Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Martins Oputa Shuts Down Forever

The popular article directory is shutting down, it is not server error. They are going out of business of article directory management.

goarticle quits article directory and submission

For sometime now, actually since Jan 8. have announced that they will cease to allow the submission of new articles and have advice former publishers who have submitted articles to goarticles and will like to have a backup to logging and back up their articles.

Reason Goarticle is Shutting Down

Goarticle stated no reason in particular why they decide to shutdown their website, however, it is a common knowledge that goarticle was having problem in years preceding the shutdown announced in January 2015.
Before now, Goarticles is one of most popular article directories, rank just behind and have allowed thousands of publishers and authors to submit their work to their directory for the benefit of their millions of readers. 

Signing in to Goarticles 

You can sign in to goarticles website and back up the articles you have previously submitted if you want to make use of them in another article directory or on your own website. But you can no longer be allowed to submit new articles to also Goarticles does not allowing new users to register or sign up. This is the first problem you will encounter if you are a new user trying to sign up in; you will notice there is no more button or tab to sign up.

When you click on their "Contact Us" tab, you will be greeted with a message like the one in the image below

goarticles goes down

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8 July 2016 at 03:06 delete

It's a sad news. I have write a lot of articles on it.

10 October 2016 at 05:55 delete

My God, I've just signed up email on AOL. Thank you for the info.

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