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Saturday, 1 June 2019


Can PCB Design Software Eliminate Human Errors?

There have been some significant advances in terms of PCB design software in recent years, however, is it not full proof to eliminate any human errors?  Unfortunately, it is not there yet and any software that claimed to 100% remove human errors would be a major success.  Although there have been significant improvements in this field that have made human errors reduced, there is software that is yet to claim this in totality.  Even the best PCB design software isn’t there just yet.  Some of the improvements that have been made (and some of the things a designer can do) to reduce human error is as follows:


Get back to basics where designers are expected to do a level of design proofing using tools such as DFMEA.  Design Failure Mode EffectAnalysis is a tool that is used by the design community in order to identify and counteract failures with the critical features on the component.  This takes some time to do and sometimes there are design timeline constraints, however, by not doing this sort of activity you are opening yourself up to potential failures downstream.  If then an effective DMFEA is completed you can pass this information on to the manufactures who may wish to complete a PFMEA which stands for Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis.  A lot of this will be based on the complexity of the component that is being made and the volume of it.  In addition to this, the criticality to safety will also play an important factor in this.  If you are making critical parts that could affect safety, for example, aero-engines then the expectations would be that these sorts of activities are completed as if the items fail in service it would have significant consequences (and could even be life-threatening).

Assembly Runs – Simulations

There has been the option for some time now on CAD PCB design software for designers to run simulation runs.  What this effectively means is that when the designer has completed the design they have the option of running this either as a sub-assembly or as an assembled unit through a simulation.  If through this simulation the result is that there is some sort of error, the simulation will throw up this fault.  What it won’t then do is give the designer an option to resolve and the designer will still need to then re-look at his design to take corrective action.  Unfortunately, the design simulation tool is not capable of picking up all the faults, however, it certainly is a good indicator.  Taking the time out to actually run these sort of simulations is important as when the print is released to manufacture and they manufacture hundreds or thousands that are then deemed not fit for purpose due to the design flaws, the design community would be expected to “carry the can” in terms of liability. 
While there is still room for human error, the risk has decreased a lot over the years.

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Monday, 30 October 2017


Dot NET Custom Software Development

software development

Dot Net development still forms the foundation of web development around the world despite the rise of several web development technologies in recent times. Dot NET structure from Microsoft is presumably a standout amongst other Information Technology tools that suits enterprise applications and helps to account business development and key endeavor drivers. The DOT NET development companies deliver top-notch software development, enterprise-level application development, custom application development, web application development services and allow developers to construct robust, versatile and secure websites and web applications. They utilize all the features and functionalities of Microsoft DOT NET framework to convey effective applications with the ability to process a huge measure of data along with an assurance and affirmation of value, quality, and security.

Dot NET Custom Software Development has the expert team of Microsoft certified engineers who have a complete understanding of the innovation and combine proficiency, involvement, and experience in offering vigorous solutions on .NET platform, helping to translate businesses needs into a top-notch solution. From the point of view of a professional iOS developer London, most designers today recognize that development is simple with Dot Net framework, Even High-quality enterprise applications can be assembled rapidly with improved time to development, which is in a state of harmony with business objectives.

Dot NET Custom Software Development plays an important role in the iOS mobile app development. Dot Net application development is a preferred for businesses to build client friendly & feature-rich software and websites. Applications like Visual Studio guarantee accessibility of essential tools & support for simplicity of business applications development. In accordance with the same, a key item to say is the ActiveX Data Object.NET from Microsoft, which enables developers with inbuilt interfaces to communicate with information sources. This moves data-driven improvement, and it is essential for organizations to recognize tools that exploit this advantage. Most of the iPhone app developers in London proudly say that applications developed on Dot NET framework can be easily ported on servers with simple access to clients.

From the developer's view, Configuration, parameters & code can be reused to suit application development. Likewise for enterprise applications is backward compatibility & simple integration with existing frameworks. In Dot NET structure, integration with numerous frameworks is easily encouraged by devouring XML (eXtensible Markup Language) archive of any type. The main attraction is the easy way with which code can be maintained without mixing HTML & ASP code. There are a lot of features for Dot NET structure which helps the developers to complete their task simple; some of the features are cross-compatibility, modularization, and improvised tools, etc. Adequately, Dot NET framework provides a language-neutral platform, which can support new and additionally legacy applications.

And when it comes to security, there is no compromise and Dot NET framework satisfies the desires for enterprises which consider security is as critical as application performance. With features like validation & verification, Code Access Security (CAS), Dot NET framework allows enterprises to build extremely secure applications. And moreover, Dot NET Custom Software Development utilizes the Dot Net coders who have knowledge of the latest features of the Microsoft platforms. They assess the particular requirements and utilize proper strategies such as custom controls, HttpModules, and HttpHandlers for creating pluggable architectures utilizing business best practices and proven methodologies.

Dot NET team has continually worked towards enhancing the deployment experience with Dot NET Framework setup and its updates. Dot NET framework even has the Dot NET Framework Repair Tool. All the Dot NET developers can now test and develop with Microsoft’s most recent version of Repair Tool. There are times when issues are experienced during deployment with the Dot NET Framework or its updates and these issues cannot be settled from within the setup. Thus, Dot NET Framework Repair Tool comes to the rescue. It helps in detecting and fixing few causes of installation failures. This tool acts as the backbone for the Microsoft Dot NET Setup and will fix the frequently occurring issues with the setup of Microsoft Dot NET framework. In the upcoming version, Microsoft Development Experts can expect enhanced performance.

Development platform has turned out to be widely adopted and acknowledged in a short timeframe. With an expansive development client base, wide acknowledgment and a proven reputation, DOT NET innovation has risen as an essential technology platform. Dot Net developers have an impeccable record of providing quality Dot Net framework applications for different industry verticals.

About the Author: Being a writer Kalaivanan Madhiazhagan loves to explore creative things. He is also a good listener, a reader and a social media lover. He has a keen interest on iOS mobile app development. In his articles, he highlights how iPhone app developers create various apps through their knowledge & efficiency. He has also written few articles on the importance of an iOS Developer London in today’s technological era.
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Monday, 15 May 2017


Case Study: How I Earned $3k Per Month From Article Writing Without Writing

If you have been around the internet for something now, you will notice that one thing is consistent... And that is "CONTENT".

That's right! Content is the king! Every marketer and website owner needs content to survive and this is the single reason why freelance content writers will never go out of job. If you are yet to start your own freelance content writing service, you should begin that now.

article writing on iprowriter.com

In this article, I will tell you about my experience. I made consistent $3,000 per month from writing without actually writing the article myself. Don't worry, I will let you in on my secret. I will tell you everything you need to know and how I make my money from writing.

Are you ready for it?

Below Are the Steps that Fetch Me My $3,000 A Month Income From Writing

Step 1. Step Up Your Freelance Writing Account
To get started, you need to have a freelance writing account. Go and open account on websites such as:
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Freelance
  • Konker
  • Guru
I will not go into details on how you need to set up your account, simply look for the highest-selling gig on these marketplaces and then draw an inspiration from what they wrote. Change the words a bit to be original and still interesting.

Please don't copy verbatim or you will be thrown out. If you have an account on sites such as Upwork and Freelance, ensure you take their exams. I did and that's why my account look so professional and I was able to get hundreds of buyers in a week.

Note: Each of these marketplaces listed above charge you commission for every article you see. Thus, the best way is to create your own site and I will explain this in step 2.

Step 2. Create Your Own Writing Website
The trick here is to create your own writing website. This won't cost you more than $50 to do. You can get a cheap monthly hosting from Hostgator.com and buy a domain name for less than $1 from 1and1.com. You can start collecting payment with PayPal or Payoneer.
Once you set up your own writing account, you will begin to look for jobs.

There are two ways to look for jobs. The first trick is to go to these marketplaces listed above and bid for jobs and tell the clients to buy from your website for special discounts. This will fetch you some customers every week.

The second way is to search for jobs in freelance writing websites such as:
  • Solo Gig Job Boards
  • SimplyHired.com
  • Krops Job Board
  • FreelanceSwitch Board Jobs
Visit these job boards and send your application. Ensure you look professional by using your professional website email address. Your email address should be the name of your website. For instance, if your website is http://goodwriter.com/. Your email address should be something like admin@goodwriter.com. This will convince clients that you are serious.

Step 3: Where to Outsource
Here is the sweet part everybody is waiting for. For sometimes now, I have been reluctant about exposing where I outsource my writing service. Like I said above, I never lifted a finger writing, I just outsource it to trusted American writers and they do the job for me.

You should find a trusted writer that can write at a very affordable price for you so you can make good profits.

As for me, I had an agreement with my writers and they provide me cheap and superior quality article everytime I need it. You should first talk with your writer, let him know that he should be ready to supply you quality articles when you need it.

Once you get a job, rush and submit it to your writer and he will write and deliver to you. You can find cheap writers on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. However, I make use of  iProwriter.com.

iProwriter has been good to me, I get cheap and quality articles. In fact, they are responsible for my big earning per month since they are the one that actually write the articles for me. You can contact and negotiate with them if you find their service interesting.

Another way to find good writers to outsource your job is to post it on Facebook. When you post on Facebook, many people will apply, it is now left for you to talk to them and know who will be best fit for the job you want.

Easy, Right?

Anybody can do this. You don't have to wait before you can get started, this is a very easy way you can start making money even if you are so busy. Just use the resources listed above and you will thank me for it.

Good Day

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Martins Wallace

How to Get WhatsApp to Work Again On Your BlackBerry BB10 Device

how do I get whatsapp to work on bb10 blackberry

Do you notice that most Blackberry users cannot use Whatsapp again? This happened today (18/01/2017). This is very frustrating as no one is expecting this problem until at least June 2017 according to update on BB website.

However, all hope is not lost, if you receive message that you can no longer send chats because your Blackberry phone is not supported, there is a way to fix that for the moment. You can try a simple trick to make Whatsapp start working again on your BB10 Device.

I Can't Access WhatsApp Again on BB10, What Should I Do?
Many users can't access Whatsapp again, if you try to chat, you will get a message that 'you can't send chat because your phone is not supported".

If you are using BlackBerry, there is a simple fix to this problem, you just need to head over to "BlackBerry World" and update your WhatsApp application from there. Your WhatsApp will start working again.

If this does not fix the problem, the next thing to do is to download "Whatsapp apk". Simply type "Whatsapp apk" on your search engine, download and install it on your BlackBerry and start chatting like other Android users.

Note: for this second method to work, you will need to have the latest version of BlackBerry Operating System that supports Android apps.

Now that you have fixed the problem, you can go back to chatting with your friends and groups. But remember, try and get a new phone that supports whatsapp before they finally block you.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Martins Wallace

SEO Tools to Make Your Life Easier

best free seo tools of 2017

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and it’s one of the most important processes when creating a quality blog post. Put simply, it’s the process of increasing your post’s visibility on search engine results, or making it come up as close as possible to the top of the page. There are many factors that you need to look at here, and it’s something that can get a bit tedious at times. Fortunately, there are quite a few awesome tools out there that can help you out in this department and save you a lot of time and effort, and in this article we’re going to be talking about some of the best ones.

Congratulations, you’ve finished your article, now it’s time to start optimizing it so it’ll show up better on search engines. A good place you can start is the actual title of your blog post. The title is very important and it can mean the difference between your posts being completely ignored or being the first thing that a potential reader will click on.

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool that you can use to optimize your title and make it sound catchy and interesting. All you have to do is type in a title that you come up with yourself (what you’d call the post without any external help), and BuzzSumo will give you a wide range of suggestions on how to improve it, based on the titles of posts that have had lots of shares on social media. In other words, it’s a great way to help you see what a good title looks like, based on other titles’ success rates.

Moz is more of an all-in-one toolbox than a tool, as it can provide you with a number of features and functions that you can use to improve your SEO. It researches and analyzes your keywords to let you know how valuable they are, informs you of any potential SEO issues that might be there, and it can also audit a website’s content to reveal the top-ranking topics and page types on that particular website. Using Moz is a great way to learn from other successful websites because it lets you know just what aspect of SEO they’re good at, and therefore what you should “copy” so you can improve your own SEO.

A VPN is an invaluable tool when conducting SEO, for one simple reason: Every once in a while, you’re going to want to know what your target audience sees in their search results when they look up your website, so you can get an idea of what you need to change up SEO-wise. Search results can be a bit location specific sometimes, and they definitely won’t look the same to you and someone searching for your website on the other side of the planet.

For this purpose, you’re going to want to choose a VPN that has a large number of servers all around the world, so that no matter where your target audience is located, you can connect to a VPN server close to them and see the search result as they would see it.

Site Booster
This tool can help you out with a few tedious and time-consuming processes that your website and your business will definitely benefit from, so you don’t have to do them yourself and can instead focus on more important things.

Examples of such processes are publishing your business information on various search engines and review sites, putting your website and/or store on the map and adding your location information to mobile apps like Google Maps and Foursquare. Doing this all yourself is unnecessary because the process is rather simple, it just takes a lot of time; which is why Site Booster is the perfect tool for this application.

Google AdWords Keyword PlannerThe best way to increase your visibility on search engines is to include words and sentence constructions that your potential readers will type into Google when looking up whatever it is that your website can offer them. These are known as keywords, and the more you work on them, the more your SEO will improve.

A tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner can be a big help here, as it can give you a large number of suggestions for keywords, based on actual search inputs from real people.

Author Bio
Michael Conley is a 35-year-old digital security specialist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and one of the finest writers here at 9to5alternatives.com. He's been into computer programming since his late teen years, and is extremely happy that he's succeeded in creating a career out of it. When he's not coding or working on an article, Michael spends his free time playing with his cat or shooting pool with his former highschool classmates.
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Martins Wallace

7 Reasons Why React Native of Facebook is the Future of Hybrid App Development

7 Reasons Why React Native of Facebook is the Future of Hybrid App Development

1. Encompassing iOS and Android:Earlier the networking giant integrated React Native for iOS and now it has focused on Android as well supplying user interfaces for the former two. Facebook utilized it to design an advertisement monitoring app available on both the platforms. It is designed with the property of open source as well.

2. Recyclable aspects to stimulate Hybrid Apps rendering natively:React native's fundamental modules are recyclable native ones which can be encoded to native precisely. This constitution enables designing with a rapid, web-style venture featuring no web. The app will resemble a native app in all its characteristics.

3. Implementing React Native UI constituents to an already prevailing App code without any further coding:This aspect is a big advantage for entrepreneurship which needs to integrate an already existing app without any tweaking. React native elements have to be integrated into the app.

4. It is one among the leading and rapidly growing Javascript Frameworks focused on Designers:Provided the user knows JavaScript, React Native easily helps any front-end web developer to become a mobile developer instantaneously. Incorporating JavaScript, few of the native UI components, APIs related to platforms and other such aspects, the developer is ready for the tasks ahead.Further augmented in the framework are features like inline and Flexbox CSS styling, debugging etc.

5. It is concentrated only on the UI:
The framework is dedicated to primarily design a mobile UI which gives its identification to that of a JavaScript library rather than a framework. The resultant UI is very flexible providing instantaneous loading times compared to a normal hybrid app and supplying a smooth user experience.

6. Coherency is more in the case of Native App Development:The framework is all focused on incorporating speed and flexibility of web app design with native results in the Hybrid sector.It supplies all the features related to the ReactJS library regarding efficient app functionality along with easy programming aspects to the hybrid sector.

7. The framework provides 3rd Party integration support, less usage of memory and a good experience:3rd party augmentation signifies that there is no dependency on a WebView for particular operations while offering less loading times and minimal memory utilization. Smooth running of the app is ensured provided the app is compatible with cliched OSs.

Author Bio 
Michael Archer the CEO and Co-Founder of Whatsappupdate, which is a well accepted and in demand Mobile App Development company is a daring and adventurous person who likes to pursue and rendezvous with the latest on goings in the technological world. His exhaustive, innovative, captivating and motivating skills and expertise has contributed to the generation of apps like Zoechat- Whatsapp Clone Script. In his free time, he is involved in disseminating and inculcating his experience and knowledge he has gained throughout the years with others and reading novels
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Martins Wallace

Fundamental Apps to Assist You with Business Growth

apps for business growth
Presently, smartphone devices have become the main speck in businesses such as hotels, travel, ticketing Sites, banks etc, and they have organized phone applications to be an extraordinary way to boost both marketing and visibility for their particular businesses. From small to the middle to huge organizations, mobile apps have brought about the outstanding growth in the business action with good customer services.

Now a day pupils are spending much time on the internet than any other. In the past two years, time spent on phone devices, such as mobile phones and tabs has risen. According to the analysis, around two- third of the people spent their time on mobile devices for using mobile applications, which gives a service that reactive outline websites simply cannot equal. With phone apps rapidly becoming the important part of the mobile interaction. There is no surprise that a large number of businesses are looking the possibilities in developing a mobile application for their industry. Smartphone apps give users all the information at their fingertips, whether they are using a mobile phone, tab or any other device.
With the rise in the number of smartphone user, almost every business whether it is small or a brand title itself, has come up with phone apps. There are various sense business are apt towards the app development. Hence, a smartphone app can create endless opportunities for any business and can aid business to have the correct growth at the correct time. Therefore, when it comes to mobile app growth.

Reason behind why they are using apps
In former years, the increasing cost of traditional app developers made applications an unmanageable price for small businesses. The recent success of software development tools that concentrate the app development process and grant even non-coders to create a fully functioning application have dramatically reduced the price of developing an app.
The allowing and speed development times this tool grant has encouraged more businesses than ever to design their own applications. So as far they are using the mobile application for their business growth.

Here is the some of the application which helps the business for their growth.

Google drive
Google Drive is an ultimate tool powered by Google for a business and a google doc is a file storage and synchronization service which is created by Google. We can synch our email with google drive and it will manage our files whatever in our data. It grants the users to store files in the cloud, share files, and modify documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.
This application uses not only for the personal use and it also uses for the business purpose. The service characteristics extensive storage, progressive file audit recording and eDiscovery services, along with improved organization control and it are particularly useful to businesses.

Users can upload files as large files. A media freed posted on Google's Official Enterprise Blog sure businesses that Google will encrypt data stored on its servers, as well as information being transmitted .It will deliver 24- hour service that supports the phone for business users and has guaranteed 90 percent uptime for its slave.

Square Register
The Square register is a sale application which helps to us everything we needed for to run and grow our business. Square Register highly advantageous. Anyone with a tab or a mobile phone can use this application to as an added element to collect credit card payments.

With this application, we almost change our mobile into a credit card reader that removes the need to the problem an account or use a physical credit card processor. We can also get a gift card or offer a discount simply. The app dashboard displays helpful analytics, sales reports, inventory reports and other project tracking particulars.
Once a client makes a payment, we can send digital receipts to consumer, track marketing details, track inventory and even accept the response from operator and clients, both.

JustFly is a travel application built by a set of traveling supporter. Their app grants us simply to book a flight and hotel within the hour. They offer the best travel contract at a very low- cost price.
We can pay through PayPal and credit card. Once bought, receipt and transaction details are sent in the mail. With this app, our journey route is on your mobile phone at any time. They also give timely offers and combo offers. The app is glossy and easy to use.

Along with this application, you can use Expensify travel app as it aid with staying organized and tracking travel cost, keep track of gain, and create expense progress at any time.

Dropbox is a home for all our pictures, documents, media, and files. Everything we add to Dropbox will naturally show up on all your desktops, mobiles and even the Dropbox site. So we can approach our kit from anywhere. Never be without an important file again. This cloud based application grants us to rescue and sync documents across all of our devices, and simply create joint files to share or work with everyone. It’s not a matter where we are; use Dropbox to easily collaborate with connections on your trip, or to seamlessly update documents for a partner back in the office.

Evernote is a digital notebook application. Even a small management has constant things to take care of and the app design an extensive list of all our notes and tasks in one comfortable place.

The desktop app coordinates absolutely with its mobile versions. All your hints, photos, and other data are simply accessible over one or more systems. We can even split them to another through the app.
If we desire a team on board sign up for their Evernote Business profile with which you can cooperate with the entire group. Join particular notebooks, call partners and share notes with a particular person in the group. We can access anything offline, without a net connection.

Robin is like a basic associate that helps to control our schedule day by day. We can use the application to send mails to partner and customer alike. We can type our information and Robin app sends it’s across a very hands free tool.
So, we can fair command while on the move. It also aids us in tasks like giving service updates and parking guidance. We can also use the Siri app for iOS and Allo app from Google for the carbon functionality.

In conclusion
The important increase in mobile phone and tab use has seen phone apps become crucial for many businesses. Not only can a smartphone app support your business with amazing growth and development opportunities due to rising numbers of users using applications for purchasing and surfacing purposes, they can also advantage your business in a collection of other ways.
Therefore, smart phone apps are flattering the controlling form of digital interaction, and customers in today global are on the move and using phone app platforms to get there.

Beyond any doubt, apps are revolutionary changing the phone global these days, and so have become very critical for businesses. Because of the speedy growth of mobile phone users, it has become vital for businesses to have phones apps.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Martins Wallace

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs SEO

Businesses nowadays can grow bigger with the help of the internet. From physical products to services, you can now avail of these via the internet. Online competition for business is now fierce. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization steps in. Defined as a sequence of tactics, techniques and methods that are used to increase the number of visitors to a website by improving its ranking in the Search Engine Results Page also known as SERP.
E:\My Documents\business-163467_960_720.jpg

To simplify things, SEO helps people find your website on top of the list from search engines like Google. So here is a list of the four best reasons why your business website needs SEO.
  1. Businesses Are Going Online
Studies have shown that 93% of consumers that are looking for products and services use online search engines. If you want your business to grow it’s time to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your business website.  You can actually reach more potential customers online if your business website is optimized. Your business website serves as your promotion and customer service portal for your products and or services. It plays an essential key for your business website to be on top of the search engine ranks and for it to reach more potential customers.

  1. SEO Generates More Traffic for Your Business Website
As previously mentioned, SEO is also done with research and with carefully specified details. By the use of keyword analysis, SEO helps you conclude the number of potential customers that are searching for the exact keyword related to your business and products or services. If you can identify the needs, concerns and issues relating to your target customers, you can establish your business website to be trustworthy and legitimate with the help of SEO. This can be translated to an increase of visitor-to-sales rate in your business website. SEO can help your business website convert from potential customers to buyers.

  1. SEO is Cost-Effective
It is rated as excellent in the case of return of investment by about 75% of marketers. The reason behind this is because SEO is an affordable method for online marketing and the results are effective and consistent. Businesses and clubs of Australia have marked SEO to be one the key strategies  for their growth online.

SEO strategy can be customized based on your needs and budget. Various methods like link building, keyword research, social media marketing, and email marketing can be implemented to promote your business. And these methods are usually included in the SEO package services you’re taking. You don’t have to pay for more employees to do these tasks for you.
  1. Take Advantage of the Competition
Not all business websites are SEO optimized and not all of them are using it correctly. SEO is a specialized strategy that is not learned overnight. A business or club that have an SEO optimized website definitely has the advantage over those who don’t use SEO. A business or club website that has been SEO optimized by a professional can reach more potential customers and has greater rate in visitor-to-sales rate compared to those who don’t use it.

A study by Ipsos OTX shows that 71% out of 5000 smartphone users have searched an item because they saw an advertisement online. A business website that is optimized can attract more traffic online by having taken advantage of the search results generated by a SEO optimized website. This is conceptualizing when you research, develop and initialise a well planned SEO strategy.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Martins Wallace

Is Jiji Best Shopping Platform in Nigeria?

If you want your shopping to be fun and easy, you shouldn’t waste your precious time searching for an optimal web marketplace or visiting numerous boutiques and malls. The solution is much simpler – one word, four letters and a huge amount of positive emotions - Jiji.
Jiji is:
     5 new ads every minute and over 600,000 in total
     Over 4.6 mln users and 15 mln visits per month
     Huge selection of new and used stuff
     The lowest prices in Nigeria
     Leader in selling phones, smartphones and laptops
     Convenience and security

     Completely new understanding of online shopping
jiji app review

Jiji App allows you to experience all benefits mentioned above at any time and place. It also provides an entire list of pros:
     Free download
     Easy installation
     Low space requirements
     Low data use
     No interference with other functions
     Huge selection
     Numerous filters for search

Being a buyer on Jiji means
     Enjoying rich assortment and special offers
     Creating perfect lists of ads with tags and filters
     Access to items with photos and detailed descriptions
     Finding the lowest prices
     Direct communication with easy reachable sellers
     Shoes and clothing from famous designers at ridiculously law prices
     Affordable cars and tokunbo to carry all your purchases
jiji app download

Being a seller on Jiji means
     Earning fast an easy
     An opportunity to post unlimited amount of ads for free
     Selling fairly used things instead of throwing them out
     Offering property and jobs in Lagos, other big cities and far beyond
     Living a happy life
Do you need any other evidence? Install the app and enjoy!
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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Martins Wallace

Is Zarfund Best Money Making Program At the Moment? Zarfund Honest Review

Need Money Before December? Join This Program (For Serious People Only)

What If I show you a program where you can convert a N13,000 ($19) Investment into N1 million+?  or $74,000+?

Are you going to take such opportunity?

N13,000 to make N1 million sound unbelievable, right? Well, you will be amazed by how this investment program can make your dreams come true this December.

I am going to reveal this program in a few minutes to you!

Before you continue, here is what you should know about me: I don't just promote any program. I promote only the program I think has huge potential, I saw the potential in this one and I am going to help you master the program, make your money, bank your money and leave the program before it crashes

Deal? .... Well, let's continue

The name of this investment is ZARFUND

zarfund review - legit or scam?

Zarfund is an investment opportunity that everyone is talking about, you are definitely missing a lot if you are not investing with Zarfund at the moment.

I know what you are thinking; But hey, don't give up yet, I am going to do a honest review about this program, tell you exactly what to do, how to earn and how to avoid losing your money.

Zarfund can make you rich beyond your wildest dream and it's 100% scam free and transparent.

Here is what you should know;

Zarfund is all about earning bitcoins. Bitcoins is a form of money. And yes to answer your question, you can spend bitcoin just like dollar, pounds and naira. But you haven't heard the last of it yet

Zarfund will help us accumulate over 128btc (bitcoins). Do you know how much that worth in Naira? keep on reading, I will shock you below.

Let's do the review of what Zarfund is all about, please read carefully;
Zarfund is a team-based funding platform. To be successful in this program, you have to join a team.

Hey! Don't give up yet, I will give you a team you can join at end of this report.

Tell me Martins, How Does Zarfund Works?.....  Good Question!

You will need to join Zarfund with one-time investment of $18 or N13,000. You can only pay this fee in bitcoin ( I will tell you where to get bitcoins)

Who are you paying to? You are paying the person that sponsored you. You will be also be paid by person that you will sponsor. Note that you are not paying any money to Zarfund.

Once you pay the person that sponsored you 0.03btc which is $18. You will invite just 2 active persons (not more, just 2 only). It is important that you invite a person that is active and ready to invest. Your two referrals will need to invite their own two persons each and the matrix keeps forming.

You need a team to succeed with this program and like I said, I will give you a team that will help you recruit for free. So you don't need to worry about recruiting. With teamwork, you can use $18 to make over $78,044 once you reach level 6 and you can do that within a month!

Awesome right? Keep on reading.

Here is Where it Gets Interesting

Below is exactly how you will earn from Zarfund just by investing $18 and inviting two persons only.

You join Zarfund and Upgrade to Level-1 by Paying / donating 0.03 BTC ($17)  to your Sponsor. And you   eligible to receive 0.03 BTC from each of your Two Level-1 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.03 x 2) = 0.06 BTC.

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Now you Upgrade to Level-2 by Paying / donating 0.05 BTC ($29) per month to your Level-2 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 0.05 BTC per month from each of your Four Level-2 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.05 x 4) = 0.20 BTC.

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When you Upgrade to Level-3 by Paying / donating 0.1 BTC ($57) per month to your Level-3 Up-line. You will immediately  become eligible to receive 0.1 BTC per month from each of your Eight Level-3 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.1 x 8) = 0.80 BTC.

is zarfund legit?

When you Upgrade to Level-4 by Paying / donating 0.2 BTC ($114) per month to your level-4 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 0.2 BTC per month from each of your Sixteen Level-4 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.2 x 16) = 3.20 BTC.

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When you Upgrade to Level-5 by Paying / donating 1 BTC ($570) per month to your Level-5 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 1 BTC per month from each of your Thirty Two (32) Level-5 referrals / down-lines i.e. (1 x 32) = 32 BTC.

is zarfund scam?

When you Upgrade to Level-6 by Paying / donating 2 BTC ($1,140) per month to your Level-6 Up-line. You will immediately become eligible to receive 2 BTC per month from each of your Sixty Four (64) Level-6 referrals / down-lines i.e. (2 x 64) = 128 BTC.

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Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System in Naira

Donate 13000 ($19)
Level 1 -: Receive 13000 from 2 ref (your two direct referrals) = 21 k (donate 17500 to upgrade) gain 3500
Level 2 -: Receive 17500 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 70k (donate 35k to upgrade) gain 35k
Level 3 -: Receive 35k from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 280k (donate 70 to upgrade) gain 210k
Level 4 -: Receive 70k from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 1.12M (d onate 350k to upgrade) gain 770k
Level 5 -: Receive 350k from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 11.2m (donate 700k to upgrade) gain 10.5M
Level 6 -: Receive 700k from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 44.8M

As at today 1bitcoin (btc) is $630 and bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world.

Amazing, isn't it? Don't doubt it, it is totally possible and we will help you achieve it.

You are lucky to be reading this, if you take action, you will celebrate this Christmas in a grand style.

Are you an action taker? Keep on reading!

Pay important attention to the next few paragraphs;

Here is why I believe we can make money with this opportunity before December

  1. Zarfund doesn't take any money from you, you pay direct to your sponsor account and your referrals also pay direct to your account. Admin does not hold your money, you will receive instant direct payments.
  2. Fully automated, system will confirm all payments, no waiting for manual confirmation by upline and admin
  3.  Zarfund is still fresh (Started August) the best time to earn from this type of program is while it is still fresh. Now, it has about 70,000 members and growing. We can make our money as fast as possible (if you take action today) before people flock it.
  4.  One bitcoin worths $630. You read right, $630 (six hundred and thirty dollars). With Zarfund, you can be able to accumulate 128bitcoins. My brother, that's over 30 million naira ($74,000)
  5. We have a  WhatsApp group where you will get your referrals. You don't have to worry about referrals.
  6. we help each other out.

Are You interested?

Do you want this year to end in grand style?

Do you Want to be financially free?

Here is Exactly What You Must Do Now

Step 1.
Go to blockchain.info and create your account.

Step 2.
After creating creating your account, visit the email you used to create the account, you will see a link that Blockchain will send to your account, use it to verify your account.

Step 3.
Contact Me on Whatsapp (+2348073097001) so that I can give you a special link that you will use to sign up. Please ensure you our link to get maximum help from us.

Step 4.
After opening your zarfund account, you will need to make a donation of 0.03btc immediately (before 24hrs). Please contact me immediately to direct you where to buy bitcoin to use in making your donation.

Step 5.
The person that will sell bitcoin to you will send it to your Block chain account, log in to your Zarfund account to obtain the "Wallet ID" of your sponsor. Log in to Block chain and make a payment to the Wallet ID of your sponsor you obtain from Zarfund.

Step 6.
Log in to Zarfund, confirm the payment by submitting the Transaction Harsh ID of the payment you just payment. Doing this will help you upgrade to next level and ready to receive your own payments.

That's it. That's all you need to start making serious money with Zarfund. You will keep on repeating the steps above until you reach Level 6 where you will earn 128btc which is equal to $78,000 or N27,000,000.

Now join our WhatsApp group by contacting me on this number to get started +2348073097001.

Contact us WhatsApp now for direction on how to get started.
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