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Best Ways To Download Videos From Facebook To Any Device

1@ Facebook provides no link for users to download videos directly from their site, however, if you are looking to save your internet data cost or have an unstable connections there are some easy ways you can use to download videos from Facebook to your computer or smartphone.

Below we provide you 3 ways you can easily use to get any videos you want to your device.

Before you can download video from Facebook, you must first get the direct link to the particular video and Facebook does not make this easily available.

How To Easily Get Direct Link To Facebook Videos

To get the direct link to a Facebook Video, log on to Facebook and go to the page or profile with the video you want to download.

Click on "option dropdown" button (see image below)

facebook video link

Then click on "Embed Video"

download video on facebook

Facebook will now provide you with a code to embed the video on your website, copy the code and paste it on your notepad or any other available editor.

Link of facebook videos

From the code you paste on your notepad, check for the first "href" and copy the link from where the number stops. Your link will look similar like this:

This is the link you need to download the video with any of the software below.

1. Savefromnet is my favourite free video downloader, I use it to download videos from youtube and Facebook in whatever format I need it and I can even reduce the quality if I don't have enough browsing data. 

To download video from Facebook using
1. First get the link (url) of the video from Facebook.
2. Paste the link on download box on Savefromnet and click on download
3. Savefromnet will provide you with options to select the format you want the video, select the one that suites your need and click download.
4. Your download will start in a few moment, depending on the speed of your internet connection
5. Save your downloaded video and enjoy.

2. Downfacebookvideos

This is a special website build and dedicated to downloading Facebook videos directly from your web. 
All you need is copy and paste the direct link of the Facebook video you want to download and click "Download" to begin downloading the videos.

Another simple way of downloading Facebook videos using this website is by adding "down" on the link.
For instance:
If the direct link of the video you wish to download is   now remove "s" from https and add "down" before facebook, then paste the link on your browser and hit "Enter" on your keyboard to download.
Your link will now look like this:  before you begin your download

3. FacebookVideoz

Another app to download Facebook videos easily, It works just like the above mentioned DownFacebookVideos, You insert the link of the video you want to download from Facebook on the bar and click on "Download" to begin your downloads or your remove "s" from "https" in the link and add "videoz" before facebook in your link to download automatically.

How To Download Facebook Videos To Your Android Smartphones

Any of the above method can work in downloading videos from Facebook to your smartphones even on android operating systems, however, we wish to share one easy way you can use to download Facebook videos on your android smartphones.

First you need to download Myvideodownloader For Facebook from Google play store
That's all you need to start downloading Facebook videos on your phone.

1. Install the app, then launch it and log in to your Facebook account.
2. From the "Menu" click on "Newsfeed" to search and select the videos you wish to download
3. Once you located the video you want, click on the "Download" icon at the top right corner to download the video

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