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Monday, 30 November 2015


How To Link To A Particular Product You Want To Promote On Jumia And Konga

Jumia and Konga e-commerce site are the biggest e-commerce store in Nigeria that allows both bloggers and internet marketers to earn a good amount of money promoting their products. As a blog or internet marketer, you can easily sign up for Jumia or Konga affiliate and start using their products to monetize your site.

jumia and konga

This short tutorial will teach you how you can link to a specific product you want to promote on Jumia or Konga as their affiliate. This kind of linking directly to the product you want to promote is called deep linking. You can increase your Jumia and Konga affiliate earning by using deep link generator tool on this site and target a particular product.

How Link Directly To A Product On Jumia

To generate a deep link for jumia products. Log on to your affiliate website

Locate the button "Ad Media" by your left and click on it

Direct linking to a product on jumia

Scroll down to dropdown list that will appear and click on "Tools" Then Click on "Deep Link Generator"

Deeplink generator

This will take you to another page where you will insert your Sub-ID (it's about five digit numbers you will see beside your name on your affiliate dashboard)

Then insert the direct uRL of the product you want to deep link and click on Create Custom Deeplink to generate the direct link to the product on jumia.

direct link to products

Copy this link and promote the product as you choose.

How To Link Directly To A Product On Konga

Generating a deep link for Konga products is very easy. All you have to do is add your affiliate ID at the end of the direct URL of the product you want to promote.

Login to your Konga affiliate website and find out your affiliate ID from your dashboard.
It will look something like this http://www.konga.com/?k_=saintdollar

Now copy the last part of it, that is k_=saintdollar and place it at the end of any product you want to promote.

For instance, if you want to promote iPhone 6. You just need to place your affiliate link at the end of direct URL of this product.

E.g http://konga.com/iphone6-white/?k_=saintdollar

I believe once you learn the act of linking directly to products on Jumia and Konga, you can go ahead and promote their hot products and make money.

Tip: You can make money this Christmas with Jumia and Konga by linking directly to the products that are normally used during Christmas and New year period. 2


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