How To Change Desktop Folder Icons Color In Your PC

Do you like to stay organized? If you are like me or like other computer users; you probably have lots of icon on your desktop where you save many files from important documents to music and videos, all these folders looks alike, the one sure way to differentiate them and avoid deleting important folder is to give each one of them different color.

What are the advantage of having folder icons with different colors?
- You can find any folder easily
- You different folders easily
- You can have folders with word documents in green folder, those with softwares in red folder, those with music and videos in blue folders. It's your choice, there are hundreds of colors to choose from.


There are lots of free softwares you can download online and organize your folders to look  very beautiful and attractive, using different colors for different folders will make your desktop look so impressive and neat, you should try it today, the tutorial to do this is very simple. All you've got to do is follow the simple steps below:

How To Customize Your Desktop Folder Icon With Different Colors

So, let's get to work, below am going to show you the software you can easily use to give your computer an impressive look, you will probably love to keep your PC this way after seeing the effects and advantage of using different colors for different folder icons.

1. Go to your favorite browser and download FolderColorizer

2. When you have downloaded the software, all you need is to install it, just follow the process to install it automatically.

3. When  you need to change any folder icon color, just right-click on the folder you wish to change the color, select "Colorize" then choose the color you need to set the folder in. It is that simple

desktop folder icon
Note: Folder Colorizer will ask you to insert your email in order to activate this software the first time you use it. Don't worry, if you don't wish to give them your original email, you can always give them any fake email that comes to you mind, that will activate the software for you.

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Other similar softwares you can use to change your PC folder icon colors:

Another software that works like Folder Colorizer is the  Folder Maker, it has both free and paid version. If you don't wish to part with your money using Folder Colorizer will is your choice to give your folder icon fantastic and colored looks.


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