How to attract new customers: 7 proven ways

Do you have few clients? Low sales? What do you do to attract them?

If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you must understand that the amount of profit depends on the number of clients in your business. But people will not buy low quality goods and services. Therefore, before thinking about attracting potential buyers, take care of your offer's quality and improve the service system.

You've probably heard of the formula: no customers = no sales = no business = no customer acquisition system = no customers. It's a vicious circle.

How to attract new customers: 7 proven ways

We compose a portrait of the new Customer

The first thing we need to do before we start developing a strategy for attracting customers is understanding who your client is.

In marketing, there is a methodology for drawing up a portrait of a client company. Do not worry, and you do not need to describe each of your customers. As a rule, the company is limited to 5-10 portraits.

To create a portrait of the client, it is necessary to distinguish several segments in the target audience's total set that would differ from each other in purchasing behavior: the buying motive, the way of consumption, and others.

Now you have to describe each selected segment as a standalone individual client.

The factors that need to be determined to obtain a portrait will vary depending on the market and the product you are offering.

However, we can identify the main factors that will be useful for any company: gender, age, hobbies, marital status, needs, goals.

But let's figure out why there may be few or no clients at all:

  1. The offer is out of date or of low quality.
  2. There is no understanding: how to attract, retain customers and how to work with them.
  3. Wrong target audience. An entrepreneur does not understand who his product/service is for and does not know his customers' desires and needs.
  4. There is no control. The owner does not collect data on his advertising campaigns, marketing moves, and specific tools' effectiveness.
  5. The offer is no different from the actions of competitors.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs do not ask themselves the question, "Where to get clients?" But this is their big problem. After all, it's pretty easy to figure out what to do. But first, it's worth figuring out if people need it. How can you develop your business if there is no stable high "flow" of buyers? In order to find it, you should take care of competent marketing.  All entrepreneurs concerning marketing are divided into two categories:

  1. They don't think they need marketing at all: They are convinced they can do a great job without it, and they don't understand why they should spend money on it.
  2. They understand the importance of marketing and try to study its features. They try different opportunities and test them in their business, which gives them a good customer flow.

New entrepreneurs often think: "I will create my own business, my offer and clients will be found by themselves." But time passes, and there are still no buyers. What's the matter? In order  to quickly attract new customers, try these several proven strategies:

1. Increase the credibility of your proposal

Uncertainty hinders many from taking this step: "What if nobody needs it? What if competitors have a better product/service? What place will I occupy in the market? "

Get this for a fact; there will always be people who do things better or worse than you. Therefore, believe in your idea and do not be afraid to state it boldly.

2. Think strategically

After you start a business, you need clients right away. Therefore, take care of this in advance. Talk to friends, acquaintances - maybe they know who will benefit from your proposal.

3. Make your social media work for you

Many clients find what they need by simply scrolling through the news feed on social networks. Make sure your profile helps you promote your business, looks attractive, and inspires trust.

4. Don't be afraid of cold calling

Some people want to get loyal customers right away. But this is not always possible. Often, you have to work first before people start talking about you and know about you. Many people are embarrassed to try cold calling. But if done right, it can be an excellent channel for acquiring new customers.

These techniques will help you get started. But what if you have been in the market for some time? If you have your audience, but it is not enough? You want to develop your business further and get more profit. Then the below will be of help. 

7 ways to attract new customers

1. Contextual advertising: This is a type of advertising that displays ads in accordance with the context.

The user will see you immediately on the first pages of the search. Where your ad is located does not depend on where you are in the SERP. A very common tool for such advertising is Google Adwords.

2. SMM

In the 21st century, social networks are expanding their ranges more and more. The daily number of registrations on all kinds of sites is simply staggering. Therefore, it is an excellent decision to promote an offer on these platforms. You can do this through ads, helpful posts, interesting photos, and contests. You can sell your product/services directly from social networks, gathering an army of loyal fans of your business.

3. Email newsletter

Almost every Internet user has an email. Therefore, email marketing is an effective channel for attracting customers. With its help, you will be able to notify customers about innovations and various promotions. You will be able to send them usefulness and offer paid products. Well-designed email marketing makes sales more and more and customers more and more loyal.

4. Viral marketing

All that is required is creating an original picture, video, audio recording, etc., that could hook the user. In turn, a person, having become interested, will share this with his friends, and they - with theirs ... and so along the chain. This type of marketing works great on social media. So, well-created content will allow you to familiarize yourself with your proposal to those people who have not heard anything about you before. Sometimes people do not even realize that the material is of an advertising nature and go to your website/blog/group.

5. Teaser advertising

A teaser is a small message that is posted with the original picture. For example, if you want to advertise your new line of yogurts, place a teaser ad on information portals.

For example, the message "Have you seen it yet?", Which comes with an enticing picture, can attract many users' attention. A simple sense of interest is triggered, and the person follows the advertising link. This is a relatively cheap and effective form of advertising.

6. Targeted advertising

This type of advertising is strictly shown to those who may be interested in it. These ads are great because they lead to a quality audience - the one that is most likely to buy your offer.

For example, you are looking for boots. We went to the site, where we found exactly what we wanted. They closed and went on to explore the vastness of the Internet. And then you see that your shoes are chasing you. You were lured back to the site. It reminds you that you forgot to make a purchase. This is targeted advertising.

7. Outdoor advertising

Such advertising is expensive. It embraces many people; it is difficult to miss it, not notice, or not pay attention. See how you can attract customers with a couple of phrases and an intriguing picture:

How to keep the Customer

As you know, keeping an old customer is much cheaper than attracting a new one. And this means that it is necessary to develop an engagement strategy and a retention strategy.

The strategy of retaining customers also depends on who your client is; therefore, when determining customer retention instruments, we should again turn to our portraits.

The retention strategy involves the use of shares and bonuses that will force the buyer to purchase products only from you.

The most common of these tools are a variety of loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are especially relevant for companies that independently sell their products or are engaged in retail.

Loyalty programs can be selected for almost any client.

We will cite and describe some of them:

  • Accumulative bonus card - allows you to save bonuses from purchases and spend them on purchases in the same store;
  • Standard discount or discount cards - give the owner a specific discount for each purchase;
  • A card of a privileged buyer - the owner of such card receives special conditions of service at the outlet, the possibility of participating in closed promotions and sales, and much more.

A great way to attract new and retain old customers is the "bring a friend" action. In this case, you will kill two birds with one stone: attract a new buyer and "tie" the existing one.

Remarkable slogans and company stories work well in attracting and retaining customers.

How to calculate the cost of attracting customers

There is such an indicator of efficiency as the cost of one attracted Customer. It shows how much money was spent to attract one person who made a purchase from you. The indicator is averaged.

So, the formula for calculating the cost of attracting a buyer: 

Costs for marketing activities (excluding wages) / number of customers.

This formula for calculation is considered simplified and used only to obtain general ideas about an advertising campaign's appropriateness. This method also gives an idea of what costs are required for staff when using a particular instrument of attraction.

The second formula for determining the cost per buyer: 

The Total cost of attracting / number of customers. 

In the second case, we consider the total costs incurred to attract the buyer.

Calculate the cost of attracting the buyer should be before you determine this or that attraction strategy. It would help if you chose the strategy that, in theory, will allow you to attract the maximum number of customers at a minimal cost.

The most interesting thing in calculating the cost of attracting a client is that the client's expediency of costs is determined. After all, the attracted consumer can buy from you inexpensive goods once and often buy a lot.

That's why the experts introduced such a concept as the client's lifetime value (CPM).

CPM - all the purchases that the consumer has made during the full cooperation with the company.

In order to be able to consider the marketing campaign to be successful, the CPM of the buyer must be more than the cost of attracting this buyer.

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This is just a small list of possible ways to attract customers to your business. There are many times more of them. But even the use of several tools will help to get the first regular and loyal customers.


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