Reddit Karma: Easy Ways To Get Massive Reddit Karma In 2 Days

Reddit is a social network that can drive massive traffic to your website, blog, link and also help you build strong backlinks. But for you to get the traffic you need from reddit, you must earn good amount of karma. I will presume that you've already know what reddit karma is  but you need an easy way to earn them. You can read more about reddit here

I will teach you in this tutorial, ten easy ways you can get massive reddit karma today and be able to drive massive traffic to your blog utilising the power of reddit.  You can also use reddit to drive traffic to your fiverr gigs if you know how to set up good reddit account with thousands of karma which you will learn how to get by reading this post.


10 Easy Ways To Get Lots Of Reddit Link Karma In Short Time

A. Wish Celebrities Happy Birthday
Some celebrities are pretty popular on reddit, while you can also use that are popular in real life to get your karma,

1.First go to www.famousbirthdays.com and check out birthdays of celebrities.

2. Upload their famous picture to imgur and get your share link

3. Post the link to the pic in imgur on reddit, you can also share the famous quote on reddit while wishing happy birthday.

4. Use your fake accounts to give 5 upvotes to the link or ask your upvote club in Facebook group to help you give the link upvote.

5. Watch as others begin to upvote it and your karma will accumulate into hundreds or thousands.

B. Repost Old Posts

1. Go through old posts and find image that receive high Karma in pics or funny subredit on /r/pics or /r/funny
2.Change the title to something funny and repost it again
3. Use your other accounts to give it a headstart on upvotes

C. Post Exotic Pics

1. Go to your search engine and google for "exotic or beautiful sceneries" or "scenic Images"

2. Choose the one that interestes you the most.

3. Upload it to imgur and post the link on subredit /r/pics

4. Title it "Would You Live Here?

5. Use your other Reddit accounts to give it a headstart on upvotes.

D. Post Popular memes

1. Search for a meme generator website like memegenerator.net
2. Select a popular meme
3. Give it a very funny caption that is relevant to the particular meme you chose.

4. Post it on subredit /r/pics

5. Use your other reddit accounts to give it a headstart on upvotes.

E. Cats Catch in the Action

The animal subredit is one of the most popular subreddit in Reddit

1. Google for cute pics of cats and dogs that depicts "caught in the action"

2. Upload to imgur

3. Post one of the pics in subreddit /r/animals. Post the other one in /r/pics

4. Caption it "Caught in the act"
5. Use your other Reddit account to give it a headstart on upvotes

F. Post Funny GIF files

1. Go to YouTube and find a short recent funny video
2 Then Upload the video to gifsoup.com and convert it to GIF
3. Upload to Imgur and post to subreddit /r/pics or /r/funny
4. If the above first 2 steps are too much for you then go to GIFBIN and collect funny gif and post to /r/pics
5. Use your other Reddit account to give it a headstart on upvotes.

G. Pictures of Reddit Sweethearts

1. Google for pictures of  Louis CK, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Aziz Ansari

2. Search Google for their interesting quotes

3. Use your Photoshop or any other image editing software to write their quote on their picture
4. Upload to imgur and post to /r/pics or /r/atheism
5. Use your other Reddit account to give it a headstart on upvotes

H. Share Knowledge on Today I Learnt

1. Search Wikipedia for interesting knowledge, press "alt-shift-x" on your computer keyboard or you can be clicking on "Random Article: link to  show you random articles on Wikipedia.
2. Keep searching until you find an interesting fact from any of the articles.

3. Now, use the interesting fact you found from wikipedia as the title and post a link to the article on subreddit /r/TIL

4. Use your other Reddit accounts to give it a headstart on upvotes.

I. Post hot Celebrities

1. Search the subreddit /r/celebrities for the picture of any celebrity with high upvotes
2. Google for other cute or funny pictures of the same celebrity
3. Upload to imgur and post on subreddit /r/celebrities
4. Use your other Reddit accounts to give it a headstart on upvotes.


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