How To Make Free Calls With WhatsApp In Nigeria

Goodnews for Nigerians and other WhatsApp users, you can now begin to make unlimited free calls with your WhatsApp. This means no need to recharge your SIM card before you make calls, no need to borrow airtime from MTN or beg someone to send you airtime before you can make your important and social calls.
make free calls with whatsapp
 WhatsApp which is most popular instant messaging service is now integrating voice calls to free benefits you can get by using their application.
Jan Koum the WhatsApp's CEO had said last year February that they will begin to allow WhatsApp users make voice calls to their contacts. Before this, you can only use WhatsApp to send instant text messages to your contacts and share files like photos, music and videos. however the app is now becoming even more better and popular with the introduction of voice-calling, you can make calls with your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

The voice calling feature has arrived at other regions but like WhatsApp CEO said during the introduction of this feature, some regions will have to wait before they can begin enjoying this service this is due to poor data coverage in some regions (like Nigeria) where many people are still using 2G networks. However, WhatsApp free calls is now available in Nigeria region.

How To Make Call With Whatsapp
To make call with WhatsApp, all you have to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android phone or BB10 phone from their website. The latest version of WhatsApp is  2.12.19 and you will see phone icon beside each of your contacts picture on top.

Click download to get the latest version 2.12.19
Note: WhatsApp are yet to bring this feature for Iphone users and other non-android platforms. At time of writing this post, the feature is only available for Android and BB10 phone users in Nigeria. Am using BB10 and my phone whatsapp call Icon showed automatically.

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice - Calling Feature?
To start making free calls with your WhatsApp. You first have downloaded the latest version, then ask someone with WhatsApp voice calling feature who has activated his own to call you, pick the call and wait for a few seconds (atleast 20 seconds).
Remember you have to pick the call, missed calls or flashing does not count, once activated you will see three icons on top you WhatsApp showing Chats, Calls and Contacts.
free calls with whatsapp in nigeria, activate whatsapp calls
Note: You do not need to receive WhatsApp calling invitation before you can begin to make calls, please ignore those messages, they are meant to use you to do surveys for them.

All your contacts on WhatsApp will have this call icon beside their display picture but only those who have the latest version of WhatsApp will have the green call icon others will have white call icon.

Are you using your WhatsApp to make calls already? If you need activation, drop your number in the comment section and I will call you for 20 seconds to activate it for you.


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  2. Now you can make free calls from every through whatsapp all you need is fast twc internet and I recommend spectrum standard internet to use.