Blog Traffic: How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog With Reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking site, that was created for sharing valuable information with people and which is going to help them. Other than being a helpful community, it is also a platform which can generate traffic to your blog thereby giving you a massive exposure and followers. There are over 37 Billion Page views, 400 Million Unique Visitors, 4 Billion Votes, 30 Million Posts and 260 Million Comments annually on Reddit. In order to send a huge share of this enormous traffic to your blog, following these few steps will be of great benefit:

firstly, you have to submit your link to Reddit, this can only happen when you have an account with Reddit. if you don't have an account, quickly log on to www.reddit.com to create one. It's simple just follow these few steps;

  • Click on “login or register” in the top-right corner
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your email (which is optional)
  • Enter your password
  • DONE!

Secondary, Choose a Sub-Reddit that is befitting for your link and submit your post. Before submitting, read the rules of Sub-Reddit where you want to submit your link because different Sub-reddits have different rules. Reddit has a unique way to ban spammers, it's called stealth ban. In this way Reddit ban a spammer silently. It means, the user can use his/her account normally, but it won’t be publicly visible to other users. it's advisable to periodically check if you have been stealth banned, by copying your account profile URL and pasting it into the address bar. If you have not been stealth banned, you will see everything as usual. But, if you are banned, it will show “page not found” or “the page you requested does not exist”.

Last but most importantly, its pertinent to say that most bloggers have been disappointed and frustrated due to a false notion that Reddit is “just a source of traffic”. This is one of the biggest mistake one can make in as much as Reddit is concerned. If you have "just a source of traffic" in mind, you may be considered being an annoying spam, and your account banned.

You will get a huge share of traffic if you do it right. How do you know that you are doing it right?

1. By the number of up-votes, down-votes and karma: Reddit uses voting to rank posts on every sub-Reddit. Up-vote indicate post satisfaction from viewers. To get huge traffic on your blog you need more up-votes. It helps to get your link on the front page of Reddit which should be your number one goal. For that to happen, you need to get first 10 up-votes for your link as quick as possible and it will rise to the top in that sub-Reddit. Reddit will favor you more if you manage 100 up-votes in 1 hour. Down-vote implies dissatisfaction from your viewers about your blog link. Lastly, Karma shows the number of blog posts you have submitted on Reddit. The higher the better exposure you blog gets and that implies more traffic.

2. Make submissions with interesting, humorous, helpful and adds value content: Since the idea behind Reddit is to create a helpful community. then its pertinent that your posts contains interesting, humorous, helpful and add value content. Apply these thoughts not only when trying to get traffic, but also to the content you write. People like content which helps or enlightens them.

3. Proper Timing: If you submit your blog link when people are not active, you may not get enough up-vote from your target audience. Therefore, timing is key if you don't want your link to get lost.

4. Follow up comments on your submission: If there are questions from your viewers concerning your submission, give good answers. Being always available to reply your viewers builds trust between you and your viewers.

5. Submit links with videos and pictures: More than reading long articles, most viewer appreciate posts which contain images that buttress the massage you want to communicate as a writer. Visual images such as cartoons, animations, pictures, drawings e.t.c. in your submissions, will help to bring your viewer's interest and also bring your blog link to the Reddit from page.

6. Using an active sub-Reddit that best fits your post: Reddit has category for link submission which suites each user based on the type of information or value he or she wants to render. Using the wrong sub-Reddit will definitely lead to much down-vote. This could easily be avoided if you mind the category in which you are submitting your blog link.

Finally, generating huge traffic for your blog is possible on Reddit more than any other social medial site. But you have to follow the rule and submit quality content to get it.

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