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Team Atlantis Review: Making Money From Your Email List

This review is about Team Atlantis of TrafficWave autoresponder team, It is meant to show you what is Team Atlantis and how they work, we will uncover whether it is a real deal or another scam. This review you are  about to read is a honest review, am writing from my own personal experience of Team Atlantis and the experience of other members who have joined team Atlantis at one point or the other.
Before we continue with the review, there are certain terms I will like you to know especially for beginners into internet marketing who may have stumbled into this article, they include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Autoresponder
  • TrafficWave

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is where you send your products or offers to a person or group of people through email with hope of converting the person(s) to buyer. Email Marketing is use to sell your products, retain your customers, make affiliate sales and interact with your customers keeping them informed of your latest offer. Email marketing is done by keeping an email list which contain all the emails and names of your potential customers who you can reach through the use of autoresponder.

What is Autoresponder?

Autoresponder is a software that you can use to collect email address, and send email to those address automatically at once. Autoresponder automates your emailing process, it automatically sends messages to your subscriber (potential customer) while you go about your daily business. You can choose how many messages you want your prospect to receive and the days you want them to receive them and autoresponder automatically send them those message in that order.

Anybody serious about making money online must have an autoresponder, it doesn't matter which kind of online business you do whether it is blogging, MLM, freelance services you need an autoresponder to succeed, that the basic of making money online.

What is TrafficWave?

TrafficWave is a reliable and  professional autoresponder that provides tools for any internet marketer to succeed. TrafficWave helps you to build your list, track your result and boost your sales online. With TrafficWave you can create professional capture pages (sales page) and create subscription form you can place in your blog/website. TrafficWave is best known for having a world renowned affiliate plan. TrafficWave offers 30 days free trial, no obligation to try out their service and then $17.95 per month to use it after your free trial ends. It does not matter how many email addresses you have in your list, your subscription cost remains the same, this is where TrafficWave have an edge over other popular autoresponders like Getresponse or Aweber, where your cost increases as your list increases. In TrafficWave the cost remains the same.

What is Team Atlantis?

Team Atlantis is a group of internet marketers making use of TrafficWave autoresponder to take their business to next level, Some of Team Atlantis members does not make use of autoresponder itself but just join to take advantage of TrafficWave compensation plan and also get 10 paid referrals from Team Atlantis. Team Atlantis was started by Didi Wargo in 2009 to help others build their TrafficWave downline and enjoy the huge compensation plan. Didi Wargo is very dedicated to Team Atlantis, helping each member succeed by team effort this is why people are joining the team from all over the world everyday. 

Now to understand why people are joining Team Atlantis in massive number everyday let's take a look at TrafficWave affiliate compensation plan (image below)
team atlantis review, how to make money from email marketing
Image: TrafficWave Affiliate Plan

Let's describe how TrafficWave compensation plan works:

Each time you refer a new member, you will get paid $17.95 which is 100% of new sales revenue as a Fast Track bonus. This payment is made weekly and there is no limit to the number of Fast Track bonus you can get each week.

Now there are 3 levels in TrafficWave affiliate plan as you can see from the image above. 
Level 1: Surfer  (Requires just 1 direct paid referral)
Level 2: TidalWave (Requires at least 5 direct paid referrals and you will be paid through 5 levels, also you get paid a leadership bonus of 25%. This means that if one of your direct referrals is earning $1000 per month, you get paid an additional $250. When you multiply it by each of 5 referrals that you require to reach this level, you will be making additional $1250).
Level 3: Tsunami (Requires at least 10 direct paid referrals and you get paid through 10 levels, also you get paid a leadership bonus of 50%. This means that if one any of your personal (direct) referrals earns $1000, you will get paid an additional $500).

So that's it on how TrafficWave autoresponder works, when you compared it with others in the industry you will found out that it is the best, best still, it is not an mlm company, all you  need to do is just use their autoresponder for your online marketing, if you choose to be an affiliate then you can place their banner on your blog and get subscribers rolling in. Click here to see more about how TrafficWave affiliate plan works

How Does Team Atlantis Work?

Team Atlantis works by making sure you receive 10 direct referrals in order to reach the Tsunami level.
Once you join Team Atlantis, Didi Wargo who is the leader of the team will contact you. You will be assigned two team pages. You will use one to promote for yourself to get direct referrals, and you will use the other one to promote Team Atlantis. All you have to do is make sure you get 1000 hits (clicks) on your Team Atlantis page each week.

Your name will be placed on a straight-line rotator according to date you joined (upgraded TrafficWave account) . There are three rotators. In the first one you will receive 3 paid referrals this is enough to cover your TrafficWave monthly subscription cost, once you receive 3 referrals you will leave the first rotator and enter the second rotator. 
In the second rotator, you will receive 2 more paid referrals making it 5 paid referrals enough to take you to TidalWave level affiliate where you will begin to earn leadership bonus. Once you graduated from this level you will enter into 3rd rotator where you will receive 5 more paid referrals to make you Tsunami level affiliate and you begin to earn 50% leadership bonus per month from that level.

There is no limit to number of affiliates (referrals) you can have, You can get as many as you want from your own personal effort, If your referrals wish to join Team Atlantis and get paid referrals through Team Atlantis effort, then the number of paid referrals Team Atlantis will give you will now be minus from the number you already have who wishes to join Team Atlantis. 

What Is Team Atlantis Requirement?

Team Atlantis is completely free, it only requires you join TrafficWave through the link of a Team Atlantis member, and upgrade you TrafficWave accout ($17.95) the upgrade is for TrafficWave autoresponder and other services TrafficWave offer and not for Team Atlantis. 

Secondly, As a Team Atlantis member, who wishes to receive 10 paid referrals from team effort, you have to promote the team, it is required you get atleast 1000 hits on your 'team page' each week, this can be done by surfing traffic exchange websites, you will get the link of traffic exchange websites where you can get the hits you need each week. New members are given 2 weeks to get use to the system, after that each week you fail to get 1000 hits on you team page without a good reason, someone will overtake you.

Team Atlantis have high retention rate, meaning members do not drop out of the program, however, if any of your referrals happen to drop out, Team Atlantis will replace him or them for you as far as you can provide  evidence of the support you have been giving to the referrals.

Is Team Atlantis a Scam?

No, Team Atlantis is no scam, it just a group of like minded individuals working together and benefiting from group efforts. Team Atlantis is best suited for any one who wants to make use of great autoresponder to take his internet business to another level or anyone who never earn anything online who wants to benefit from a team work, even if you don't have a clue about making money online, you will succeed here, Team Atlantis feels like a family, you get the support and the tools you need.

Team Atlantis helps you make money through you email list, if you are using other autoresponder for you internet marketing effort, all you have to do is import you list to TrafficWave, send your email list Team Atlantis series, you will get your monthly subscription cost covered almost immediately and you will be making monthly commissions on that.

If you are a member of any mlm or any online business that requires getting referrals, Using TrafficWave is best way to succeed, TrafficWave have tools for anybody in mlm, affiliate marketing, network marketing and others to succeed, you get guaranteed traffics right inside the TrafficWave and if you choose to join Team Atlantis, then you don't have to be paying monthly subscription services once you get your first three paid referrals and from there onwards you will ...... ALWAYS BE IN PROFITS

To Know more about Team Atlantis or you want to join Team Atlantis please click here

If you would like a private tutorial about Team Atlantis then contact me through email at

Have you heard of Team Atlantis before, or are you a member? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. If you are currently enjoying this awesome team please share the testimony.

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