10 Tips How to Make Your Blog Popular

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Every blogger dreams of making his blog popular, even if he does not say it aloud. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. Every blogger wants to be read; to blog the well known and respected website as an appropriate resource in his niche. To make a blog high is not so easy how it may seem. In this article, I will tell you the ways which will help you to achieve the desired result in site promotion.

Write useful and exciting blog posts

If you are attracted at least one reader, try to do everything possible so that the reader of your blog remains with you for a long time. You do not need to do anything special: it is enough to write interesting articles that will benefit your readers. Do not be distracted from the topic when writing an article for the blog. For example, a reader of the blog on how to create and promote a site is unlikely to be interested in the post about diapers. Therefore, on the site, such articles will never happen.

High activity

Blogosphere — is the millions of blogs. Among them, there are topics similar to yours, and also, there are many popular blogs in your niche. Find them and comment. Competent comment on the blog post makes to transform the reader of some popular blog in your constant reader.

Think of the competition or the baton

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If you have the time and money, start the contest. Such actions always arise a keen interest to the blog, and to the author of the resource. Also, various competitions and relay races may help you to find friends and like-minded authors of the blogs. If you do not have funds for the contest to promote the blog, nothing is stopping you apply to become a sponsor of the other more popular blogger or any service. You shock knock, and you certainly will open.

Write the controversial article

Your blog is your space on the Internet, which allows you to do what you want, so use it to the maximum. Write the blog post or share your opinion on a topic that is relevant at the moment. Controversial articles always provoke debate and discussion are already outside of your blog, and that is exactly what is needed for public relations and promotion of yourself and your website or blog.

Link to other bloggers, including the competitors

Link exchange or mutual appreciation does not take long to wait. Put links to other bloggers, and they will respond to you in return. Also, when you put a link, the blogger is notified about this trackback on the website. Thus, you will receive a response link with the particular resource on your blog, which is also excellent for the popularity of your resource.

Publicly set goals and write about how you achieved them

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People love watching at how someone seeking or not the goals and then announced it. Thus, visitors will turn into regular subscribers, which will be interesting to learn about how you achieve your goal. Also, you will have great ideas for new posts; you will be able to share own successes and failures. Such way, your blog will be more valuable to visitors because you will publish real-world experience that few people are doing today.

Publish blog posts regularly

Anyone who is interested in your site is concerned with the flow of new blog posts. Therefore, periodically update the blog, for example, two articles a week, but every week. If you stop updating the blog regularly, then your visitors and regular readers will sooner or later realize that you do not care about your blog and will stop following you. Therefore, regular publications will help you to make the blog popular in a short term and visitors will understand that the useful information you publish is consistent.

Do not write short notes, do the bulk of publication

Short notes do not provide any benefit to the visitor. If you want to achieve the popularity of your blog, then you have to make it informative. You can make your website popular in the case when your posts have fully disclosed the topic that is addressed in it. Therefore, the quality of the articles is a primary factor in the establishment of the blog.

The simple presentation of information

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If possible, do your blog posts simple and clear. Not all readers have knowledge of your level (that's why they come to your blog). They are interested in a simple, straightforward and definite explanation of things which they do not yet understand. Try to use clear terms. If you cannot, then explain the term that you use in the article.

Write competently

Grammar is not a banality, but, contrary, the persistent mistakes impel the reader or visitor to the idea that you are incompetent, and you will be tough to win the trust of the audience. A very easy check-written post without gross mistakes will show the visitors the way how much you respect them.

These simple tips will significantly affect the popularity of your blog. And despite its simplicity, it is tough to perform all the listed above, but applying these simple actions will help you to make your blog attractive and readable indeed.

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