pokemon go can help you to feel great by its exciting features but you should keep you mobile battery full. You have to turn on the phone’s battery saver mode that is only a big way to save a lot of power. You should realize the importance of battery saver mode if you plan to play pokemon go game.

You should turn off music, vibration and other sound effects to get more battery power. This is a key idea to keep more battery life for playing pokemon go without any issues. Actually every Smartphone requires power for listen to music and other impressive sound effects so users can’t feel easy to play pokemon go game with turn on the music and other effects. You should keep them off to avoid shutdown issues while playing this interesting game. The battery life will be expanded by turn off the vibrations and other effects of mobile phone. You can save the mobile’s battery life with this battery saving option.

You may get an effective battery pack for your phone and this is a big idea to avoid issues while playing more effective pokemon go game. The spare battery pack is a brilliant idea to enjoy this splendid game. You can feel secure if you have spare battery pack in your house. These more effective 6 ways can help you to save very important battery life of your android and iphone devices. The longer battery life of mobile phone can help you to play pokemon go game without any interruptions and frustrations.

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Hi, I am Masha Winget, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies. Visit my site to find best power bank for your mobile phone.
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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Martins Wallace

Optimize for Search - Rescue Your Website

Getting the most out of your website is getting increasingly more complex as technology moves forward. The internet is basically a large war for page views and mouse clicks. If you don’t keep abreast of the best ways to get your website visible for the people who are ready to buy products and services in your niche, you will be practically invisible to those folks using search engines to shop for products or find your information and content.

tricks to optimize your content and rank high

A jaw-dropping 91% of consumers are now searching online before spending their hard-earned money on products or services. This is great if you are a household brand name that EVERYONE already knows about. But if you are a small business owner, the small fish in a big pond that the internet is, you need to have a website which fights for every click and page view from that 91% of consumers in your city who are looking for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to allowing your website to attract more than its fair share of traffic from the public, from those with credit cards in hand ready to buy!

SEO is sometimes described as an art form; a mixture of technical skills relating to the most current programming languages and content management systems on the market, and also awareness of the latest algorithms used by the top internet search engine companies.

Those algorithms seek to index every inch of the web, categorizing and meticulously organizing every link, image and story they can find, promoting and returning the highest quality websites which are relevant to the never-ending keyword searches being submitted by users.

At the same time, these algorithms try to weed out sites that provide false, misleading or broken links and sites that provide low-value, fake or irrelevant information. They also penalize sites with broken indexes and links that prevent search engine “crawlers” from continuing on their never-ending journey to index and categorize every site.

You may not even be aware that your current content management system (CMS) could be sabotaging your online marketing efforts by preventing top search engine bots from promoting your site to where it should be in terms of page ranks for specific keyword searches related to your products, industry, and location.

All of these variables are constantly in a state of flux. The algorithms currently being used by one search engine, may be adopted by another; or may be discontinued completely. Certain content mgmt. systems will play nice with search engines by default, others may need some coaxing and custom configuration. Keeping abreast of these issues is actually a career unto itself. Meanwhile, you still have your core business to run.

A solid piece of advice relating to SEO is don’t take any chances. Consult with a professional. Web designers who know the industry inside and out, from online marketing, coding, branding, app development and search engine optimization greatly simplify this ongoing effort to allow your websites to rank prominently in search results for the keywords and phrases relevant to your company and physical location.

Extra  Reading: 231 SEO Checklist

Author The Author
Bjorn Wallman – Experienced Web design, SEO and online Marketing specialist with more than 15 years of professional experience in implementing successful websites, mobile applications and other projects.
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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Martins Wallace

LG G Flex Review

honest review of lg g flex

LG G Flex is the world's first smartphone with flexible display. The device has a 6-inch POLED-display, 3500 Mah battery and improved Optimus UI 4.0 firmware.


The smartphone is large, we may even say very large. When you take it in hands after the LG G2, you realize that you can use it not for communication. But a few days later, you catch yourself thinking that simplicity of using the LG G Flex is no worse than the LG G2 and it surprises.

buy LG G flex smartphone

On the top edge you can see the microphone. The main microphone is located on the bottom, to the left and to the right are the MicroUSB connector and headphone jack. Speaking of microphones, we should mention that one of the unusual features of this phone is a flexible body, so the speaker is closer to your ear, and a microphone is closer to your mouth, which should have a positive effect on audibility and speech.


Smartphone based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 platform. In this regard there is no difference between the LG G Flex and the LG G2, including the amount of internal memory. Flash drives are supported.


Performance of the LG G Flex is one of the best to date, as evidenced by the results of the benchmarks. The smartphone supports all possible (within reasonable limits) audio and video codecs, as well as tremendous opportunities of regular video player. Volume and sound quality when listening in the headphones are just the best. The quality and the volume of multimedia dynamic are also great.

LG G flex


The LG G Flex uses a 6-inch POLED sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and pixel's RGB build structure. The letter P in the matrix type stands for Plastic (plastic substrate) – this is one of the features of the display that makes it flexible. And the LG G Flex is not just curved, it really bends, so we can call it flexible.

read the original review of lg g flex smartphone


In addition to the hardware platform, the novelty has inherited from the LG G2 the cameras, with only one difference - the main camera was deprived of optical stabilization. At night, if you exclude the handshake, you will be able to make quality photos. Also, the smartphone shoots 4K video.

everything you need to know about LG G flex smartphone

If you don`t know where to buy LG G flex, you can try make it on Jiji. Here you can find this smartphone or any other smartphone at a best price, because the place is very popular and there is a great number of offers added every day. Jiji has no equal rivals, it is just the best place to sell and buy!
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Sunday, 12 June 2016

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Best 4 VPN Apps To Enhance Security of Your Android Device

Do you think you can keep your business information safe just by not getting involved in something fishy? Well, you're probably wrong. If you're connected to a public Wifi network (even if it's your own network with multiple connections) on an Android device then every bit of your data can be acquired and controlled by a hacker. Not only when you're connected to a public hotspot but also when you're using the regular mobile data service.

download free vpn apps for android

If you underestimate the attackers, you'll probably be ending up with a leaked business information on the web. even if the attacker gets one of your important credentials it can be misused or modified, which is incredibly dangerous!

And, there's a simple solution to keep your information safe from the snoopers. And, that's - by using a VPN service. In a nutshell, a VPN service encrypts all of your network communications at the drop of a hat and prevents eavesdropping (Wikipedia defines - Eavesdropping is secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent). Also, at some point the ISP (Internet Service Provider) can't track your activity either. That's the best thing for a user obsessed with privacy rights and a user who wants to protect his/her information. Say what? You're not involved with anything bad, what should you fear Well, you've got a great thought on your mind but you're still missing the big picture - monetary losses & leaked business plans.

Check out four of the best VPN apps for Android to secure your network connection.


android vpn for smartphone

It's one of the best free VPN apps available for Android. It utilizes the powerful Tor network to encrypt the Internet traffic and reflects multiple IP addresses for a single user. While it enforces strong encryption but it doesn't affect the connection speed. It is almost impossible to track you down when you're connected the Tor network. It is believed to be mightier than any premium VPN services available on the web.

SurfEasy Secure

Download free vpn for your android smartphone device

SurfEasy Secure comes with an impressive UI. It isn't completely free but offers a limited data usage. Ad-tracker feature comes right baked in which makes sure that you aren't tracked down by Advertising services. It won't cost you an arm and a leg. So, you should give it a try as a step forward to protect your online identity.


free vpn for android

Want to bypass powerful VPN blocking firewalls and encrypt your own connection to the WiFi network? You can easily achieve that with own Chameleon network protocol. It uses the same 256-bit OpenVPN encryption but modified with special abilities to bypass powerful firewalls. It even offers to set up a secure WiFi connection through the router which could make your entire home network secure.


free vpn service, free android vpn reviews, top android vpns

It's yet another VPN service loved by a lot of Android users. The best thing about it is - it's free! Even with powerful security protocols offered, this app doesn't limit you with any data usage caps. You don't need to pay a single penny in order to ensure your online security with ZenMate. However, it does provide premium plans as well with a few more features like malware blocking and so on.

So, now you’ve known the best in the house VPN apps for Android. Go ahead! Enjoy securing your device! Let us know your thoughts on the usage of VPN apps to secure network connections.

This article was contributed to by Ankush Das; an Android enthusiast and a worshiper of technology. He's also the founder of Tech Legends. In his spare time, you could observe him playing with his cats or singing a romantic song. "

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