Is Facebook Going to Replace YouTube?

It is no doubt that most digital marketers are now venturing on video marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days where we solely rely on heavily text-based content in order to increase our website rankings on Search Engines.

is facebook replacing youtube

How Video Marketing Can Impact Your Website and Business

Video marketing has proven to be a great way in retaining your customer's attention and driving traffic to your website. In fact, we've witnessed how just one video can do magic to our website and brand once it clicked to the mass audience and had become viral.

Because of this, several business organizations have invested in video marketing campaign. You can see them hiring the services of traditional video production companies to craft their videos professionally. For business owners who have a tight budget, they sought to outsource freelance video editors to create visually appealing and compelling video according to their preferred budget.

YouTube as Powerful Video Platform

Due to the promising benefits, the video marketing brought to our business, we're not surprised that YouTube's statistics on videos uploaded every day and subscribers signing up had increased exponentially. YouTube is known to be the largest online video platform and since Google had acquired the website, they favor the videos uploaded on YouTube to rank more than videos uploaded on other websites.

But in this year 2016, you might want to reassess your video marketing strategy as Facebook is now on the verge of stealing this glory from YouTube.

Facebook vs. YouTube Video Statistics

One of the social media giants, Facebook, had only started venturing video marketing a year ago, but they already beat the breaking record of staggering 4 billion video views - as opposed to YouTube after 10 years! One of the main factors as to why Facebook's video marketing nearly out beat Youtube's is because of its Autoplay feature. Autoplay feature immediately grabs the viewer's attention since they can automatically watch the video without clicking it!

The greatest catch? You can only activate Facebook's autoplay feature if you upload your video directly to Facebook. No more embedding or sharing links from other resources! This one clever move from Facebook overtook YouTube's videos for the first time.

If you compare YouTube and Facebook's stats on Video Beat, this massive move from the latter resulted to an increase of 75% video posted globally. And 94% of this come from the US. The Stats also reveal that 50% of Americans are watching, at least, one video on Facebook every day.

Facebook's Notable Features

In terms of mass audience, there's no doubt that both platforms are statistically tied. However, Facebook has the following remarkable features that outnumbered YouTube:

  • Facebook combines videos with Texts - Unlike YouTube where it segregates your video and texts, Facebook doesn't do that. In fact, they incorporate video and texts. You can upload your video anywhere and include a text description of it. This provides a natural and continuous communication between you and your followers.
  • Autoplay feature - Like I said above, Facebook enables autoplay feature for raw videos uploaded manually on the website rather than embedding and sharing video links from other sites. This makes digital marketers more inclined to upload the video directly to the site.
  •  Built-in CTA - Recently, Facebook released Call to Action feature on Facebook pages, and one of them is called "Watch Video". This makes your video marketing campaign more meaningful. You can now drive your customers into watching your video since the CTA button is featured on the page.
  •  Facebook's Featured Video Page - Facebook also created a dedicated tab or page to feature all the videos you uploaded. This makes your customers easy to locate and watch your videos.


Facebook is indeed paving its way in dominating the video marketing industry, so it's a must that you start incorporating Facebook in your 2016 video marketing strategy.

But above all, the most important element for a successful video marketing campaign does not solely rely on these powerful social platforms itself. It will all go down to relaying your message to your customers. Take advantage of videos to communicate with your customers effectively.

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  1. Facebook is evolving every second of the day, it keeps on adding up features that eating up other social media platforms. The other channels should be aware of these changes, Google+ was designed merely to be at par with Facebook bur changed its path recently (Google+) and now your question is the question of a lot of users as well, will it? Urgent essays therefore should be made to compare if Facebook can kill other social media apps.

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