Webtexttool Review: Deliver Optimized Content Everyday

Do you know how important it has become to deliver search engine optimized content with every new article you post to your website? Time have passed when you can just write anything without worrying about whether is follows search engine webmaster's guideline or not. The importance of search engine optimized contents can never be overemphasized. With all the search engine updates, you must deliver content that is well optimized both for search engines and humans alike to have a chance to make it to the first 10 page of all the major search engine result page.

The biggest question you may be asking yourself is how can you make sure that your content is always optimized. Not everybody is good when it comes to SEO and not everyone have time to worry about the quality of their content that's why there are some softwares to help you achieve that. One of those popular software that top earning websites have used in recent days to automatically write well-constructed search engine optimized content is Webtexttool.

What is Webtexttool?

Webtexttool though still fresh is a do-it-yourself web tool that can you help you to create SEO friendly texts for all your project. The reason why this tool is gaining more popularity everyday is that it helps you to concentrate on  writing your contents without worrying so much whether your content is SEO friendly or not. As far as you are using this tool to write your contents, you are bound to be delivering optimized contents on constant basis. Webtexttool helps even an amateur copywriter to produce SEO contents.

There is no technical knowledge required before you can use webtexttool, if you can post to a blog or browse Facebook, you can use this web-based tool to optimized your content.

How Does Webtexttool Works Exactly?

This tool is very easy to use even for a beginner, the video below will show you how exactly you can use this tool to make your contents and your website better.

The Interface

Webtexttool has an easy-to-use user interface, you can sign up for a free  account which allows you to create only one project and give this tool a trial. You can also directly sign up for a paid account.

Webtexttool have one of the lowest pricing compared to other SEO tools in this range. Once you have sign up for either free or paid account, click on "Create Project"  and name your "project". You can describe your project so that you can easily know what your project is all about, it also help your team member who you give access to your account to easily recognize the project he will work on.

From your project dashboard, you can view your existing project and option to create new ones.
Once you have created your project, the next step is to choose a keyword you want to optimize. Webtexttool provides you with alternative suggestions when you need it by clicking on "Give me suggestions" tab. When you click on this tab, you will have access to related keywords and metrics about the "competition" and "search volume". From the provided list, you can choose the keyword you like the most.

The next step is choosing a template and then you go straight to "Edit Content" tab which is the most important aspect of this tool. This is where the actual SEO copywriting works happen. When you are typing in this interface, webtexttool will be checking your keyword existence in real time. This tool mostly checks for the availability of keywords in some critical areas which includes"

  • Page title
  • Metadescription
  • H1 heading
  • Bold and Italic
  • Minimum number of words

Webtexttool shows this checks constantly in your sidebar as your perform your work. It also also shows the percentage of goals that you have been able to achieve.

If you are serious about ranking in high in search engine result page, you need to start making use of webtexttool to write your content the way  search engine likes it. Don't worry about the budget, you can begin by creating free webtexttool account. ............................................................

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