How To Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast And Avoid Slow Browsing

If you are like me, you will always get frustrated when your chrome browser is moving at snail pace. I like to get my job done quicker so that I can move on to the next thing. A slow browser  can make you lazy, angry and you can even hit at your screen while screaming at your browser.

If you constantly have your browser slow down for some reasons or crashing, We've have prepared this article to show you how you can make your chrome faster and avoid get slow loading of websites or crashing of your Google chrome browser

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Here are ways you can use to make your Google chrome browser faster

Disable Plugins

Many unnecessary plugins are installed on your browser the first time you install Google Chrome, also as you go one with your browser, you acquire other plugins. These plugins are one of the reasons why your browser is running slow. The best thing you can do about them is to disable those plugins that you are not currently using. You can enable them when the need calls for it. But by disabling them, you can make your chrome more faster.

To Disable Plugins on Your Chrome
To simple disable plugins that you don't need, simple type this address in your browser "chrome://plugins/" to show the list of all your plugins, now disable them.
Note: You may avoid disabling "Flash" and "PDF reader" plugin as a lot of websites makes use of them. Plugins that come with the Chrome cannot be deleted only disabled. You can only delete those plugins that you install as an extension.

Disable Extensions

The extensions which are programs that you installed from Chrome Web Store that added extra features and functionality to your browser can also cause your chrome to become slow. You can disable your extensions without necessarily uninstalling them so that you can increase the speed of your browser

To disable your extensions type this address in your browser chrome://extensions/
Note that you can delete extensions you don't need any more by uninstalling them.

Clear Browsing Data

Your browser collects lots of information as history and cache from lots of websites that you are visiting. This data are taking up some memory space which ends up making your browser to run slow.

How To Clear Your Browsing Data On Chrome
To clear your browsing data, simply click on the Chrome button by the right side of your browser > click on settings > Scroll down and click on  "Show Advanced Settings" > From the options that will appear, scroll down until you see "Privacy". Under "Privacy" you see "Clear browsing data" Click on this option, select what you want to clear and click ok to complete the clearing of your browsing data on Google Chrome.

How To Remove Malware From Your Chrome Browser with Google Software Removal Tool

Google has developed a new tool to help you with the problem of slow chrome browser. This tool will remove anything whether it is malware or spyware that is interfering with the speed of your chrome browser.

To run this tool now, download it from this link www.google.com/chrome/srt/ and make your chrome browser faster as ever.


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