20 Startup Business Ideas of 2020: The Best Business Startup Ideas This Year

Coming up with a successful business idea for a startup is difficult for a budding entrepreneur, especially when all good business ideas have already been implemented, and there is no chance of starting a new business. As practice shows, today, you can achieve success by adding a unique idea to an old business idea, thereby improving existing products on the market. But how do you choose the best business startup idea, the idea that will take off?

Before diving headlong into the most compelling business idea you pick from a list of 40 ideas, some work needs to be done. First, you need to make sure there is a real demand for startup ideas or businesses in your area where you want to start a business. More than 40% of companies fail because there is no real market demand for their services or products. Do your research and make sure there are a need and a demand for the business you want to start.

20 Startup Business Ideas of 2020: The Best Business Startup Ideas This Year

Interesting things about big business ideas: There are certain types of business ideas for billion dollar startups. They solve huge problems globally and are intended to turn a startup company into a billion dollar corporation.

We offer you 40 business ideas for starting a business in 2021

Do not forget about an important task in the early stages of a startup - writing a business plan. You will need a business plan to get funding and help your business keep up with the times, and the sooner you have a business plan, the better. You should also build on your professional skills and analyze how your professional level will affect your startup business idea. Will you be able to implement a startup yourself with like-minded people, or will you need additional professionals in the industry.

1. Special tourist tours and services

Organize a specialized travel company to cater to the individual lifestyle preferences of people on the move. A starter educational tour designed for solo travelers, a food and dietary tour, an eco-tour, family tours, or even an age-based travel company can all be implemented by a startup for a variety of demographic groups.

Create original tours to non-tourist, unexplored places of your country. Contact local guides and tour guides, create a joint project.

2. Become a wedding planner

Relieve the stress of people when planning a wedding, offer an interesting, exciting wedding on a trip to the islands, or to the TOP attractions of the world. Create honeymoon destinations and travel with them to exciting destinations around the world.

As an additional idea for a wedding travel agency, organize a couple of newlyweds after the wedding on a collective honeymoon trip in a good fun company with a guide, photographer, and video operator.

* A new business idea in this direction is to organize a cool honeymoon trip for several newlyweds in an adventure format by creating a movie or a series of videos on YouTube. The trick is a wedding adventure with a guide and personal videographer + photographer (the newlyweds will remember such a honeymoon trip for a long time). Or it can be an individual, original author's honeymoon trip for one couple.

3. Make a local grocery delivery service

Launching product delivery can have minimal business start-up costs. This idea emphasizes local delivery, that is, locally, in your area and near it. All you need is a car and a mobile phone to get started with the delivery. Help seniors or people who are too busy to shop by offering this service as community-friendly.

You can even go to grocery stores in your area to see if they are willing to partner with you, so you start building a service from scratch. Small shops always need delivery of small quantities of goods. The delivery business can grow and scale. In the era of corona-crisis, delivery of goods is one of the most demanded business areas.

4. Eco and herbal products

Eco-products are a trend. Herbal products are an actively growing market. Starting a vegan supermarket, online store, or producing a variety of meat-free eco products can be a recipe for success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Consumers today are increasingly interested in natural products that help them lead a completely natural or more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

As an additional idea in this niche - the sale and delivery of food kits (ready-made kits of organic or farm food according to recipes).
Meal kit services are becoming more and more popular with busy people who don't have time to shop and prepare healthy meals. Sales of the food kit industry in the United States are expected to reach $ 11.6 billion by 2022.

How does this business work. Customers select recipes online from the site; they are prepared meal kits with pre-cut and metered ingredients and instructions on preparing and cooking. Food sets are delivered to customers' homes on the selected day. This information, such as the number of calories, allows consumers to adhere to dietary requirements. Recipes for food sets can be varied, from special vegan food and eco food to national and exotic cuisine.

5. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that does not require you to purchase items in advance. The business is to find consumers and sell goods through various channels, the warehouse, and delivery of goods are taken over by the dropshipping company.

The company pays you a certain percentage for the sale of a product. After studying the market and competition, finding the right product, this business can be profitable for people who know how to do e-commerce.

6. Green Product Startup, Build a Green Business

A green business, or green business, is a business that demonstrates a commitment to a sustainable future. Green Business strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. This can be achieved through various methods and business strategies, from recycling to purchasing organic farm products and improving energy efficiency.

Create eco-friendly products without waste. Starting a zero-waste company is more than a trend and a trendy direction; it can be an ethical, environmentally conscious decision.

Cleaning, household, beauty, and personal care products made from safe and pure ingredients and more. Take advantage of the popular green business trend that won't end anytime soon. Business analysts estimate that the global natural cosmetics market alone will grow from $ 36 billion in 2019 to $ 54 billion in 2027.

Selling eco-friendly products like reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes or waste-free packaging can attract a growing number of green and environmentally conscious consumers.

Green Sustainable business ideas bring more than profile; they contribute to the improvement of the Earth's ecology. But also, an environmentally conscious and sustainable business serves a fast-growing market.

A few sustainable business ideas to consider if you are looking to start a green startup company:

  • Energy audit and environmental consulting.
    Work with businesses or individuals to help them implement strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Eco-cafes and restaurants.
    Open an eco-café that uses only local farming products and organic products and technologies.
  • Environmental law.
    Provide legal services to protect the environment or hold organizations accountable for violations of environmental legislation.
  • Composting business.
    Provide a compost collection and recycling service.
  • Green cleaning.
    Use environmentally friendly products for cleaning and cleaning homes and businesses.
  • Production and installation of solar panels.
    Create a solar panel production for home and business. Install and service solar panels for sustainable energy in homes or businesses.

7. Sell smartphone accessories, or make repairs

According to experts' forecasts, the market for mobile phone accessories should grow to 107.3 billion by 2022. dollars. While this is a fairly saturated market, there is always the opportunity for creative people to create unique smartphone accessories. You can also offer smartphone repair services at the same time to help people stay connected.

8. Creation of fashionable clothes to order

If You are interested in fashion and clothing, your startup idea might be to sell custom-made fashion clothing or tailored service. More and more people want to be unique and original in their style and clothes. Custom fashion is gaining popularity and has room for long-term growth. Interest in fashion will not fade away; it is important to create a new approach and innovation in the fashion industry.

9. Become an e-book author

If you are good with words and texts, consider becoming a self-publishing author and selling ebooks on virtual platforms. Currently, the e-book market in the world is estimated at more than $ 15 billion. Writing and selling e-books as one of the ways to become a successful entrepreneur on the Internet.

One idea is to write a useful e-book with practical tools and tips for remote workers (a hot topic now). From now on, remote work will become a part of our life. This means that many employees will work from home but lack technical skills.

Here are some things to include in a book like this:

  • Best practices for online communication.
  • How to cope with using your own resources (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., equipment).
  • Home productivity.
  • What software tools and applications are required.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • How to get rid of distractions.
  • Solving the problem of separating work from home, etc.

When you finish the book, send an email to 10 or more companies, and attach the e-book to the letter (free). Ask them to distribute them to your employees in exchange for their feedback and comments. Use their reviews to further improve the book and post reviews on your website or the online store to sell the book.

10. Start making money by copywriting

Copywriting is a micro-business accessible to any literate modern person. Create custom content for websites, blogs, online magazines, and media. Write articles for busy professionals who have neither the time nor the ability to write themselves. If you don't mind not listing your name in articles, custom copywriting is a good way to make money with no upfront costs.

If you are a competent freelance copywriter; as you develop and experience, you can become a journalist or content manager for popular media and receive significant royalties.

Freelance writer - transition to a higher level; this is already freelance journalism. The best thing about being a freelance writer is that you can work anywhere, anytime. Successful freelance writers can make good money from articles published in the most prestigious magazines, websites, and media outlets.

But this requires writing in your original authoring style, which attracts readers. It is important to have a solid grammar understanding and self-editing ability, as well as the ability to accurately synthesize original content in interesting ways.

11. Excellent resume service - create a resume service

Everyone needs a resume, but few people know how or like to write their own correct resume. If you have experience in writing literate copy, you want to start a startup without the cost of creating a resume writing service.

This interesting niche today includes creating a variety of attractive resumes - video resumes, designer resumes, graphic resumes, etc. The idea is to create attractive, cool resumes that employers will be delighted with. You can focus on specific resumes or provide all services as a resume service if you have a team.

12. Become an online coach

If you are passionate about something, are an expert or professional in the field, and have an extensive knowledge base on the topic, you can start a career as an online coach. Transfer your experience and knowledge to other people, teach people the skills of the activity in which you are a pro - this is noble and useful.

It's great when you have public speaking skills and experience in a certain business, you like helping others achieve their goals, being a person who motivates, inspires success - then this idea is definitely for you. Start by creating your own YouTube, Instagram, or other social media channel and think about what you will focus on, wellness, personal life, healthy lifestyle, etc.

13. Become a web developer, IT professional

As you can see, the coolest startups with a worldwide reputation were created by IT specialists. The need for websites, programs, applications will never disappear both on the Internet and in the business economy. If you choose the path to become a high-quality IT specialist, learn one, two programming languages, this will open up wide opportunities for you in the future. You can create websites, program tasks, create applications, and launch your IT startup by developing some unique product for the market.

You can master the basics of HTML, Python, CSS, Ruby, or Javascript and gain some experience for your portfolio, this is a good opportunity to start your own successful web development business.

14. Start a podcasting business

The podcast market is currently developing dynamically. The podcast market is expected to surpass $ 1 billion by 2021. If you are knowledgeable and passionate about the field, subject matter, consider getting into podcast creation. The number of people listening to podcasts increased by 20 million back in 2019 and this is an easy way to connect with your audience.

Business on podcasts is suitable for those creative people who have something to say on sensitive and interesting topics or tell socially important stories.

Thanks to the popularity of podcasts in the media and other media, talented people have been able to pick up on this trend, turning the hobby into a full-fledged business. Podcasting will require an initial investment in some audio hardware and editing software, but once you get started, you can grow as fast as you can speak, create, and of course, sell your podcast.

Some tips for working on a podcast:

  • Be honest when creating a podcast. Don't try to be who you are not. People want to feel like they are experiencing the real version of you. The more sincere you are, the better.
  • Find some podcasts that you like. Listen to them critically. Write down what they do well and what you like about them. Use their wholesale to make your podcast great.
  • Use an external microphone. Because listeners care about sound quality. Don't spend too much money at first, a pair of headphones will work great, just don't use a computer speaker. Once you've got a few subscribers, you can splurge on the right microphone.

15. Become an influencer, social media influencer

Becoming a popular influencer on social networks in our digital time is available for many people. It's important to have charisma, uniqueness, or an interesting idea for the channel. Influencer marketing is projected to be a $ 10 billion industry by 2020.

The task is to find your niche and create a personal brand, then promote a channel or blog to attract a large number of subscribers on Instagram, or YouTube. Further, this business can lead to a decent source of income through social media influencer marketing.

16. Creation of online courses

Your passions and hobbies can lead to a profitable business - create online courses. When you are successful in your hobby, make it easy for other people to learn. If you want to teach others but are not interested in coaching, creating an online course is a good option and can lead to reliable passive income.

Many courses have the goal of continuing education or career prospects or major life change, but you can also design an online course for any hobby or interest. For example, you love calligraphy and landscape design; you have been doing this as a hobby for many years and can talk about it for hours. Or are you a pro of aircraft modeling, go-karting, or a certain popular video game?

These and other topics are great for creating tutorials. You will be surprised to see the number of people willing to pay to study topics that interest them. Not sure how to design your own online course? There are online courses for that too, use one of these courses to promote your own online course business.

17. Become an Internet Marketing Consultant

If you are an internet marketer, focuses on providing services for small businesses, helping them reach their target audience on the Internet. Provide SEO services, social media SMM services, content marketing, or copywriting services. If you have no internet marketing experience but want to pursue the business, attending an online marketing course can help you start.

Having thoroughly studied the features of Internet marketing at the start of the activity, offer services to friends and colleagues in social networks, use freelance platforms, develop and build up experience. The demand for internet marketing services is fairly stable.

18. Create a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) startup

VR (virtual reality) - they say this is the future, and the future is now. Create a new virtual reality product in a specific area or niche. Experts predict the growth of this industry by 2024 to $ 44.7 billion.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (ARrepresentts a huge stewarding immersing the user in realistic sensory experiences. The possibilities of using virtual reality and augmented reality for business in various fields are almost endless.

A few ideas for VR, AR, and 3D startups:

  • 3D Films: Films are already being developed in 360-degree virtual reality.
  • Real Estate Marketing: Imagine that you are looking for a new home and can go online through the virtual reality of a house (or several houses) that are shown to you, without getting up from your chair or at your desk.
  • Games: VR is revolutionizing the gaming industry, with new VR games being released almost every week; this is a hugely promising industry.
  • Team Building Exercises: Combine team building activities with group virtual reality.
  • Interaction in social networks VR: friends and acquaintances will be able to communicate in a virtual online space.
  • Learning: VR can bring a much higher degree of realism to a learning scenario. For example, companies such as UPS are launching new virtual reality driver training programs.
  • Meditation: VR is ideal for one-to-one meditation.

As well as "quest rooms" and virtual reality rooms (where groups of people come together to play virtual games, go on virtual adventures or solve group puzzles), are experiencing phenomenal growth today.

19. Create a new dating site in a narrow niche

In recent decades, the boom in online dating has diminished, not all people now focus on beauty or success when looking for the other half. Many people are looking primarily for like-minded people with whom they can be on the same wavelength in life. Therefore, create a dating opportunity based on narrow interests for certain niches, there is such a need for people. Examples of dating sites for narrow niches - for sea captains, farmers, religious people, military, tourists, etc.

20. Develop a chatbot for messengers and social networks

Create a chatbot on social media or messengers that uses artificial intelligence to communicate with people to help people and businesses improve communication. Chatbots have become very popular in recent years, and you can also create them in a dedicated application without the need to code.


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