Thursday, 23 June 2016

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Optimize for Search - Rescue Your Website

Getting the most out of your website is getting increasingly more complex as technology moves forward. The internet is basically a large war for page views and mouse clicks. If you don’t keep abreast of the best ways to get your website visible for the people who are ready to buy products and services in your niche, you will be practically invisible to those folks using search engines to shop for products or find your information and content.

tricks to optimize your content and rank high

A jaw-dropping 91% of consumers are now searching online before spending their hard-earned money on products or services. This is great if you are a household brand name that EVERYONE already knows about. But if you are a small business owner, the small fish in a big pond that the internet is, you need to have a website which fights for every click and page view from that 91% of consumers in your city who are looking for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to allowing your website to attract more than its fair share of traffic from the public, from those with credit cards in hand ready to buy!

SEO is sometimes described as an art form; a mixture of technical skills relating to the most current programming languages and content management systems on the market, and also awareness of the latest algorithms used by the top internet search engine companies.

Those algorithms seek to index every inch of the web, categorizing and meticulously organizing every link, image and story they can find, promoting and returning the highest quality websites which are relevant to the never-ending keyword searches being submitted by users.

At the same time, these algorithms try to weed out sites that provide false, misleading or broken links and sites that provide low-value, fake or irrelevant information. They also penalize sites with broken indexes and links that prevent search engine “crawlers” from continuing on their never-ending journey to index and categorize every site.

You may not even be aware that your current content management system (CMS) could be sabotaging your online marketing efforts by preventing top search engine bots from promoting your site to where it should be in terms of page ranks for specific keyword searches related to your products, industry, and location.

All of these variables are constantly in a state of flux. The algorithms currently being used by one search engine, may be adopted by another; or may be discontinued completely. Certain content mgmt. systems will play nice with search engines by default, others may need some coaxing and custom configuration. Keeping abreast of these issues is actually a career unto itself. Meanwhile, you still have your core business to run.

A solid piece of advice relating to SEO is don’t take any chances. Consult with a professional. Web designers who know the industry inside and out, from online marketing, coding, branding, app development and search engine optimization greatly simplify this ongoing effort to allow your websites to rank prominently in search results for the keywords and phrases relevant to your company and physical location.

Author The Author
Bjorn Wallman – Experienced Web design, SEO and online Marketing specialist with more than 15 years of professional experience in implementing successful websites, mobile applications and other projects.
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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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LG G Flex Review

honest review of lg g flex

LG G Flex is the world's first smartphone with flexible display. The device has a 6-inch POLED-display, 3500 Mah battery and improved Optimus UI 4.0 firmware.


The smartphone is large, we may even say very large. When you take it in hands after the LG G2, you realize that you can use it not for communication. But a few days later, you catch yourself thinking that simplicity of using the LG G Flex is no worse than the LG G2 and it surprises.

buy LG G flex smartphone

On the top edge you can see the microphone. The main microphone is located on the bottom, to the left and to the right are the MicroUSB connector and headphone jack. Speaking of microphones, we should mention that one of the unusual features of this phone is a flexible body, so the speaker is closer to your ear, and a microphone is closer to your mouth, which should have a positive effect on audibility and speech.


Smartphone based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 platform. In this regard there is no difference between the LG G Flex and the LG G2, including the amount of internal memory. Flash drives are supported.


Performance of the LG G Flex is one of the best to date, as evidenced by the results of the benchmarks. The smartphone supports all possible (within reasonable limits) audio and video codecs, as well as tremendous opportunities of regular video player. Volume and sound quality when listening in the headphones are just the best. The quality and the volume of multimedia dynamic are also great.

LG G flex


The LG G Flex uses a 6-inch POLED sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and pixel's RGB build structure. The letter P in the matrix type stands for Plastic (plastic substrate) – this is one of the features of the display that makes it flexible. And the LG G Flex is not just curved, it really bends, so we can call it flexible.

read the original review of lg g flex smartphone


In addition to the hardware platform, the novelty has inherited from the LG G2 the cameras, with only one difference - the main camera was deprived of optical stabilization. At night, if you exclude the handshake, you will be able to make quality photos. Also, the smartphone shoots 4K video.

everything you need to know about LG G flex smartphone

If you don`t know where to buy LG G flex, you can try make it on Jiji. Here you can find this smartphone or any other smartphone at a best price, because the place is very popular and there is a great number of offers added every day. Jiji has no equal rivals, it is just the best place to sell and buy!
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Sunday, 12 June 2016

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Best 4 VPN Apps To Enhance Security of Your Android Device

Do you think you can keep your business information safe just by not getting involved in something fishy? Well, you're probably wrong. If you're connected to a public Wifi network (even if it's your own network with multiple connections) on an Android device then every bit of your data can be acquired and controlled by a hacker. Not only when you're connected to a public hotspot but also when you're using the regular mobile data service.

download free vpn apps for android

If you underestimate the attackers, you'll probably be ending up with a leaked business information on the web. even if the attacker gets one of your important credentials it can be misused or modified, which is incredibly dangerous!

And, there's a simple solution to keep your information safe from the snoopers. And, that's - by using a VPN service. In a nutshell, a VPN service encrypts all of your network communications at the drop of a hat and prevents eavesdropping (Wikipedia defines - Eavesdropping is secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent). Also, at some point the ISP (Internet Service Provider) can't track your activity either. That's the best thing for a user obsessed with privacy rights and a user who wants to protect his/her information. Say what? You're not involved with anything bad, what should you fear Well, you've got a great thought on your mind but you're still missing the big picture - monetary losses & leaked business plans.

Check out four of the best VPN apps for Android to secure your network connection.


android vpn for smartphone

It's one of the best free VPN apps available for Android. It utilizes the powerful Tor network to encrypt the Internet traffic and reflects multiple IP addresses for a single user. While it enforces strong encryption but it doesn't affect the connection speed. It is almost impossible to track you down when you're connected the Tor network. It is believed to be mightier than any premium VPN services available on the web.

SurfEasy Secure

Download free vpn for your android smartphone device

SurfEasy Secure comes with an impressive UI. It isn't completely free but offers a limited data usage. Ad-tracker feature comes right baked in which makes sure that you aren't tracked down by Advertising services. It won't cost you an arm and a leg. So, you should give it a try as a step forward to protect your online identity.


free vpn for android

Want to bypass powerful VPN blocking firewalls and encrypt your own connection to the WiFi network? You can easily achieve that with own Chameleon network protocol. It uses the same 256-bit OpenVPN encryption but modified with special abilities to bypass powerful firewalls. It even offers to set up a secure WiFi connection through the router which could make your entire home network secure.


free vpn service, free android vpn reviews, top android vpns

It's yet another VPN service loved by a lot of Android users. The best thing about it is - it's free! Even with powerful security protocols offered, this app doesn't limit you with any data usage caps. You don't need to pay a single penny in order to ensure your online security with ZenMate. However, it does provide premium plans as well with a few more features like malware blocking and so on.

So, now you’ve known the best in the house VPN apps for Android. Go ahead! Enjoy securing your device! Let us know your thoughts on the usage of VPN apps to secure network connections.

This article was contributed to Techbadoo.com by Ankush Das; an Android enthusiast and a worshiper of technology. He's also the founder of Tech Legends. In his spare time, you could observe him playing with his cats or singing a romantic song. "

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

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How to Find Your Gateway IP Address

Beginners and experts in the computer network in our time have a commitment to learning fundamentals and advanced concepts. They are eager to gain knowledge of how they access and use the default gateway almost immediately. They get the most expected improvement in their computer network performance when they start using each resource in this network properly.

how to find your gateway ip address
In general, the default gateway is the node that knows how to forward all data packets from one computer network to another computer network. There is a defined router setting by default for network devices, servers and workstations. The default gateway is a router by definition. You can listen to the following details and get an overview about how to find the gateway IP address directly.

Windows OS

If you are using the Windows operating system at this time, then you can identify and take note of the default gateway IP address without difficulty. You have to open the Control Panel and click the Network and Internet link or Network and Internet Connections link. The next step is to click on the Network and Sharing Center.

Once you have done it, click the Change adapter settings or Manage network connections link. You have to locate the network connection right now and view the default gateway IP address right now.

Double click on the relevant network connection and take note of the Wi-Fi status of Ethernet status. You have to click the Details button in the Status window. Locate the IPv4 or IPv6 default gateway located under the property section. This IP address is the default IP address of the gateway used by your Windows operating system at this time.


If you like to use a smart approach and know the default gateway IP address directly, then you can make use of the IPCONFIG in the command prompt by using the following steps.
  • Open the Command Prompt 
  • Execute the command ipconfig
  • Take note of the default gateway IP address. 
You have to bear in mind pros and cons of this approach for identifying the default IP address. If you use more than a few network adapters and connections at this time, then you get more than a few details regarding IP addresses of all these nodes in your computer network. Clear details about the IPv4 address, subnet mask and default gateway assist you to find out the IP address of the default gateway directly. You can prefer this method when you have the one and only active connection.

Mac and Linux OS

Users of Mac and Linux operating systems these days get more than estimated benefits. For example, they get the most expected privacy and the network performance in our time. If you use Mac operating system, then you have to use the following command properly.

Netstat - nr I grep default

Once you have executed the above command from the Terminal application on your Mac operating system, you will get the default gateway IP address directly.

You may use the Linux operating system and seek how to find out the default gateway IP address directly. You have to execute the following command in the Terminal application on your Linux computer.

ip route I grep default

Once you have used this command, you will get the utmost support to be aware of the default gateway of your computer almost immediately.

The default IP address of gateways

The most successful brands of routers have satisfied users throughout the world in our time. If you have decided to buy any leading brand of an affordable router, then you have to take note of advanced features in it. Do not forget to get the user manual when you buy a router. This user manual assists you whenever you seek the best solution for any kind of a problem associated with a router. For example, you can find out the default IP address, username and password required for accessing the administrative console of your router.

You may search for the default gateway IP address of your iPhone or iPad at this time. You can find out this IP address when you do the following things.
  • Open the Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Tape the name of Wi-Fi network 
  • Take note of the IP address of a router 

A stress-free approach to find out the default gateway IP address saves your time and overall efforts. You will get more than a few benefits when you have enhanced settings of your default gateway as per your requirements.

Every router has a default IP address at this time. Linksys router has the IP Address Router with this default IP address is used to access its settings and make necessary changes almost immediately. Bear in mind that correct username and password only assist you login to the administrative console of your router.

Hi, I am Masha Winget, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies. Visit my site 192168ll.net to find all information about famous IP address.
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Saturday, 28 May 2016

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3 VERY Costly Mistakes in Adwords

I started in pay-per-click marketing late 2002 early 2003, so with about 14 years of experience in this industry, I saw the PPC Market before Google AdWords was around and when Yahoo and Goto.com were the big players. Just like with any industry, if you spend a lot of time in the field you'll learn the little tricks to succeed well.
Google AdWords | Google (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising

There are many different mistakes I've seen made in this industry, especially with AdWords. Some were big and some were small, but that’s how you learn, right? Three of the really big mistakes that I’ve seen and still see most people make, are relatively simple to avoid and easy to fix.

I'm going to list the fixes by how easy they are to implement in your AdWords account.

Disclaimer: I found these changes to be very impactful for most of the accounts I work for. However, there are always exceptions. Always look at your data and conversion rates after making these changes to see if they help you out.

How to Use Google AdWords Effectively

1. Turn off mobile advertising on smartphones and mobile devices 

This should take less than 5 minutes to implement. Most of the time you're going to see that the conversion rate for desktops is going to outperform mobile devices by almost two-to-one, if not, higher so just by making this small change you can see a significant improvement on your bottom line. Take a look at the following chart to see how I do it.

2. Negating broad match keywords that are costing you money 

One of the fastest ways that you can waste money in your account is using the broad match feature in Google AdWords. This feature simply allows Google to match any keyword they think might be relevant to the keywords you assign. What often happens is that you end up paying for a lot of keywords that aren’t relevant. It’s almost the same effect as if you took your money and lit it on fire.

How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign
To see the Actual keywords that you're paying for, take a look at my graph below and put it up in your account
How to Use Google AdWords: A Simple Setup Tutorial
When you look through your list of keywords, you’ll find that there are many which are relevant. There may, however, be others that should never have made the list. Select those you don’t want and shut them down at the campaign level in your account so you won’t have to pay for them anymore. Some people see these extra keywords and think that Google is doing them a favor by pointing out words they missed. This usually isn’t the case.

There are some strategies where the broad match keywords can be used with extreme success, but this is usually limited to those who have quite a lot of experience. It’s important to know which keywords you are using so that you’re not wasting money. Most of the time, it’s best to use close match and shut the broad match off.

3. Set up a remarketing campaign

You’re making a costly mistake if you’re not using retargeting and remarketing with your site visitors. Why? On many sites, returning visitors will convert almost two times as high as first-time visitors. It makes sense. If someone's been to your website once it's their first time. The focus is on education. If they come back again, they are familiar with you. Marketing and advertising are more likely to lead to a conversion.

The image below shows an example from an e-commerce analytics account where the conversion rate for returning visitors is well over double the conversion rate of first-time visitors.

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Google uses remarketing to follow visitors from site to site, encouraging them to return. That’s called remarketing. You pay a little extra so that other sites will show your ads in other locations as your visitors move around the web. It’s a way of keeping your message in front of the visitor’s eyes. You might need to create some graphic banner ads, as visual marketing tends to work better than text marketing. One trick that I use is to offer a small discount or another offer through the remarketing ad. This makes it much more likely that they will come back to complete the offer.

Remarketing is a complex topic but it’s worth your time to study. When you’re thinking about remarketing, consider how long you want to remarket to a particular visitor, where the visitor will land, and putting specific offers to particular remarketing campaigns. It’s quite flexible, but to do it well you’ll need to study it carefully or consult with a remarketing expert.

At the end of the day, remarketing campaigns are about helping you stay in front of your customer. They don’t take a terribly long time to set up and can yield amazing results. Try them.

If you implemented these three steps, you should almost see an instant reduction in your costs and an improvement in your conversions and ROI. When you eliminate waste, not only are you stopping bad ad spending but you're allowing that money to go towards areas where you will get a higher return. Taking the money you save from the first two steps and applying it to the third is my recommendation.

The first two steps will be pretty easy to implement and you should be able to do them in less than 15 minutes. The last step, remarketing, will take longer but it’s well worth the investment due to the much higher conversion rate for repeat visitors. Take a look at your AdWords account and see if these changes could help you. If they do, I would love to hear the results.


Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient – a PPC management company, with 14 years of experience in search marketing and conversion optimization. In 2006 he founded GetBackonGoogle.com to help businesses and websites suspended in Adwords to get back on Google.
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Friday, 20 May 2016

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Important Android Tips You Must Know in 2016

Android is indeed a great operating system. At the moment, it is the most popular mobile device operating system with 3 out of every 5 smartphone and other mobile devices running on Android OS. It is understandable to feel lost while using Android, after all there are many features you have to understand, especially when you are not tech-savvy. You don't have worry about it; we have gathered some of the best mobile android tips to help you get most out of your phone. If you are new to Android, you are probably eager to try out every available option you see on your screen, this guide will also be very useful to you.

android tips for your smartphone device

We are here to help you with the best tips to get around your mobile Android operating system.

Here are some of the best Android tips you must know:

 Get Your Favorite Apps From the Play StoreMost Android beginners usually wonder how they can get some of the apps they've seen their friends using. You can get all apps you need for your Android from Google Play Store. The Play Store has millions of apps with more coming out every day. You simply need to create a Gmail account, log in to Play Store and download as much apps as you need. Most of these apps are free, there are premium ones too which you can download if you need them. However, the free ones will be sufficient for you at the moment.

Backup Your Contacts and Files
The first time you log in to your Gmail on your Android, Google will prompt you to backup your "contacts". This is a wise move, you need to backup your contacts in case you lost your phone, you can easily recover it by logging in to your Gmail account. Gmail also provides you with 15GB to save all your files in the cloud.

Add Mobile Data Tracking/Limit
Android OS gives you option to keep watchful eyes over the amount of mobile data you are consuming on daily basis. Besides, most mobile network providers have data caps. You need to turn on mobile data tracking on your Android to ensure you don't blow through your monthly allotment. To set up this option in most Android smartphones, simply go to your "settings" > Data Usage and then you can view the amount of data your phone is using currently.

Uninstall Bloatware
When you newly purchase your Android device, it is most likely to come with some pre-installed apps that you wouldn't want to use. Fortunately for you, you can easily disable/uninstall these apps. There is no need keeping them around as they are blocking memory space for new apps that you will download from the Play Store. To uninstall those apps you don't need, simple go to Settings > Scroll down to "Apps". Here you will see the list of all the apps in your phone; uninstall the apps that you don't need any more.

Configure a Secure Lock Screen

Security is important for your device. You don't want someone snooping on your phone. To prevent unauthorized access to your Android smartphone, you need to set up "a secure lock screen". To set up screen lock, go to settings > Scroll down to "security", you will see options to add passwords to lock your screen or SIM cards, set up your security as you deem fit.

Add Multiple Google Accounts
To use an Android phone, you need Google account, but what you don't know is that you can easily use more than one Google account on your Android device. To add Google account, go to your settings > Add account, select "Google" and set up your New or Existing Google account. Immediately you add your Google account, you can choose what you want to sync with the account. To add more than one Google accounts, repeat the step above.

Disable Automatic App Updates
Automatically updating all the apps on your device can wipe out your mobile data allotment, it can also drain your battery. To make sure this doesn't happen, head over to "Play Store" on your phone and open "settings". Click on "Auto-update apps' and simply choose "do not auto-update apps".

Automatically Backup Your Photos
With Google Photos app, you don't have to lose your photos again when you lose your phone or format it. Enabling Google Photos app helps you to automatically back up your photos on Google Drive.

Disable Mobile Data
When your battery is running low or you don't need to stay connected, you can choose to disable your Mobile Data usage; To do this, simply go to "settings" > Data Usage. You then disable Mobile data by toggling the settings from On to Off.

Turn Off Auto-CorrectionAuto-correct option can be really annoying, it can keep on messing up with what you are typing, to turn off this option, go to Settings > Language and Input > Settings Icon. Then look for "auto-correction” and click on it. Select off to turn auto-correction off.
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

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How To Get Started When You Decide To Become A Digital Nomad

Working abroad doesn't have to be a dream. You can use the internet to become a digital nomad. A digital nomad is a person who telecommutes to work while traveling the globe. The digital refers to their method of getting to work and nomad refers to their love of traveling.

become a digital nomad, make money traveling the world
Image credit: agirlwhotravels

In the past, becoming a digital nomad seemed like a reward that only a few lucky workers could achieve. The internet and the availability of mobile networks have changed that. In a sense, just about anyone who can land a work-from-home job can work instead as a digital nomad with some exceptions. of course.

Are you interested in starting a life as a digital nomad? Here are the three basic steps you will have to follow to make this dream a reality.

Step One: Understand The Reality

The first thing to address is the misconception that working as a digital nomad means living a life of luxury. You likely won't spend all day working on the beach at the base of the Great Pyramids or in the middle of a beautiful jungle. The reality of working as a digital nomad involves a lot of days cramped in hostels, at a crowded bar or in an airport trying to get a usable Wi-Fi signal.

That does not mean you can't visit all of those places. It just means you will not be working while you visit them. Separating the work from the travel can be extremely difficult. Productivity is often affected because of this.

If working all day from a hostel and then traveling the streets of Europe in your spare time sounds fun to you, then you might be cut out for the digital nomad lifestyle. At the end of the day, it is a fun and freeing experience. Just don't be fooled by the reality.

Step Two: Find A Digital Profession

This is going to be easier for some than for others. You may already know what you want to do. You may already work online. For the rest, it's a matter of navigating the minefield of online work opportunities and finding something that is reliable enough for traveling abroad.

Chances are you have a certain set of skills. Maybe you developed them from a hobby or maybe you learned them from your existing job. The internet is great at turning random skills into a source of freelance income. Writing, composing, transcribing, programming, and web design are all examples of online freelance jobs that can become reliable sources of income for a digital nomad.

Step Three: Choosing Destinations

Once you've worked online for a bit, you feel like your job choice is secure and you have saved up a bit of money, it's time to choose a destination. You are probably eager to rush off to whatever country or city you've always wanted to visit. However, there are some factors that you must take into consideration that will affect the viability of working in a certain place.

For example, having an internet-based job is not going to help you if you don't have a reliable connection to the internet. This is a problem that plagues digital nomads everywhere. It's not like home where you can call an Internet Service Provider and have them connect broadband at the house. You have to work from places that already have an internet connection. This usually means hotels, bars, internet cafes, or other public spaces.

Even then, some countries are severely lacking in the availability of public Wi-Fi. You should invest in a USB dongle that converts mobile cellular networks into internet connections. They are slow and expensive, but it is better than not working at all.

There are other factors that might make a place less than desirable for a digital nomad. High crime rates, a language you can't speak or an unusually high cost of living will each have a negative impact on your experience. All of these factors must be weighed carefully each time you choose a destination.

A Life Unlike Any Other

Despite how easy it can be to get started as a digital nomad, there are plenty of people who are afraid to take the first steps. It will take some commitment, preparation, and an adventurous attitude. If you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone, then you can live a lifestyle unlike any other.

Carol Robson is a retired social worker who believes in living simply, being ecologically friendly, and leaving a small footprint. For more helpful information for others looking to do the same, check out Tiny House Plans.
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Martins Oputa

Get A Customized Email Address With Gmail

If you are a business owner, it makes more sense that you have an email address that looks professional instead of like every other free email provider.

customized gmail email address

What is a professional email address? If your website is "Mobilehouse.com" It makes more sense that you have a professional email address that says "admin@mobilehouse.com" or "martins@mobilehouse.com" instead of mobilehouse@gmail.com. Anyone that sees your professional email address will know that you are ready for business.

If you have been using Gmail before now, you may have been prompted by Google to get your own customized Gmail  address, you will find step by step tutorial on how you can do that here. In this article, we will guide you on how you can set up your own professional/custom email address with Gmail.

Before we continue, here are the benefits of using Google Apps and Gmail for a custom email address;

  • It shows you mean business
  • You will have your own domain
  • Free 30GB for storage
  • Ability to manage email even while you are offline using Gmail app on  your Smartphone or any other mobile device
  • Up to 30 different email aliases
  • Gmail has high-level security and spam filters
  • No ads
  • 24/7 professional support from Gmail
  • It aids employees get things done while collaborating more quickly and efficiently.
  • Millions of businesses large and small are already using custom Gmail address.

Google App is one of the best was to have your professional email addresses.

How to Setup Custom Email Address With Google Apps and Gmail

Here are the steps you can follow to have your own custom Gmail Address today.

Step. 1: Google Apps for Work
Go and sign up for Google Apps for Work. It only cost about $5 per month. However, if you want to save more, you can pay annually at rate of $50/year and get two months free.

set up google app for work

Google Apps for Work is also offering one month free trial so that you can get familiar with everything at no cost. It has some awesome features which includes Drive for storing your files, Gmail, Calendar and lot of other apps.

Step. 2: Provide Your Details
Fill out all the information required when signing up. There is a field where it will ask you whether you have existing domain or you want to purchase new domain. If you already have a WordPress site's domain, fill it in here otherwise you can get a new domain name from Google. Buying new domain name from Google cost only $8 per year. However, it provides top-notch domain name.

When you purchase a domain name from Google, your email will be automatically setup by them. Awesome, right? If you got your domain name from Google and sign up for Google Apps for Work, then no need for the rest of the tutorial, but if you are using your own WordPress site domain, please continue reading.

Step. 3: Verification
This is where you will be required to "verify" your domain name. Google needs you to prove that you are the owner of the website you claim to have. The easiest way to do that is by "inserting an HTML tag they will provide for you into your site's home page"

get free custom gmail email address

How to insert HTML code in header? If you are using WordPress, simply  install a plugin called "insert header and footer". After installing, activate it, find it and insert your HTML code in the "header" section and the plugin will automatically insert it for you, simple.

If you are using "Blogger". Go to your dashboard, click on Template >Edit template. One it opens, insert your code before </head>.

Once you are done inserting your HTML tag in your site header. Go back to Google Apps for Work and click "verify". Done.

Step. 4: Adding Users
This step involve adding users to your Google Apps account. Log in and click on "users". Google will provide you with option to add new users. Note that adding new users will cost the same amount as yours per user. If you can't afford that and you want to use your new custom Gmail address alone, simply click on "I added all user email addresses currently using @yourdomain.com" to close"

That's it. We are done. You can now use your professional email address with Gmail.
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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Martins Oputa

The Life Cycle of a Perfect Post

Great content is what brings quality traffic and every webmaster needs traffic to survive. You need quality traffic that converts and that's the only to survive.

How then do you get quality traffic? One of the best ways to get quality traffic is by the creation of a perfect content. Of course, every digital marketer needs to know how the content cycle lifecycle works before he can be able to create the perfect content. You need a content that is shareable, marketable and easily converts. This article will show you different stages of a successful post lifecycle.


Stage 1: Write What People Are Searching For

A successful post starts by writing an idea that is original and useful to your audience. It is something that everybody have not written on. Writing a topic that has been written over and over again will not give you the perfect post. It has to be original and unique and most importantly, useful to your readers.

Ensure that you write what people are searching for. Start with keyword research to make sure that there is interest in the topic. If you see medium to high search ratio, then you know your post have a leg to stand. Next is to search the web to know if anyone else has done it before. If you don't see anything in the first three pages of search result, you are in luck, you can proceed to write your post.

Stage 2: Carry Out Perfect Optimization

This stage involves making sure that your post is discoverable and digestible. Optimize your content with the best SEO practices. Ensure you keep your post simple, with adequate paragraphing and use of bullet points. This will enable users to quickly scan through your post, this is because no one has the time to read through the boring details except if you are providing some industry secret.

Stage 3: Choose Where to Place Your Content

Deciding where to show off your content is a major decision. Do you post to the company's blog, resource center or in another blog? There are so many choices.

The trick is to find out where the content will do best and post it there. You can choose to post it as guest post in a popular blog and enjoy increased traffic and backlinks. If you think the company blog will make much bigger impact, go ahead and post your content there.

Stage 4: Publish your Content Live

There is a trick here: How often do you use your analytics? It will give you idea on which day your post do well. You must post on the day your post will make greatest impact. You can schedule to post on weekends or Mondays, anytime you feel the post will get the greatest exposure.

Stage 5: Going Social

You cannot ignore the impact of social media on contents nowadays. There are many options available to you; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Google Plus. All of them have potentials to bring in loads of traffic.

Share your post where you will find greatest number of audience. You can find all sorts of audience on Facebook. If you are targeting the working class, you might prefer to use LinkedIn as there are huge number of working class and working professionals on this site.

Use Twitter to make your content go viral, and Google Plus to rank your post higher in search engines.

You are not yet done. You need to follow up the post on social media; comment, accept request and reply to feedbacks. You will see people getting across to you for feedbacks, don't ignore, replying will only make your post to get more audience and add more authority to you. Respond to praise, accept corrections and clarify questions.

Step 6: Don't Ignore the Analytics

Don't forget to measure and understand your content in context. By checking the analytics to see how well your content is performing, you will be continually making your entire content more discoverable and better performing. It will help you to tweak and adjust your targeting until you get the optimum result.

Stage 7: Know When to Update

Google love frequently updated contents. Check to know when your content is getting obsolete and understand the time to either retire the post or update. In most cases, there is certainly no reason to retire a post, think of all backlinks it must have accumulated. However, you may need to update it will current information and change your targeting.

In rare case where your post is no longer relevant and can't be useful to audience anymore, then you may consider pulling the plug.

Enjoy it while it last

Successful post have ability to bring in traffic, increase your revenue and your credibility. It is certainly beautiful while it last. Pay attention to your next post, it may be your breakthrough post.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Martins Oputa

How to Forward/Redirect Gmail Emails to another Account

If you are a serious internet marketer, you will probably have more than one Gmail accounts. It is a very tedious task to be checking these various Gmail accounts everyday. Besides, most smartphones will only give you notifications of new email of just one email accounts. So what do you do about other emails you get on other Gmail accounts?

Do you still check them one after another? That is probably very tasking. This article will teach you a very simple way you can receive all your email in one place. With this method, you can receive emails from different Gmail account into one single Gmail account. Cool, right? The tutorial here involves forwarding all your Gmail emails into one Gmail account. You can also use this method to receive mails from multiple Gmails on your smartphone.

How To Automatically Forward/Direct All Your Mails From One Gmail Account To Another Gmail Account

Step. 1
Log into the Gmail account you want to forward and at top right hand corner, click on the Gear Icon (that icon that resemble a screw)

redirect mails to another gmail

Click on the "dropdown", from there, you will see "settings". Click on the "Settings" to proceed.

Step. 2
Once the "setting interface opens" look "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" at the top and click on it.

forwarding email

Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab to go to where you will add your main email in which you wish to receive all mails. Click on "Add a forwarding Email Address"

Get notifications from multiple email account on your smartphone

Step. 3
Add the email address you want to forward your email to and click on "Next" to proceed.
Note: Make sure you will the correct email that you want to forward your emails to before clicking on next.
You will receive a pop-up asking you to confirm if you are sure that you want to proceed, click on "Proceed" to continue.
Once you click on "Proceed" you will receive a message telling you that a confirmation code has been sent to the email you wish to forward to. Now you need to login to the email you are forwarding to in order to confirm it.

Step. 4
Open the email you are forwarding to and confirm it by clicking the link inside the email

forwarding gmail mails

Once you click on the link, you will be informed that you are about to allow forwarding of mails from another account into yours, click yes to continue. That's it, you will receive a "Success confirmation" from Google informing you that the process is successful.

How to set your smartphone to receive messages from various gmail account
Congratulations, you can receive your mails from another Gmail into your main Gmail account, you can do this for all your Gmail account so that you can receive notifications from all your Gmail account on your smartphone.

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