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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


How To Create A Unique Permalink Pointing To Your Posts In Blogger

How to get custom permalink in blogger

Thousands of people create posts on blogger every minute of the day and as you are busy creating a post, Blogger is busy trying to automatically generates a permalink (a URL that links to a blog post) from the title of your post.

What Is Permalink?
Permalinks are unique link (url) that some one clicks to go to a specific post or read one particular article in your blog. Permalinks are automatically generated by Blogger from your post title as you publish your post.

For instance, your post title is: How To Create A Custom Permalink in Blogger
Blogger will now combine the name of your website, the date(year) of publishing and the post number to give you a permalink like this:


What's wrong with using Blogger automatic Permalink?
Well, nothing is so wrong with the above permalink, but the problem is sometimes Blogger decides to screw you over by giving you a bad and un-meaningful permalink, which is not good for SEO or boosting your site traffic.

sometimes you get a permalink like this:
http://www.techbadoo.com/2014/12/permalink-are-unique-link.html  (from your first paragraph)

This is definitely no so good if you are serious about boosting your website traffic with the type of urls you have in your blog. The problem is  that sometimes in the rush to post an article, many people forget to set the custom permalink and once the post is published, you can't change it again. The only option you have is to delete the post and create another one.

How To Create A Custom Permalink in Blogger
Custom permalink is one feature that create lots of difference for the SEO. The idea here is to use Keywords in your permalink. You can choose to  target short-tail or long-tail Keywords in the permalink.

Now after creating your blog content, look by your right under "Post Settings" You will see the "Permalink" option.
Click on the "Permalink"
Check the box for "Custom Permalink"
You can allow the blogger to auto calculate the permalink, if you like the permalink calculated by the Blogger you can leave it like that or edit it as desired targeting your keywords.

While creating the permalink:
Separate each word with "-" (i.e dash).
Try and Avoid words like "of", "the", "is", "from" etc.
Keep it short.

To know more about setting your custom permalink in Blogger and how it can increase your blog traffic, read more instructions from Blogger support here



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