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How To Create And Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Bing

1 ad Submitting your sitemap to search engines is as important as creating your blog/site itself. If you are really serious about getting traffic to your blog and having all your blog contents indexed by search engine then you have to submit your sitemap to all the major search engines.

Have you heard of Bing or Yahoo? are you ignoring it? or do you just submit your sitemap to Google and then relax. Google may be the biggest and most popular search engine but if there is any search engine that can come close to rivaling it then it is Bing. So if you have not submitted your sitemap to Bing/Yahoo the complete tutorial below will teach you how you can do that effectively.

how to submit your sitemap to bing for blogger

Yahoo merge with Bing, so there is no need to submit to Yahoo again once you have submitted to Bing, the Bing webmaster tool is so similar to Google webmaster tool and I found it easy to understand my site stats from my Bing dashboard.

Follow the guide below to have Bing indexing your blog, If this is first time you are opening/signing up account with Bing, check to see if they have an ad bonus for you. When I first sign up with Bing I got $100 bonus to advertise on their platform.

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How To Submit Your Sitemap To Bing
  • Go to Bing Webmaster tools and sign up or login.
  • Then on the next page add your blog url and click "ADD" button.
After clicking "Add" Bing will take you to next page "About My Site" to submit your sitemap.
Now to submit your sitemap just cope the code below and place in the required box, then change the url there to your own.

  • Click "Add"
get more traffic by adding sitemap to bing

Next is to Verify your blog, if you are using Blogger platform then the easiest way to verify your blog is by using the "Option 2" which is to add the meta code Bing will give you to the head of your template.
submit your blogger sitemap

Copy the meta code.
To add the code to your Blogger and verify your site.

  • Go to Blogger and click on "Template"
  • Click "Edit HTML"
  • Use control F on your computer to find </head> in your html template. 
  • Add the code you copied from Bing just above the </head> 
  • Click "Save" and Exit.
  • Then click "Verify" on Bing to verify your blog.
Now Bing will begin indexing your blog, Bing can show you the keywords you ranking high for, so always check your Bing webmaster's tool as often as you check your Google webmaster's tool.

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