How To Create Facebook Group And Add All Your Friends At Once

Ever wonder how people create a Facebook group and in matter of minutes have all their friends in the group? Well, in this post you are going to learn how you can create a Facebook group and automatically add all your friends at once in one click.

Facebook Group is meant for you to interact with certain group of peoples, so it always a good idea that when you have a blog that you should also have a Facebook group and also a Facebook Fan page. You use your fan page to run your ads on Facebook while you use your Facebook group to interact with your loyal readers and share any bonus you might have. 

Now when you have created a Facebook group, it is an uphill task adding all your Facebook friends one after the other to the group especially when you have friends running into thousands (Yes, every internet marketer suppose to have large group of social media friends) Adding all these people to group one after the other is no easy task, so in this short tutorial am going to show you how you can easily add all your friends to your group immediately at once when your Facebook group is ready. This is the easiest way you can add all your Facebook friends to a group you just created.

How To Create  Facebook Group And Add All Your Friends At Once

1. First, if you have not created a Facebook group yet, head over to Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups and create a group of your choice, You can choose the privacy of your group, whether is will be public or closed or secret group, whichever one you want but remember in the place written "members" to add atleast 4 friends.
Customize your Group first to look fine, add cover photo. The size of cover photo for Facebook group is 784x250 pixels.

Note: This method works only in Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox.
2. Now made list of how many friends you already have in the group. Just clam it or note it down somewhere.

3. While you are still in the page (Facebook Group, you are going to open the developer's window to add a code, to open the this developer's window, you will use either of 3 methods below:
I. Click F12 on your computer to open developers window. If this does not work, i.e the developers window did not open, don't worry there is another way.
II. Now if pressing F12 did not open your developer's window, right-click anywhere inside the window and select "inspect element" or  

4. When developer's window open in your screen, Click on "Console" see image below

5. Download this Code here, copy it and paste in that empty space below console and hit "enter" to start adding your friends.

The code will immediately start adding your friends to your group immediately, This may take some time if you have a long list of friends.
When the code stop working, check the number of people you now have in your Facebook group.

Note: If you have a huge list of group of friends, you may consider stopping the code from adding all your friends at once to avoid Facebook giving you a ban, If Facebook detects you are adding everybody at once, they may give you two weeks ban in which you cannot add anybody again to the group.

Hope this simple piece of code works out for you and all your friends are now in your group. Let's hear how it is working for you in the comment section. This code is subjected to upgrade.

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