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Friday, 13 March 2015


Smallseotools.com Review: The Seo Tools Every Serious Blogger Needs Everyday

1 Every bloggers needs need visitors to his blog and getting those visitors is not easy most times. I happened to come across this website full of free search engine optimization tools when I was looking for some free SEO tools across the web and in an instant I know that I must write a review for this website for other bloggers especially the beginners. If you are a beginner who is serious about increasing organic traffic to your blog but lacks the budget to do so, this is where Smallseotools comes in and you should keep it on top of your bookmarks.

Whether you are looking for free SEO tools, or free backlinks software, this website have everything to satisfy your need and best of all it is completely free. With over 60 SEO tools in this website, It will cost you a lot of money if you want to get them one by one, I have happened to compare these tools with some of their premium alternatives from other websites and different is not much sometimes some of the free seo tools here is better than even the premium ones. 

According to Getwebsitecost.com, Smallseotools worth as of November 2014 is $974.726,00 while Websiteshadow.com put their estimated ads revenue at over $1 million per annum. As a blogger or website owner, when you are ready to write an article for your website, the first thing you will think about is how will the article help your reader, then the next thing to consider is "search-engine" to make sure your article is found whenever a search is run on the keywords, to do this you need the right amount and important keywords for your articles, with smallseotools you will get the idea of the right keywords to use for  your article, and also keep it unique with their free plagiarism checker.

There are free SEO management software and organic search engine optimization softwares you can use to put your blog on top of search engine from this website.

Some Free SEO Tools  You Need To Increase Your Blog Traffic And How You Can Use Them In Smallseotools.com website includes:

Plagiarism Checker: (Free Plagiarism Checker)
This software scans your article for duplicated content,  it shows you how unique (original) your article are. To use this software, edit your article with your editor then copy it and paste on box there and click "Check for Plagiarism", The software will divide your article into phrases and plugs them into Google search engine to obtain the best result.

All the copied part of your article or the part that have been existing online will be highlighted in red with their date, if you click on the red colour, it will take you to the site where the content have been existing.

This free software is best for a beginner who is still learning how to write unique contents (in order to get adsense approval or organic traffic), make sure to edit the red parts once your result comes in and aim to make your content 100% unique content.

Article Rewriter Software:
This free software rewrites your article contents, giving you something similar but different,

How it Works:
This free article rewriter software will scan through your articles once you paste them and scan for words that can be replaced with their synonym,  You can see the words that are replaced highlighted in bold colour, you have an option to revert to original word by clicking on the highlighted words if you do not like them.
To make sure your article is unique, you should check them through their plagiarism checker.
To use this software, click here

Keyword Position Software:
You may like to check to see where you blog ranks among the competing keywords
The software helps you to check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords to determine if your blog is doing well or not

How it Works:
Enter one keyword, Your blog, and then select the search engines you want to search
If your blog is still new or poorly optimized, you may not appear among the top 40, if you are not among the top ten, then you need to work on SEO of your blog immediately. To use this software click here

Online Ping Website Software.
Any time you have a fresh content on your blog, you should notify search engine about it, and that's what this free blog ping tool does for you, copy the url of your new article or post and paste it in the box and watch as this software pings your url to multiple website. To use this software click here

Backlink Maker:

Backlinks are very important to increase organic traffic to your website, this tools helps you to get lots of backlink in a click, plug your blog url in the box and click "Make Backlink" to have the software create backlinks for you. Click here to make use of it.

Backlinks Checker:

If you are looking for how to check your website backlinks, then this software is for you. It is important to know how many inbound links you have and the quality of these backlinks, Backlinks increase traffics to your website and this software helps you to check how many links are pointing to your website, it also shows you the quality of these links. Make use of this tool once in a while, once you found any bad backlink you can  use google webmaster tool to demote the link and increase the quality of your backlinks. To make use of this free backlink checker, click here

Line Tracker:
Checks the quality of your backlinks and helps you to demote or remove those ones that are hurting your blog traffics. To use this, click here

Google Page Rank Checker:
This software checks your blog rank in Google and Alexa ranking, zero (0) is the least while 10 is the highest rank.

Spell Checker:
Sometimes in a hurry to complete an article, you make some mistakes you may not even notice, Spell checker is a handy tool to point out bad spellings and bad grammar, copy your article into this software and proof-read it for grammatical mistakes.

If English is not your first language then definitely you need to run your articles through this software before publishing. 

Page Speed Checker:
Another incredible tool, obviously the speed of your blog loading time is very important, you don't want your blog to take the whole day to load, that's why this tool is very important to every webmaster, When I ran one of my urls in this software, I discovered that my third party ads is slowest to load hence I have to remove it.

Check your page loading speed and keep it at barest minimum.

Website Broken Link Checker:
Getting that 404 error message when you click on a link is a bummer, and if there are lots of it, you will be loosing traffics obviously. Check your blog for any broken link to make sure your visitor is not getting that annoying "404 error message".

Smallseotools.com is infact a real webmaster's tool box, if you are not making use of this website now, you may want to start, some of other tools you will find there which will be of use to you includes:
Alexa Rank Comparison
Alexa Rank Checker
Keyword Density Checker
Reverse Ip Domain Checker
Server Status Checker
Word Count Checker
Class C IP Checker
What is My IP
Domain Age Checker

Page Size Checker
Code To Text Ratio Checker
Website Links Count Checker
Meta Tags Analyser
Website Page Snooper
Page Comparison
Spider Simulator
Comparison Search
XML  Sitemap Generator
Visitor Hit Counter
Domain Authority Checker
Page Authority Checker
Google Cache Checker
Whois Checker
Redirect Checker
Similar Page Checker

Make sure to check them out today and see how it works out for you, Tells us what you think of the website in the comment section and we will tell you where else you can find more awesome free SEO tools for your blog

image credit: smallseotools.com 


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