Get Free 10 Whitehat Authority Backlinks in 30 Minutes

Today am going to reveal to you how you can get free whitehat backlinks in minutes, these backlinks are from authority and trusted websites. You can use them to increase your rank or make your new website visible in search engine. They are also good for website branding, keyword anchor or  keyword diversity. How you used them is up to you.

free backlinks from powerful authority websites

You will be happy to discover this method that I have been using to increase my ranking recently. I also use this method to promote some of my affiliate  and CPA offers. The backlinks you will get from these authority sites will help you increase your money site ranking.

Now, enough talking, let's get to it.

Here are sites where you can get free whitehat authority backlinks

1. Imfaceplate.com

Imfaceplate is my favorite website whenever am in need of a good branded or generic backlink. The domain authority of Imfaceplate stands at 35.

How to get authority backlink from imfaceplace

All you need to get a backlink from imfaceplate is to create your account and set up your profile. Then write quick article of about 400 words or more with a link back to your website. If you don't know how to write an article, you can order from marketplace like fiverr.com or get an article from article directory such as ezinarticles.com, edit it to make it unique and add your link.... that's it, you now have a backlink from  a website with DA 35.

2. Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing site are best place to get a good backlink, there are many of them you can get with a simple google search. But the one you will be using today is Dropshots.com

Dropshots have DA of 50, so you are guaranteed of a juicy backlink to your site.

How To Get Authority Backlink from Dropshots

Easy... Just upload a picture, in the description add your URL under it. You can also insert your link in the comment box after commenting.

3. The BitBucket

Bitbucket.org is a site where you can create a coding projects. Considering that this site have DA of 85 you have no reason to miss it.

How to get backlink from bitbucket
Just create a project, in the project description sneak in your URL for a backlink to your site.

4.  Creating Slideshows At Photopeach

Photopeach.com has DA of 65. It is a site that allows you to create slideshow that has a link that you can click inside it.

Here is how to get authority backlink from Photopeach

Go over to Photopeach, create your account, and then create your slideshow and insert your URL inside the slideshow to get a juicy backlink to your website.

5. Create Coupon from Cheapseeker

Cheapseeker.com is a site where you can create coupon, there are lots of other sites like cheapseeker where you can get backlink from creating a coupon. Cheapseeker has DA of 37.

To get a backlink from this site, create your account and then create a coupon and small description that explains the coupon. You will need to insert the URL of your website inside the description which will create a backlink from the coupon to your website.

6. Create Presentation from Lissuu

Lissuu.com is a site that allows you to create a presentation. Getting a backlink from this site is very easy. Just create about 3 pages of presentation, add some images and your link in the last page and you will have yourself an authority backlink from a website with DA 95

7. Submit A Logo to Freelogohub

If you have good knowledge of Photoshop, you can create a logo and submit it to freelogohub.com and get a good backlink for your site. Freelogohub has DA of 16. This is not high but still worth your time.

You don't need the knowledge of Photoshop before submitting a logo, there are free sites where you can get free logo online. A little Google search will reveal them.

8.Create an Event with Splashthat

Splashthat.com is an event site with DA of 67, this means you will be getting a super authority backlink from here.

How to get an authority backlink from Splashthat

That's easy, sign up on splashthat, create an event, then use few words of 200 words to describe this event, and then drop your link. That's it

9. Deviantart
Deviantart.com  is a site for submit your artworks. You may not be interested in artworks but you head will blow when you discover that this site has DA 92. No reason to miss this juicy backlink

How to get an authority backlink from Deviantart
This is an easy one, find a good image or infographic and submit to deviantart then insert your link in the image description.

10.Create A List With List.ly

Simply sign up at list.ly and create a list of on your interest. Then link these interests to pages from your website. List.ly have DA of 68.

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