Top 10 On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Increase Your Blog Traffic

On-page SEO are carried out in order to boost your blog ranking. It involves optimizing your pages internally to suite the way search engines like Google recommends it. In truth, Optimizing your blog both on-page and off-page is not easy, and it cannot be done in a day or two but you probably have to begin somewhere..... due to difficulty many people encountered while trying to out different Search Engine Optimization techniques some get overwhelmed by the process that seem not to be working out or taking too long.

 In the beginning, it may seem that your effort are not being appreciated by Search Engines, but all the efforts you are putting optimizing your pages in the best possible way are slowly building up and you will be surprise when you start reaping the benefit. The thing about search engines is that their algorithms i.e the way they work are being upgraded and change everyday, that's why you hear about Panda today, Hummingbird tomorrow, who knows what you may hear next maybe "Sparrow update", the point is to keep up-to-date with these updates and continue to enjoy quality organic traffic.

The purpose for on-page optimization is to make sure you carried out some SEO best practices like defining the pattern and structure  and adding clues into your contents that can easily be understood by search engines crawlers to identify what your page is talking about.
So, let's get into it, below am going to list for you the most important on-page optimization strategies you must incorporate into your blog pages to rank high in search engines:

1. Optimize Your Title

Optimizing the title of your post matters the most for both humans and search engines, Use your main keyword in your post title to summarize what your post will be talking about in catchy manner. Your post title should be between 60-70 characters. Using a catchy title draws your visitor attention to click on your post while using your main keyword and utilizing the proper head tag  <H1> tells search engine this is what your post is all about.
Heading tags is very important and you should used it the way it is meant to be, H1, H2 and H3. With H1 being your most important title. Also break your article into sub-sections to make it easily readable.
Your post title should have <H1> tag
Your first sub-title should have <H2> tag in the post body. Remember using too much head tag in your post is a big no-no for SEO.

2. Optimize Your Images

Do you  know images make up 20% of search traffic? So why should you ignore optimizing the images you use in your post. First of all, don't use too much images in a post except if you have to, as images may slow down your page loading speed.
Always crop your image before uploading to blogger, there are tools like cropp.me or paint that can help you to crop your images and compress them to reduce their overall size.
Now, when you upload your images in blogger, Blogger will reduce the image to "small" or "medium", always keep the original size of the image to avoid losing the image quality and keep the image below 540px in width to avoid being bigger than your post column.

2a. Use Proper Alt Title for your images:
When image preview is turned-off in browesr like Opera mini or blog did not load properly, this Alt Title is what shows up in the place of image, it is also use to read to the blind. Don't upload your images and just leave it, add your keyword as "Alt Title" as this tells search engine about your image. Also add the "Title" to your image.
crop images

Tip: Use relevant images in your post, avoid using space when adding "Alt Title" as they do not contribute anything, it is better to replace spaces with "+" as that how search engine will always convert it. Example
Instead of writing : "Adding Alt Title" you will now write it this way : "Adding+Alt+Title". The second one is always better for SEO.

3. Optimize Your Permalink

You should use your target keywords in your post link (URL) instead of using some random letters or numbers, Blogger do not optimize your post url for you, you should do this manually adding your main keyword in the link. Also keep it short, descriptive to categorize your post.
A link that says : http://example.com/onpage-seo-techniques  is way better optimized for search engine than the one that says http://example.com/post-224.html
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4. Use Meta Descriptions

Make sure to use meta description in all your post. Meta description informs anyone in the search results what your post is talking about. You should use your main keywords in meta description in an attractive manner to summarize the core element of your post.
When you add search description it tells the searcher what your post is all about in the search queries
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5. Make Use of Synonyms

In the recent days, search engines are becoming more smart and more attune with human thinking, Humans think in various ways, the word Mr. A used to find the "best car in Lagos" may not be the same word Mr. B will use to find the same best car in Lagos.
So, it is important you incorporate the use of synonyms in your post instead of making use of only your main keywords, for instance, Instead of writing "Search Engine Optimization" someone may choose to use "SEO" which is basically the same thing.

6. Incorporate Words That Occurs Together

This is probably known as "phrase base indexing" in the words of search engine, it just a method search engine use to index some phrases and rank them according to how relevant they are. Let me explain this more please....
Some words when they appear in search result are expected to be followed by other phrase for instance; When you say "Best Pay-Per-click network", people expected to see "Google Adsense" "Chitika" in your content... right?
If you are in health niche, if you mention "Malaria" it is often followed by "Mosquito" somewhere in the context. Hope you are getting the point. When you use such words together in the context, search will know that you content goes deeper to treat the topic and will rank it high.

7. Internal and External Linking

Make use of internal linking to reduce you blog bounce rate, Internal linking is just linking to another related post from your blog in your post, you can see internal linking in action in this post. It helps to keep your site visitor on your blog. Google also gives importance to your internal linking, Identify the post that are related and link them together in all your post.
On external linking, use "nofollow" for all your external links especially for sites with low quality. If you know a site with high quality, it is ok to use "dofollow" link instead of "nofollow". Using your linking techniques this way will increase your page ranking.

8. Keyword Density

Make use of your main keyword throughout your post. Now, you might want to avoid keyword stuffing. This is too much repetition of your keyword in a post, nowadays such practice is a Big No-No by search engine. Google recommendations is that you use your keyword just 2-3% of your whole post content, This means if your content is 300 words then use your keyword just 3 times in the content. Another way to build more importance around the keyword is to use different variation of the keyword. Analyse your keyword to know the options available to you before you begin to write your post, this way you will have a plan how to use the keyword in the different section of your post content. It is important you use your keyword in the first paragraph and also the last one.
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9. Content Depth

Search engines loves good content and writing a long content gives you room to explore the topic very well, Google recommends your content should be more than 250 words, In reality anybody writing a quality content should have more than 250 words in a post, Research shows that keeping your content between 1200 - 1400 is best for higher search engine ranking as far as you met other guidelines. Make your article in-depth and a good quality. However, do not sacrifice quality because you want a long post and therefore you go on rambling and repeating what you have said before.

10. Make use of Bold, Italics and Underline

Making use of Bold, italics or underline tags in your content is a good way to get the attention of your visitor, it makes your content orderly and beautiful when you use them where they are suppose to be to draw attention of your reader, this may not be top priority in search engine ranking but it is a very good practice you need to start doin in your posts.

So, the above list is some of the most important on-page seo techniques you need to use in your blog in order to boost your ranking in search engine. The most important thing you should bear in mind is that Optimizing your blog is not easy, but it is important you start with a baby-step, do something everyday to improve your search engine ranking, do research before writing, avoid copy and paste. This tips above have certainly helped me and lots of other blogging professionals, You too can benefit from it.

What other SEO practices you do on-page that I may have overlooked?..... Your opinion is highly appreciate in the comments

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