15 Rules How to Conduct Properly a Live Blog

How to blog correctly to make your source alive? We are all want to make our blogs popular with a bubbling activity inside. But not everyone knows how to run it properly. In this post, I wish to talk on the topic of the blog so that people are always visited it, learned something new, commented posts, discussed them among themselves and returned for the new information. Only such regular blogs are profitable, and only these blogs are interesting to conduct.
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Content Regularity

Any blog needs quality content. Articles should be not less than 3000 characters. That is the reality. Write great posts and search engines will love them. In this case Write! And Grammarly will help you. Each item should give at least one visitor per day to your blog. Note, a good post cannot be created in one hour. You should have a couple of days to put on something to write and correctly arrange the article. To make a “candy” of it and bring visitors to your site.

Nice Design

Blog's design should be unique. Do not use the public templates. Using a free theme, you do not properly manage a blog — at least, search engines will show that your blog is not unique.  You will make a huge step backward in the development of your blog such way. Design should be memorable. What blog should be with the same pattern under the filters in Yandex for example? It is full — oops!
So, if you want to make your blog come to life — design it. Invest in it. When you are investing money, you, probably, will double or even triple its activity. You will be interested in dealing with such blog.

Minimum of Advertising

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The general advice is good contextual advertising. “And how then blogging correctly and make money on it?”, You may ask. Yes, you need money going, but do it smartly. Every post should be monetized. People come to the Internet with a right to earn some money — it is evident! But posts should have a useful character. You can recommend in posts some goods and services —it works fine, but you are a blogger and not the sales manager. You are dealing with people, so suggest them useful things that can help them solve particular problems.

Blog is a Personal Diary

Note, a blog is like a diary. Writing about yourself is necessary. Many bloggers suffer from this defect and write a tiny about themselves. Describe your trips if you are traveling. Give readers more information about their author. This information is exciting for them. Also, think on the subject of what new have you done in info-business? Visit different courses and seminars — continue your growth, and share it with the readership. So, pay attention to the existing blog — describe your personality. Be a real person to your readers.

Fresh and Actual Information as a Must
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A persistent problem of new bloggers is "What to write in the blog?"
We all have a lot of ideas in our heads, but when we sit down at the keyboard, we do not know what to write. My advice is making some notes. Get a simple notebook and write the first page of the first list of mandatory items to your blog. Articles should be on the same theme with your blog. For example, if it is a sports blog, then: "How to Eat Right?", "How to deal with...?", "How to lose weight?", "How to gain weight?", "Home exercises," etc.  Or, if you read an interesting book, write a post about it. If you learned something new, write a post. Put your ideas on the paper.

The Correct Blog Card for People

This rule usually applies more to the optimization of the blog, but I think it needs to be mentioned. A site map should be necessarily on your blog — or rather two — the first one is in XML format for search engines and the second one is for your visitors (you may call it "All blog posts", or something like that). Make a correct blog card to increase the usability of the project.

Blog Should be Fast
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Spend the optimization and acceleration of your blog. Do it as fast as possible. Yes, now everyone has a speed Internet, and you can play with graphics, but still try to improve the work of your blog. Individual threads are usually heavy, but if it is possible to speed it up — just do it. If you do not have enough knowledge, you can reproach the blog.

Don’t Running after PR. Minimum of SEO

This rule is in compliance with virtually no one! Throw away from the head any SEO "gadgets". Understand once and for all, what is works today —100% will not be working tomorrow and will be punished by the search engines. So, SEO should be a minimum. Also, there is no need to strive for a high PR —  it is nonsense. You will be enough a key request in the header, and each paragraph at one non-direct entry. That is all. The uniqueness will do the trick. You cannot follow the monsters of budgets — that is quite costly.

Competent Work with Comments

Comments are the great content generators. Be sure to respond to the comments — people need to feel a fellowship. It is advisable to carry out some contests with prizes to motivate people — it works fine. It is important to give yourself an hour a day to leave some comments on other blogs. Comments need to keep competent and on. You will receive referrals observations and responses from these blogs. It is one of the main types of traffic, at least for now. Comments should be commented. And thank people for their remarks.

Create a Permanent Audience for the Blog
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This rule is probably one of the most important rules of the successful blog. You need a devoted audience of like-minded people on the blog. How to do it? Creating a newsletter would be correct. People need to subscribe to blog updates in all possible ways.
The more subscribers you have, the more intensive traffic on your blog. Your portal will be in the process of constant development, and you will be interested more and more in this activity.

Create a Personal Brand

How can you keep your blog without showing yourself to the audience? It is not acceptable for bloggers. Set your photo on the front page of your blog. As I have mentioned above, the blog is a personal diary, and the person who is reading your blog wants to see with whom he communicates. If you want a successful blog, expose yourself to the show.
You have to glow wherever possible — in the forums, in comments, and so on.
Go now and make yourself.  Build a personal brand — people should perceive you as a friend.

Take a Video. Blog has to be a Multimedia

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You have to shoot the video or download it from the Internet. It is even more challenging than making a photo, of course, but if you want to be a successful blogger and blogging correctly — create the video about your life and share it on YouTube and your blog. As I have told earlier — you are the brand. Promote your brand.

Use Social Networks to the Fuuuuuuuuull:)

Use social media to drive traffic. Keeping a blog and your page in social networks is almost the same. Only blogging is like an advanced level. So, in social networks, you will find many Confederates.

Blog should be Unique

Be unique, and visitors with search engines will love you. Try to learn how to create own graphics. Learn basic Photoshop, shoot ordinary photos, optimize them in your posts.
You will immediately see how your blog will be taken off in the search.

Shake the audience. Do contests on the Blog

Suppose this rule is correct. It is imperative to raise the behavioral factors on the blog, and therefore for development and promotion in a search. Bother your audience. Learn them well. Activate prizes, money, or virtual medals, etc. The real prize stimulates people. Cooperate to other bloggers — the effect of competition is high.

I hope these 15 rules will help you to keep your blog in a high quality and impressive. Now, you have learned how to conduct the blog correctly — it remains only to comply with these rules.


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  1. A very informative post showing all the rules which are needed to conduct a live blog properly. Thank you for sharing this post. I was not aware of so many things.

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