How I Doubled My Blog Organic Traffic Using Justretweet and Socialadr - Part 2

In this review, I will tell you how I was able to double the rate of my blog pageviews using Socialadr, This is the second part of this post, if you want to see the first part on how I doubled my blog organic traffic with Justretweet.com, then click here to read it.

Socialadr is a social bookmarking websites and it is a link building platform that will help your blog rank higher with organic traffic. Socialadr offers five services, of which most popular one is Social bookmarking made available to both free and paid members. Apart from this, Socialadr help you to create links from high PR websites which gets your blog/websites indexed faster by Google and other search engines, It has been in use since 2009.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Have you ever see a website you like and you want to visit again?.... what you do is write down the address of the website or memorise it, right?... that's what is called bookmarking, Social bookmarking are websites where you stored websites address (urls) you will like to visit again, however this time around, you allow this url to be seen by others including search engines because it is stored on public web server hence the name social, If a site is getting more bookmarks, Google will see this site as popular and valuable and will rank it higher.

Why Socialadr is Perfect for Social Bookmarking?

Below you will see the reasons why we decided to use Socialadr as part of our SEO strategy:
  • All bookmarking accounts in Socialadr gets pinged faster giving your post chance of being indexed quickly by Google.
  • They give no room for spam, as each user is allowed only 5 bookmarks each day.
  • Socialadr allows your bookmarks to be shared on hundreds of unique accounts.
  • Finally, sites used by Socialadr are 100% Google safe, they are real sites with millions of users and active people, the sites have high PR and maintains good records.
The above are the few reasons why we decided to use Socialadr in our SEO and link building strategies.
increase traffics with socialadr

How Socialadr Works?

To get your post to be bookmarked by other members in Socialadr, You first have to open an account at Socialadr.com, then connect your account to your social bookmarking sites, There are two types of account, the Lazy account (paid) and Free account, If you opened a free member account, you have to manually sign up to all the social media and social bookmarking sites.

If you don't have $11 to pay as a Lazy member (recommended) just joined as a free member, I joined as a free member and it took me two days to sign up to all the accounts therein for social bookmarking. However, if you are short on budget, just begin with free member account.

To add your post for bookmarking:

Click on "Bookmark" then "Add bookmark"
Then add your "Title" and "Description". 
Tip: make sure to spin your title and descriptions before you add your post for bookmarking, avoid using phrases like "click here", it is better to use something like "Article Recommended by..." then mention one authority. Then add submission rate.

I signed up to their social booster account which cost me about $60 per month and I get 1500 credits each month to share my posts, this means I spend 4cents for each bookmark. This also allows my post to be shared on premium channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and even LinkedIn, as far as am concern, this is a good deal for me.

I use Socialadr to work on SEO of new websites for my clients and I cover my subscription through their payments, Whenever a client give me their new websites to work on, I use Socialadr to get the backlinks needed for the site to start ranking. For each post, I will spend time to spin the title and description, this is where you have the difference for people clicking on those links, however, you should bear in mind that the aim of social bookmarking is not for human direct traffic from those bookmarks, it is more of a proof for SERP than it is for humans.
You can now see the strategy am using to boost my blog ranking and also make money from it, you can offer this service in marketplace like Fiverr or SEOClerk, this is how i create backlinks for my blogs and posts urls, and also index and promote my new pages for better ranking. You sign up to Socialadr  for special bonus (limited).

For better result at ranking higher, Socialadr alone is not enough, use it with Justretweet.com and other SEO strategies like On-page Optimization, and other high PR sites to get juicy backlinks with authority. 


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