How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Your Computer

That awkward moment when you mistakenly delete a file that you wish you never have deleted. You look for it in recycle bin but you can't find it. Don't give up yet, you can still recover the file, be it a doc. file, music, video or your favorite apps. These free softwares here will help you to recover files you have mistakenly deleted from your computer and need to recover back.

recover permanently deleted files on your computer windows

 How Does this work? When you click on Shift+delete  to delete a file permanently from your computer. Your windows does not delete the files from your hard disk; instead it will mark the storage space empty for another file to be written on the space but if the space still remains empty, you can still recover those files you have deleted from your computer.

What To Do If You Mistakenly Delete A File From Your Computer

These 3 tips below are what you must do if you mistakenly delete a file from your computer and you wish to recover them back

1. Check if the file is still in "Recycle Bin". If the file is still in recycle bin, right-click on the file and click "restore" to restore the file to its original location on your system. In case the file is not in your recycle bin, check the next 2 steps;

2. Avoid anything that will write to your computer memory. To recover your deleted file, you have to keep the memory space where the file is deleted from empty, to do this, don't browse internet, don't download any file or save anything, also avoid shutting down your computer. Keep your computer running.

3. Go to another computer and download any of the free file recovery software mentioned below, save it on external memory card and then plug it to your computer and carry out file recovery procedure.

3 Free Softwares To Recover Your Deleted Files From Your Computer


Recuva is a free deleted-file recovery software, it also has another premium plan if you need other features, but if you just need a basic file recovery, you can easily download the free option and recover your deleted files. One outstanding thing about Recuva is that it offer scanning of your deleted files based on their types such as music, videos, pictures, doc and others. it provides deep scanning if it did not find the file you deleted through normal search.
Recuva also offers secure permanent deletion. if you want a file to be permanently deleted without any chance of being recovered, you can use Recuva to do this.


Panda is another great file recovery software, it offers wizard based interface for your file recovery. Panda works differently from Recuva,  it enables you to search a drive's individual folders to look for files you've deleted. You can also search for your deleted files based on their name, file size, file creation date and last access time. It really works great, you can use Panda to recover files other softwares might have missed.

TOKIWA Data Recovery

Tokiwa Data recovery is a good data recovery software if you don't want to waste too much data downloading a software. The file size of this software is just 200KB making it smallest file recovery program. It enables the recovery of NTFS compressed and EFS encrypted files. it also support the recovery from FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT32 and NTFS file formats. If wish to perform permanent deletion of any file, you can use Tokiwa Data Recovery to do just that.

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Recovering of deleted files is somehow a complicated process, remember if one software fails to recover the file, download another one and try again.
Note: To avoid losing your important files, It's vital that you have an external backup system, where you keep a copy of all your important files in case you lost them from your computer. ............................................................

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