How To Easily Find Out WordPress Theme And Plugin A Website Is Using

With the countless of websites we visit everyday, it can’t be avoided that we come to a site with a really beautiful or cool theme. Many of us, particularly those who are still new, would want to know what type of WordPress theme the website is using.

WordPress is probably the most well-known content management system in the virtual world so it can be expected that this platform is really huge. This means that it’s totally understandable if you get lost or confused on what theme or plugin you plan to use, especially if you do not have the proper guidelines.

There are lots of amazing themes available on WordPress for you to choose from. However, you have to be sure that the theme you choose is appropriate for your online business and that it can help in boosting your success.

Even though you can use free WordPress themes with good quality, it is still recommended that you go for the premium ones as you will get more quality, regular updates, and premium support. In addition, if you go with the premium themes, make sure that you are a hundred percent positive that you are buying from a store with a good track record.

As you are planning for your WordPress website, it’s a good idea to research which WordPress themes are widely used, SEO friendly, and those that received positive remarks.

If you are new to setting up a website, it will be quite complicated for you to know what theme the website is using.

This post will guide you through and will provide you with a tool and methods on how to find out what WordPress theme a website is using.

Using a Source Code to Find Out the WordPress Theme:

This is the simplest way to find out what theme the website is using. Here is a step by step guide on how to locate the theme name in the source code:

1. Go to the WordPress site you wish to know the theme it is using.

2. Right click and choose the page source.

3. After clicking, you will see a new page containing the source codes.

4. Press Ctrl+F and enter the word wp-content/themes” in the search bar.

5. You will receive results with this format: “wp-content/themes/name-of-the-theme.

For example, the Learn Blog Tips website is using the eleven40 StudioPress theme.

Right click anywhere on the page and select page source:

Press Ctrl+F and type “wp-content/themes” in the search bar:

There are many websites that hide the theme name to avoid showing it in the source code. There are also times that they change the theme name into their brand name. No need to worry though, there is a tool you can use so you can still detect what WordPress theme the website is using.

The WordPress Theme Detector

The WordPress Theme Detector is a site wherein you can find what type of theme from WordPress a certain website is using. You can do this simply by doing a search with the use of their URL.

Through this tool, you will be provided with the information of the WordPress theme, including the source and even information on what significant plugins the website is using. Keep in mind, if the website is using a highly-personalized theme, you will not be able to get the details of the theme.

Some Thoughts to Ponder:
Even if you are already using a WordPress theme with excellent quality for your website, this is still not a guarantee that your online business will boom. Hard work is still the key to success. You still need to make great content on a regular basis. However, it will make a huge difference if you have the right theme for your website.
If your website is not user-friendly and it does not have a good reading experience, your theme might not be enough to draw customers.

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