7 Best Free Keywords Research Tool For SEO 2015

When it comes to writing content for your blog/website, Using the right keywords and applying an on-page SEO is what will bring your content to the right user. when it comes to researching keywords it is virtually impossible to produce a quality content without a good software.

The real question nowadays is whether you should write for human or you should write your content for search engine?... With introduction of Google's hummingbird and updated Google algorithm, Google have made it clear that you should write your content specifically for humans, it has to be unique, engaging, useful and add value to your blog visitor.
free keyword tools for seo 2015 blogger
Search engines have always favour compelling contents over others but nobody will see your content neither will search engine display it if you don't use the right words and phrases people are interested in and are searching for.

Researching for the right keywords to use is always time-consuming but it definitely worth it, there is no use writing article no one will read, if you don't use to research keywords before writing your article I hope this article will make you to change your mind. Because of time-consuming nature of researching for right words and phrases to use, I have compiled this list for free and partially-free  keyword research tools you can make use of as an alternative to Google Adwords Planner.

Google Adword Keyword Planner
This is most popular free keyword research tools. Google Adword planner was originally made for those running their adverts with Google's adword to know the words people are searching for and also get insight on how much to bid. However, it has been widely used by webmasters, SEO professionals and bloggers to write a content that is engaging to both humans and search engines.

As a webmaster, whether you make use of other keywords research tools or not, make sure to create/have an account for Google Keyword planner. It is free and provides you the search volume based on any keyword you are researching.
You can run your search based on:

  • Location
  • Language

This can help you create a right content for people from one geographical region.

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Keywordtool is a good free alternative when you don't want to make use of Google Adword planner, It specifies searches from Google, Youtube, Bing and App store. It allows you to choose the language you wish to run your keywords search. Another great thing about Keywordtool is that it have a feature where you can search for keywords people from specific country search on Google.
For instance you can search for keywords made use by Nigerians by selecting google.com.ng when you run your keyword search.
If like using long-tail keywords this software will definitely help you out as it makes use of Google's auto-suggest to show over 750 long-tail keywords.

This software is gradually becoming one of my favorite research tools, it makes use of Google's auto-suggest to show you long tail keywords. Ubersuggest works by showing you either searches from regular web search or verticals like news and shopping.
This software takes your base term and adds a letter in front of it and extracts some results for it. You can click on each keyword to get further suggestions.The keywords Ubersuggest suggest seems more natural.
Ubbersuggest will let you save all the keywords that caught your attention so that you can easily copy and paste into your keyword research document.
Use " How do I" to begin your search in some of your searches in Ubersuggest to get best suggestions for keywords you can use for your content.

It is free/premium keyword research tools that tries to simplify the way you see your keyword research results. The free version offers 10 keywords searches per day, Google autosuggest tool, 36 Google country keyword databases and Amazon keyword tool.
The Keywordeye visual tools displays keywords search result in either increasing or decreasing sizes based on their search volume. You can keep an eye on your competitor with this tool to find their best keywords.
To use Keywordeye (free version) you have to sign up for 3 days Keywordeye pro trial, if you did not upgrade after the 3 days expires you account will automatically be downgraded to Keyword basic.

This is a great tool for keyword research and getting keyword ideas, You can use this software on it's own (i.e if you use the premium version). It offers detailed analytical insight for your organic research, advertising research and even backlinks. With Semrush you can search for your competitors using specific keywords. Spy on your competitor by searching for 10 organic keywords for which your competitor ranks for.
When I was about to write this article I ran a search using this software on “keyword tools” SEMrush showed me a phrase match report, as well as related keywords to "keyword tools".  I was able to see search volumes, and other related data from other Google regional domains.

You  can use Semrush free version to start making research about your blog and that of your competitor's blog. You can run a research based on geographical location of your targeted customers/visitors. One negative thing I found out about Semrush is that it does not have option for those from Africa to run an Africa based research (i.e Google regional domain), this is a great setback for us and for Semrush.

Wordtracker provides a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner, it has a huge database for researching for your keywords, it shows you the keyword volume, your competitions and help you identify the keywords you may have not thought of using. I combined Wordtracker with Google Adword planner whenever am planning to write new article for my blog and so far am contented using the free version.
Wordtracker will be well suited for those looking to optimize their blog, it is best use when you combine it with other  keyword research tool.

Wordtracker is really a great tool when you are using the paid version. It has three paid levels:
Bronze $27 per month
Silver $69 per month
Gold $99 per month
Wordtracker can give you an idea of keywords used by real people when they are running searches, it can even show you the keywords people used when they are ready to buy. Within minutes you can generate lots of keywords and the software allows you to see how serious your keywords is from it's targets competitor by using

  • Keyword effectiveness index (KEI) and
  • Competition-level of seriousness
Just like the name sounds, this is great keyword tool to spy on your competitor on the same niche. With this software you can track the keyword your competitor is ranking for on Google, You can find out their location and also know their Google regional domain searches. This tool is best suited if you are into affiliate marketing, you can keep an eye on top affiliate marketers in your niche. it is designed mostly for Pay-Per-Click advertising.
Keywordspy let's you search for word variations and also related words and spelling mistakes. It also offers some affiliate marketing intelligence by
-Tracing affiliate ids
-Tracing affiliate keywords
-Searching product ids
-Provides graphical data presentation
You can try the free version with limited options or upgrade to get and use the full feature of keywordspy.

Which tool is the best?
Each of the tool has it own unique feature, You can use one tool in addition with another one. I make use of  Google Adword planner with Wordtracker and Keywordtools.io. When am about to write reviews on affiliate product I make use of Keywordspy.

It is very important that you carry out a keyword research before writing your content, this will help you focus on writing on what real people are searching and what they need. When your content solves people's problem you will see traffic to your blog increase. Use keywords properly, don't over-optimize or practice keyword-stuffing or risk being penalized by search engine.
Write for Humans.... Not search engines

If you find my article useful please share so that others can also benefit, I will definitely appreciate your comments below

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