How To Easily Add Facebook Fan Box To Blogger

Facebook fan page likes box is a great way to increase the number of people following your blog on Facebook, This is one sure way of increasing the number of your fans, your blog readers and those who can see your blog posts while on Facebook.

Adding a Facebook like box is latest trend among bloggers, this tutorial will teach you how you can easily integrate the Fan box into your blog. Before proceeding with this short tutorial, make sure you have already created a Fan page on Facebook then come back here and follow our guidelines to increase your likes.

Creating A Facebook Like Box

First step to creating a Facebook likebox is having a Facebook fan page, then find out the url of your page, it will look sometime like this https://facebook.com/techbadoo.

2. Once you have copied your page url, then next thing is to go to developers window of Facebook, A little change have been made to it but it still works great, Visit the developers window to create the plugin for your blog at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin

3. Add/Paste your page url inside the first space provided (see image below)

how to add facebook likebox

Then customize the look of your Fan likes box according to your taste, as your are customizing it, Facebook allows you to preview your work as it will appear of your blog. Take time to customize it to your taste.

4. When you are done customizing to your liking, Click on "Get Code" to get the code you need for your blog

Facebook fanpage code

5. Facebook provides you with two codes, copy the second code and proceed to your Blogger Dashboard.

6. Login to your Blogger dashboard, Click on "Layout" Then identify where you want to add the plugin and click on "Add Gadget"

7. When the widget dropdown appears, Select "HTML" and paste the code you copied from Facebook inside this box and save

8. Save your work, that's it.

You can now reload your blog to view the changes and see the like/fan box appearing on your blog.


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