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Virtual reality seemed a bit far-fetched in the past but that is no longer the case anymore. The mindset has changed and there are many techs and gadgets that are utilizing this concept to provide a new dynamic to the human mind. Do you want to visit an animated land or do you want to chant your favorite song in one of your favorite concerts? Well, virtually reality will help you achieve all these things by teleporting you to digital worlds without even moving your feet. Virtual reality is going to be a game changer in a lot of fields. You might want to see your house in Virtual reality prior to owning or constructing it. Its applications are not limited to only some areas.

virtual reality - what you need to know

Most of the premium phones in the market such as Galaxy S6 edge are incorporating Virtual reality systems with the help of Samung’s Gear VR headsets. This tech will transform them into immersive displays and provides the consumers to play many renowned games such as Temple run in a unique environment where they can interact with the characters, enabling them to enjoy a highly visual experience.

Most of all, this is very beneficial for people who cannot afford a unique PC setup. It is very cost effective and can easily be bought by people who want a taste of VR.

Do you want to have an experience of Virtual reality and you lack the money to fulfill your desires. Well, worry no more; Google cardboard is an android based headset which will definitely accomplish this for you. Users have the option to make their own cardboard headsets through certain cheap schematics and enjoy the VR experience for a couple of bucks. It is definitely one of the easiest and cost effective methods to get a hold of VR.

Sulon corex - has one of the most extraterrestrial and futuristic designs on this list. This gadget helps you to augment the real life settings around you and also enables you to transition between reality and VR in an astounding manner. It has a very elegant wearable gadgets design. It has this amazing feature of spatial redirection which can enable you to walk much more in VR that the dimensions of your room allow you to. Not so much different to the magical world of harry potter is it?

Its color will attract everyone in the room and it is quite cost effective. It has the ability to provide users with both virtual and augmented reality. Merge VR is definitely one for the masses and the future. It has a very fluffy antimicrobial foam and supports both android and iOs platforms.

Impression Pi - is not just limited to certain phones as is the case with the Samsung VR. It has broadened the horizon for different users. This tech works in all android and iOs mobile devices and has taken Virtual reality to a whole new level. Many more reality functions supplemented by head and hand tracking powers make it a really handy gadget for users. In the future, it will be used for more platforms such as the desktop, laptop or TV.

 Occulus Rift - is the first PC based VR headset currently available in the market. PC Users will love to get a hand on this bad boy as soon as possible. It will provide users with a rich OLED display and also an XBOX controller.

 Moreover, the 360 degree position head tracking ability ticks all the boxes. I have been blown away by this particular gadget. I have literally pulled missiles in midair and thrown them at enemies and I have faced zombies and I have bashed their heads with a sledgehammer. The experience is not only visually stunning but it’s also mind baffling.

PlayStation VR - has been exclusively manufactured for PlayStation 4 users and it will also bring a lot to console gaming. It utilizes PS4’s Motion control and its related accessories to wield swords and complete a lot of actions in Virtual reality. As the frame rate is better than previous versions, so you can enjoy a smooth VR experience without any sort of problems.

HTC Vive Pre has been made by the collaboration of HTC and valve and allows users to walk around a 15 by 15 foot space of virtual reality. It has the potential to take the crown from oculus as the biggest thing ever introduced in Virtual reality.

Its accessories include controllers which will help users to interact with the environment and touch objects and travel to digital worlds. HTC has also incorporated a front camera so that the users can see things without taking the headset off. This increases customer ease.

All these gadgets are opening a new gate to the future and provide different platforms the opportunity to revolutionize the way we operate different technologies. VR is just starting and as we move into the future, we will see that it has the potential to bring a much more advanced future for mankind. It gives us the promise of a future where you can create your own realities and live inside them.


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