Hailing in Uber Cabs is the Best Option When Compared to the Taxi Rides

The popularity of the taxi industry is decreasing with the rise of the on demand ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber. They taxi industry and the driver’s are protesting the local government to impose the regulation of the app based companies as they follow.

uber vs taxi

The taxis have to follow certain rules and regulations so that they can operate in the city, but the ride-sharing companies that are operating in the cities do not bother to follow the regulations and yet the people hail in their vehicles. The reason for the people to choose the ridesharing service over the taxi industry is because of the reliable service, limited waiting time, lower pricing, security and others.

Increasing the ridesharing service

In the Long Beach city, California- the government encourages the taxi industry to operate like the ridesharing companies. Since the operations of the taxi industries, like the regulations, pricing and other facts are controlled by the municipality authorities. The municipal officials approved a pilot program that allows the taxis to have discount fares as a conditions warrant that are in line with the low price rates offered by the ridesharing companies. The fleet capacity ranges from one hundred and seventy five cars to one hundred and ninety nine cars and are allowed to increase the size during the peak hours. This program on the whole helps the residents to commute to the destined location and the credit goes to the taxi companies and the City Council that approved the program.

Certify is the company that is responsible for the management of the business expense of the companies and it released a report stating that the number of taxis that were used for the business purpose has reduced from fifty two percent to thirty two percent, but at the same time the number of Uber cars used have increased from nine percent to twenty nine percent.

Reliable service

It is hard to get a taxi during the busy days and during the peak hours of work. When people step out from home, they are not sure whether they will get the taxi ride to work or not. But the rider can be sure that they will have an Uber ride at their door step, the moment when they step out of the house. The only thing that a person must do is to make use of the mobile app to book the vehicle with the pickup address and the drop address. Once when the request is sent, the nearest available driver addresses the request. So, the rider can be sure of the Uber ride even during the busiest times of their day.

Minimal waiting time

When a person books the Uber cab, they can be sure that the waiting time is not more than the five minutes, but this is not assured when the person uses a normal cab or taxi. The app is designed in such a way that the algorithm matches with the nearest possible vehicles of the rider. And if the waiting time happens to be more than five minutes, the driver informs the rider well in advance so that they can look out for the next possible vehicle. This service pleases the customers to stay connected with the service and hence increases the customer base of the company. 

Promotional offers and deals

Unlike the taxi services, the Uber service offers many discounts and offers for the customers. If a rider happens to ride Uber for the first time the cost of the ride is free for the rider, this encourages the customer to use the service more and more. The traditional riders are offered with special discounts on days like the public holiday’s and festivals and they are also offered with special promotional offers that allow them to use it with some of the tie up services of the company, like having a cup of coffee or buying bouquets or discount vouchers that are linked with the other companies.

No tipping policy

The riders have to tip for their ride, if they use the normal cab service. But by using the Uber service, the people need not worry about tipping the drivers because the company follows the non tipping policy that allows them not to give tip for the drivers. The bill that is generated at the end of the ride contains the details of the ride along with the drivers name on it, so the rider can be sure that the driver cannot charge more than the fare for the service. Generally, the fare charged by normal cabs is inclusive of the tips that are twenty to twenty five percent higher than the Uber price, so this allows the riders to use the Uber ridesharing service to that of the other services and the taxis.

Secured service

The company follows many regulations and security measures to ensure the safety of the passengers. The drivers undergo a series of background verifications that include the fingerprint verifications and criminal records. This will help the company to identify whether the driver is subjected to any crimes, thefts or other illegal activities. The vehicles are installed with a tracking system that allows the company to keep in track of the vehicle, so that they can make sure that the rider is able to reach their destination safely. And before getting into the ride, the rider receives all the information about the driver so that they can be aware of the person who is going to take their ride. But, this kind of security features and options are not available in the normal taxis or cabs and that people have to be safe when they ride a normal cab.

Fair pricing

The cost of the ride is lesser when compared to that of the normal cab fare and the pricing also includes discounts and offers at times. This is one of the key reasons for the people to choose the Uber ride instead of the normal cab. The company also follows a new service called the carpooling service that allows the riders travelling in the same direction to share the ride and the cost of the ride is even lesser than the normal Uber ride. Using the carpooling service, the customer can share the ride and at the same time it also reduces the number of cars that are running on the road. But these kinds of options are not offered in the normal cabs or any other services. 

Therefore, all these aspects of the Uber ridesharing service standout to be the best option when compared to the other ridesharing services or the taxis. The company operates its service in many countries and is welcomed by the locals of the countries and in many places, the company turns out to be the public transport. This popularity of the company among the public has gradually drawn the taxi industry to the bottom and this lead to the protest of the taxi industry association against the ridesharing companies. In many parts of the world the company faces some regulatory issues; however the company does not lose its customer base and is successfully running its service in all parts of the world.

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  1. Uber is one of the fastest growing startups worldwide, but its rise has led to massive demonstrations by taxi drivers. Courts have banned or restricted Uber’s services for engaging in unfair competition with regular taxis. While other ridesharing online platforms like Lyft and Sidecar use similar business models, Uber is at the centre of the debate due to its size and rapid growth worldwide.

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