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Top Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR 2015

Social bookmarking of websites has been one of the latest trend by bloggers and webmasters to drive traffic to their blogs. It have been argued that social bookmarking websites provides backlinks that will not be harmful to your blog, so getting a good number of social bookmarks to your blog is a good way to increase the number of organic traffic you are getting to your blog everyday. Am going to share with you the list of top best highly recommended dofollow social bookmarking sites with high PR9, PR8, PR7 and others.

What is Social Bookmarking?

If you have ever see a website or a blog post that you like and you would like to visit again, you noted down the blog address (link) so that you can visit it again, that is what is called bookmarking, however, nowadays, we are going digital in everything so there are websites that provide this service free, they allow you to save the link of any website/blog that you like in a categorized and easy way so that you can access it from anywhere in the world, Most of this website allow other people to see the list of pages you have bookmarked.

What Are The Benefits (Importance) of Social Bookmarking For Webmasters and Blog Owners?

Social bookmarking is very helpful in making your blog an authority blog. What this means is that if more and more people are saving your website in order to visit it again, this clearly tells both human search engine that you have something very valuable to offer people otherwise they won't be bookmarking your blog, this bookmarks provide helpful backlinks to drive traffic you needed to your blog. Your links in popular social bookmarking sites are easily get picked up by search engine crawler bot and get your contents indexed faster. However, you don't have to wait for people to do the bookmarking for you first, begin by bookmarking your own blog with top social bookmarking sites to increase your blog traffic.

List of Top Best Social Bookmarking Websites

1. Google.com/Bookmarks PR9
This is Google's own bookmarking sites, the fact it is a Google product makes it a trusted site to bookmark your blog, and it has a high PageRank 9. Google bookmark allows you to bookmark any web page you like and add the relevant keywords to the page or blog.

2. Pinterest PR9
Pinterest is the fastest growing free social bookmarking websites, It has a good PageRank 9. They say a picture speak thousand words, Pinterest is meant to save or bookmark awesome images from your blog and others blogs you will like to visit again.
Tip to get more traffic from Pinterest:
Create awesome beautiful images that can easily capture anybody attention with Photoshop or any other photo editing software  and pin it to your Pinterest dashboard with a link back to your blog, you will surely see an increase traffic from Pinterest.

3. Storify PR8
Storify offer dofollow backlink when you bookmark your blog on this website. But you have to know that it is not easy to bookmark your blog here, Storify are very strict and usually prefer niches on education.

4. Scoopit PR7
Scoopit has a unique way of social bookmarking a content, you first find something worth bookmarking, then you make it yours and finally you can share it.

5. Slashdot PR7
Slashdot is a PR7 social bookmarking website, if you are a tech blogger or have a website about technology or open source applicatons, then this sites is good to bookmark your contents.

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Other Top High PR9, PR8, PR7, PR6, PR5, PR4 Social Bookmarkng Sites:
Note: To visit this sites, copy and paste the link into your browser

6. buzz.yahoo.com  >PR9
7. stumbleupon.com  >PR8
8. delicious.com  >PR8
9. reddit.com  >PR8
10. blinklist.com  >PR8
11. squidoo.com  >PR8
12. technorati.com  >PR8
13. propeller.com  >PR8
14. librarything.com  >PR8
15. citeulike.org  >PR8
16. digg.com  >PR7
17. techdirt.com  >PR7
18. diigo.com  >PR7
19. news.ycombinator.com  >PR7
20. plurk.com  >PR7
21. fark.com  >PR7
22. bibsonomy.org  >PR7
23. newsvine.com – PR7
24. blinklist.com >PR6 
25. mister-wong.com  >PR6
26. metafilter.com  >PR6
27. dzone.com – PR6
28. blogengage.com  > PR5
29. inbound.org  >PR5
30. faviki.com  >PR5
31. netvouz.com >PR5
32. triberr.com  >PR5
33. bizsugar.com  >PR5
34. blogmarks.net  >PR5
35. blogmarks.net  >PR5
36. getboo.com  >PR4
37. buddymarks.com >PR4
38. dropjack.com  >PR4
39. popscreen.com >PR4
40. designfloat.com >PR3

Note: PageRank of websites/blog are subject to constant changes according to Google who ranks them, the PR ranks here are correct at the time of writing this post.

What site are you using for your social bookmarking? maybe we can add it, tell us your opinion in the comment section, thanks for reading.

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