How To Make Money On Source Market Fast And Easy Without Any Skills

How I Made Over $15,000 On Source Market (KonKer) In 3 Months

There are many freelancing websites coming out everyday, most of them end up being a clone of the successful ones like Fiverr. However, today, am going to reveal to you a website that is the better alternative to Fiverr where you can set up your gig and begin to make money immediately. I will reveal how I earned over $15,000 within three months of joining this Marketplace and what you need to do to replicate my success.

The marketplace we are talking about is Source Market otherwise known as Market.Source-Wave.com. This is the site where it is all happening for freelancers. If you have been making money on Fiverr or freelance sites like Fiverr, now is the best time to jump in and make loads of money with Source Market by Alex Becker.

Keep on reading as I explain everything you need to know about Source Market and secrets to earn big with this new site.

Update: Please note that  the name SourceMarket was changed to Konker last year.

What is Source Market (Konker)?

Source Market is a Freelancing site like Fiverr where you can order for services from freelancers. The difference here is that Source Market is super concentrated for SEO market and internet marketers alike. This marketplace is an innovation of Alex Becker; who is known as a big personality in the world of SEO. I have been a long follower of Alex Becker's Source-Wave videos on YouTube. If you don't know this man, search for one of his product, "Source University" on Google.

How is Source Market (Konker) Better Than Fiverr?
Now, here are the reasons why I love Source Market
  • This market is still new and fresh, it is perfect opportunity to jump in and make your presence matter before it becomes saturated
  • No cutting of commissions, you keep what you make. There is no losing of 20% of the money you make per order like Fiverr charges you
  • Immediate payment into your Paypal account. Once a buyer clicks "order now" button, the money goes straight into your account
  • Right now there are less restrictions on Source Market.
  • No hiding of IP, you can create your account from any location, claim to be whoever you want and login from any device you want without hiding your IP address
  • Your profile doesn't matter but your gig does
  • Even as level one seller, you can still be making huge sales with adequate promotions
  • Even when you are not getting direct sales, you can still be making 20% commissions from affiliate commissions.

What Services Are Hot Selling on Konker?
Like every other new site, they have their strength and weakness. As of right now, the best service to offer on Source Market are the services that deals on SEO.
Here are the best services to offer on Source Market

  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals
  • Content Creation
  • Site Creation and Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • YouTube SEO

The hot selling service on Source Market is selling of PBN services. Many sellers don't know anything about PBN, if you do, you can make loads of money, if you don't, you can still make loads of money, keep on reading  and I will tell you how you can still make money on Source Market without knowing anything about PBNs and SEOs.

How Does Konker?
Source Market basically works like Fiverr. If you have been selling on Fiverr, you won't have problem getting use to Source Market. Basically, you set up your gig, someone places order and you have number of hours or days to deliver it. Just like Fiverr, you need lots of positive reviews to rank high on their homepage.

Here are categories Source Market Uses for their rankings
  • Weekly Best Sellers
  • Rating
  • Newest
  • Price
  • Views
  • Total Orders
  • $5 Services
  • 24 Hour Delivery
How To Create Gigs and Sell on Source Market  (Konker) While Another Person Do The Work
This is the secret that I used to make lot of money from Source Market, you don't need to do anything. All you do is set up your gig and outsource your orders to sellers  while you pocket the cash.

Now, before you create your seller's account on Source Market, You need to have a Paypal account that allows you to pay and withdraw money. (if you don't have and you need help opening one, contact me to help you)

Outsourcing on Fiverr and SEOclerks
What I do is that I go to Fiverr or Seoclerk and look for top selling SEO services that delivers quickly, with lots of 5 star positive ratings and very quick response (within 2 or 3 hours). I copy the services then add my own description to make it look better and more professional and offer the same service on Source Market five dollar higher.

When a buyer purchase my gig on Source Market, I will immediately order the service from the original owner who will do the job and forward it to me and then I send it to my buyer. If the buyer ask me any questions I don't understand, I copy the same question and send it to the seller on Fiverr and reply my buyer when my Fiverr seller reply me. Very Simple Yet powerful.
Trust this simple arbitrage can earn you $1000 in your first month.

Make Money Writing on  Konker (SourceMarket) Without Actually Writing
I usually recommend Writing gig on Freelance marketplaces because client are always in need of articles and contents more than any other thing. Thus, content writing sells fast almost on every marketplace such as Fiverr, Upwork, Odesk, and more.

Set up your Article Gig on Konker. Put the price around $10 -$15. Anything you get an order, outsource it to this secret marketplace that sells quality and affordable articles and contents. The name of the marketplace is iProwriter.

Update: Here is a new trick to make more on Source Market. In fact with this trick, you can be earning $100 per day without doing any work on Source Market. I have covered it step-by-step, you don't have to spend anything, simply download my free ebook and begin earning more. Click here to download this free ebook

Few Tips on Creating Your Gig on Source Market
Source Market gives you lot of free hand when you are creating your service unlike Fiverr. Right now there are fewer restrictions but this may be because the site is still new and I expect them to tighten their restrictions when it becomes more popular.

Creating your gig on Source Market is easy. Just take a look at how others created their.
One important thing is to make use of images to describe your gig. When am creating my gig I use lot of images.
Host your images on http://imgur.com, then copy the "direct link" and use it to describe your gig.

Make your gig $5, if you can deliver within 24 hours, that will also get you more sales. You are allowed to put external links in your gig description

Promoting Your Gig
Source Market owners unlike Fiverr are not big on advertising yet, so you may have to look for your own traffic. Don't worry, you can do it.

The best way to promote your gig is to first get lot of positive reviews about your gig, keep on getting reviews especially on Sundays/Mondays and Tuesdays.

Tip on how to get positive ratings on Source Market: Lower your gig to $1, then ask your friends to to buy the gig and give you positive rating when you deliver, there are some groups on Facebook where you can swap reviews. (send me email if you wish to know them)

Run  Facebook Ads on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays
Mondays is when everything happen on Source Market, promote your service with Facebook ads starting from Sunday to Tuesdays. If you start from Sunday to promote your service and get up to 6 positive ratings, your gig have chance to enter homepage and you will experience massive sales.
You can also buy positive ratings every Monday from Facebook groups.
Supplement Your Facebook Ads with Bing Ads

Take Action
Now is time to take action
Click here to open your account on Source Market
Join our Facebook group
Identify best selling services on Fiverr and copy them
Create own gig
Host your images on imgur.com
Getting your first 10 positive ratings from "review swaps on our Facebook group"
Start promoting your gig
Begin smiling to bank

Would you like me to help you set up a profitable service on Source Market? Add me on my personal Facebook account and send me private message.

Update: Here is a new trick to make more on Source Market. In fact with this trick, you can be earning $100 per day without doing any work on Source Market. I have covered it step-by-step, you don't have to spend anything, simply download my free ebook and begin earning more. Click here to download this free ebook ............................................................

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    1. Source Market doesn't accumulate your earnings. Once a buyer pay for your service, it goes straight to your Paypal account. This means you can withdraw it any time you want from Paypal. What this imply is that you need a Paypal account to get started

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