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Easy Way To Install Alexa Widget On Blogger

Alexa ranking is now an important metric in measuring a blog performance, Advertisers and third-party adservers consider your alexa ranking in determining how much you can charge to display ads in your blog.

improve your alexa rank

Alexa measures traffics that comes to your blog, unfortunately, Alexa only measures traffic that pass through their toolbar. Alexa calculates your traffics by taking the browsing data of everybody that installed their toolbar on their browser and divides it by number of people using the toolbar to get your site ranking. The higher (in decreasing numbers) you raise your Alexa rank, the higher you can earn. An Alexa rank of 10,000 is better than that of 100,000. Higher Alexa rank helps you to achieve higher domain authority

Since Alexa calculates your traffic by using the browsing data from those that installed their toolbar, this means you may be losing out in getting higher rank if your site visitors do not install the toolbar on their browser. Tech and blogging-tips bloggers usually have higher Alexa rank than other niche (like news and entertainment), this because majority of their site visitors comes from other bloggers who themselves are more likely to have the toolbar installed on their browser.

One way to game Alexa and increase your rank is by installing their toolbar on your blog. This allows anyone that visits your site to automatically download the toolbar (without installing it). Installing the widget provides Alexa enough data to rank your blog.

Step by Step Guide On How To Install Alexa Widget On Your Blogger Blog For Free

To have Alexa widget installed on your blog and start increasing your rank, follow this easy guide below to install the widget within a minute.

1. Go to and click on the support button or click to go directly to the page you need.

2. Now you will see a search bar, type "display alexa rank" on that search bar.

3. From the search results; click on "Can I display my alexa rank on my site"

4. Clicking on the above link, will bring you to the actual page where you can copy the html code you will use to install the widget on your blog.

free alexa widget on blogger

You can use any of the above code, (second one recommended) Copy the code and paste it on your notepad, then change the two places you have "" and change it to your site e.g ""

Install The Alexa Widget on Your Blogger

Now you have gotten the code, to install it on blogger:
Simply go to your blogger dashboard > Click on Layout > Add Gagdet > HTML/Javascript. Then paste the code in the space provided.

It is best to drag the widget to the footer of your template. With Alexa widget now installed, expect your Alexa ranking to start increasing up to 25% as browsing data of anyone who visited your site will be sent to Alexa for proper documentation and ranking.

Now you have installed your Alexa widget, the next thing to do is to Increase your domain authority. read this report on how to boost your domain authority easily.

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Can I display my alexa rank on my site
Can I display my alexa rank on my site
Can I display my alexa rank on my site
Can I display my alexa rank on my site

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