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Whatsapp Blocks Links to Telegram: Both the Platforms compete to gain more Users

ad3 Whatsapp undoubtedly is the widely used messaging application in the world. With close to a billion users, the platform stands first. However one must not deny the number of competitors who are emerging to take it away from Whatsapp.

Telegram is one such app who in the recent times has managed to rise victorious in its efforts to grab some of the market share of Whatsapp. These messaging platforms have quiet become rivals, with one blocking the other ones links.

whatsapp vs telegram

Whatsapp users are aware of the fact when we share links in messages they can be clicked from there to open in your browser. Well this is not enables for links related to telegram. They were displayed as simple text and not as hyperlinks. The messages were also not allowed to forward them or copying and pasting it. However this behavior was not common to all the devices.

Telegram Company officially confirmed the activity. However Whatsapp did not send any official update. The link blocking activity is common in facebook, which also owns Whatsapp. The company has been in controversies in the past for blocking sites and related links in the past. It has blocked links for Pirate Bays and also the links related to the social media

However there has never been any blockage of links in Whatsapp. This incident has no official confirmation stating whether it was a glitch or an update from the companies’ site.

Many users tend to believe that Whatsapp believes Telegram as an potential competition to its business. 

Whatsapp Vs Telegram

Both the messengers are quite good to use and have huge user base. The core operations are the same you need to communicate with other over internet. But when we dissect and look into each of the factors this is how it looks.

Whatsapp has close to a billion users and Telegram has 100 million users. This clearly is an advantage for Whatsapp. Even if you want to move to Telegram there are lot of people you know like friends and family who are mostly present on Whatsapp thus making it difficult to completely switch over to another platform.

Whatsapp special features

Whatsapp calls

The messaging service rolled out its calls feature making it more difficult of mobile operators. They use mobile or wifi bandwidth to make a call to another contact over Whatsapp. The calls have good connectivity with a decent internet connection. The call service requires low data and does not add a drain to data balance.

Read reciepits

This feature lets the user know about who has read the message in a group. One can know whether a person in a group has received or not through the small icon over the top on the messaging app. It also provides details on who has not received and time of reading the messages.


The chats and media related to Whatsapp can be easily saved to cloud storages. Google drives supports users to save their data to it in the time period as you wish. The backup can be evoked every week or month or day depending upon the users comfort. So that even if the user wishes to change the device or looses it all the data can be restored in the new device.


This is the most basic function launched in Whatsapp at its beginning stage. This can help you convey one message to the entire contact list. This is not available on Telegram.

Formatting text

Bored of texting the same format? Users are provided with italics, bolds and strike through.

Unique features of Telegram

Secret chat

Users entering secret chat can have end-to-end encryption among several other safety features. They can get notifications when a screen chat is taken also a self destructer which will destroy messages after a certain point of time.

File sharing services

Whatsapp has the ability to share PDF but that is nothing when compared to telegram file sharing, it can help users in transmitting everything from documents to zip.

Multi device

Users can start chatting on one device and continue it on another. This is supported by the cloud services provided by them. It is quick real time and efficient. User can also check active sessions in other devices and terminate them.

Super groups

Telegram has big groups which can support upto 1000 members. Channels can be used to broadcast to unlimited members


The cool bots in telegram are accounts created to perform specific tasks in the groups. Like taking a poll or a special bot which will help users searching other bots.

Stickers and GIF

There are a ton of them in telegram unlike Whatsapp which is limited to smiley and few emoticons. The stickers can be created by users or used from third party websites.

Locking chats

Users can lock chats and keep away personal chats block last seen for only select contacts. Whatsapp allows blocking last seen completely.

Editing messages

Users can edit the messages that are already sent, which is clearly not present in Whatsapp.

Future of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is rolling out more features to keep its users base intact despite several platforms competing against it.

Whatsapp has already given us end-to-end encryption to make our messages safer to transmit. Apart from this update users can now expect video calling services. Voice call is already available and now this would be make an interesting update.

This would make an interesting competition to the latest duo rolled out by Google. It is also a video calling app designed like Whatsapp which uses phones number as user id. Though Google hangouts have video calling duo does not need a Gmail account to make use of the app as your phone number is enough.

Whatsapp integration with Facebook
As we are aware that the application is already purchased by social media giant, facebook has integrated Whatsapp with it for sharing user data.

For facebook data is revenue our likes, dislikes and brand interest is what drives the company’s revenue. They need to have more data on their plate to derive money through advertisements. Whatsapp provides them with it, your chat and the contacts you spend more time with will help them bring out better advertisements on your timeline feed.

However several privacy concern activists have been against the move stating that it is invading into our personal space. One of the major successes Whatsapp comes from the fact it gives more privacy to us. We can chat over facebook but we use Whatsapp, reason, we don’t even know who is on our friend list and so many things to distract us from the chat itself.

The lack of personalized feel and simplicity made Whatsapp successful despite so many platforms available for us to chat with our friends.

Many of the common users believe that this integration may ruin the UI that makes it unique.


Clearly both of the platforms have one or the other advantages and the growth of both of them would be interesting to see in the future.

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