New Best Advertising Network For 2015

So you need to start making money from your blog? don't worry, we have put together a list of top advertising networks, The list top bloggers are using to make their big income from blogging, the best ones in the industry to help you start monetizing your blog immediately so that you too can reap the full benefit of blogging.

Before we continue with our list of top advertising network, I will like you to know that advertising is not the only way you can make money from your blog, there are other ways which I will treat in full in another separate post. This methods includes:
Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing, Direct Ad Sales, Banner Advertising, Paid Posts, Coaching/Consulting services, Premium Membership Blog and Building and Selling of blogs. Watch out for a post on this latter.

I advice that you do not choose only one ad network to monetize your blog, if you choose to use adsense you can use it with another one so that you can have a backup incase one network ban your account or something of that nature.

List of 10 Best Recommended Advertising Networks To Monetize Your Blog

1. Google Adsense

Adsense which is Google's way of helping bloggers make money from their blog top our list of advertising networks. Google adsense is a Pay-Per-Click program and have been around for years and almost all the blog want to be on adsense. This is because adsense is the best paying advertising network. Google Adsense is so popular because of  it's contextual ads which will help any publisher get better CTR also Adsense pay 68% share of the advertiser's bid price when someone clicks on their ad in your blog. If you use "Adsense for search" you also get 51% of the revenue. Google Adsense have strict approval process, you have to maintain a blog with good design, unique contents, that is getting search engine traffic and also abide by other adsense policies to get approved. 

How Much You Can Make From Adsense?
There are lots of money to make from Google adsense, It provides ads to relates to what people are likely to be looking for when they visit your sites, which will turn into clicks, more clicks... more money. It is possible to be making $100 - $20,000 per month from adsense, you have to spend money building backlinks and advertising on social media like Facebook to get enough traffic that will make you that kind of money. Use keywords that will get you more traffics from US, Canada and Australia. Abide with other Adsense rules and regulations to avoid getting banned and losing your account and money.

2. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is just like the name sounds, It is a platform where advertisers go and meet publishers for their ads and you (publisher) go and collect ads that you will like to show in your blog and make money. It is not a Pay-Per-Click program but it is still a very good adsense alternative for a blog with big traffic. When your application got approved in BuySellAds you will be required to choose a space where you will like to show your BSA ads, the perfect place is in the blog header or after post title. After which advertisers will place their ads on those spaces, the ads stays for 30 days and it vanishes and can be replace with another one. Before ads can be shown in space created you will see the ads in  your BSA dashboard, you can approve it if the price is ok for you or disapprove if it is not. But remember that if the advertiser pays $100 for putting ads in your blog for a month. BSA will take $25 which is 25% per their policy.

How Much You Can Make From BuySellAds?
BuySellAds advertiser's price are usually favourable to publishers and you have the right to disapprove any ad that you don't like the bid price. You can be making up to $1000 per month with BSA if you have a blog with high traffic volume especially traffics from US.  BuySellAds like Adsense have stringent approval process. Before you get approve you will have a good blog design, 50,000+ pageviews, high Alexa ranking, and also good number of social followers. Minimum payment threshold with Paypal is $20 but if you need Wire transfer you have to wait until you make $500.

3. Chitika

Chitika is a very good Google Adsense alternative, they work the same way as adsense in serving contextual ads to your blog and they pay more than other alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika unlike Adsense have instant approval process, so if you are still finding it difficult getting approval for Adsense, sign up for Chitika now and begin to monetize your blog, you can use Chitika ads together with Adsense when you finally get approved. Chitika have an average CPC rate that ranges from $0.1 to $0.60. You can increase your earnings with big traffic from US, Canada and Uk to your blog. The minimum payout for publishers on Chitika is $10 or through check with $50 minimum which is a very good threshold.
Visit at http://chitika.com

4. Media.net

Wouldn't it be cool to make money from Google's biggest rivalry when it comes to search engine? Media.net is contextual advertising platform that is being managed by Bing and Yahoo network who also has their search engine known as Bing search. They provides high quality targeted ads to it's users. This means if you want to get accepted as Media.net publisher you need to have a blog with targeted and quality content. Media.net admits to me that they have a backlog when it comes to admitting new publishers, so it can take up to two weeks to get approved. They are a very good adsense alternative. You get to withdraw your earnings when you reach $100 through Paypal or Wire transfer.
Getting approve in Media.net is not so easy, make sure to read their guideline before you apply. When you finally get approved, an account manager will be assigned to you and Media.net only provides high quality ads and high CPC rate.

5. TribalFusion

TribalFusion is an advertising platform that have been in existence since 1998 and serves over 20 billion ads/per month. TribalFusion is not for small bloggers but made our list because of their high CPM rate, it is best suited for those that own and operate viral website. You must be pulling at least 500,000 unique monthly visits to your blog to have a chance of getting approval to display TribalFusion ads. TribalFusion pays their publishers 55% of all the CPM revenue. Their CPM rate is also appealing, you get to make between $0.20 - $2.00 depending on the niche you are covering.
If you are into tech blogging, health or sport you will make money from TribalFusion however they tend to pay less to those in entertainment and celebrity niche. Once approved you can select advertisers and ad categories according to your preference.
Visit at https://www.tribalfusion.com

6. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-text advertising platform and another advertising platform you can use as an alternative to adsense or use it together with adsense. They started their in-text advertising in 2007 and have gone further to ad in-tag, in-fold and in-frame ads in recent years. 
Infolinks works by identifying some keywords in your post and put underline below it which looks like your normal link, when your blog visitors place mouse over it a box opens showing an ad, if the visitor clicks on it, he/she will be taking to the advertisers page and you will earn money in return.
Infolinks eCPM is not that big when compared to other platforms I have made mentioned above but if you are getting huge traffic to your blog especially from US and Canada and you are into tech blogging or health niche you can still make lots of money using Infolinks.
I made use of Infolinks on my blog sometime ago and the earning was not so bad, to earn more from this advertising platform work on where you are getting your traffic from. Approval for Infolinks is easy and fast with any amount of traffic to your blog (atleast 200 daily)  as far as you do not have what they deem "negative" content on your blog. They also have a referral system with which you can earn extra money when a publisher joins through your link.
Infolinks pay minimum of $50 every 45 days through Paypal, Payoneer, and minimum of $100 through Wire Transfer and Western Union.
Visit at http://www.infolinks.com/

7. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is an Isreali performance (CPA) based advertising network that have been operating since 2008 but not many people knew about them, They pay you based on the action took by individuals who click on their ads and not by the clicks. So they are a little bit different from Google adsense but it is still a good alternative to use in your blog if you get banned or you are still waiting to get approval from Adsense. Revenue Hits ads are geo targeted and contextual ads.
Most of the time, Revenue Hits tends to show ads based on the type of traffic brought by the publisher instead of what the advertisers need, giving the publisher an opportunity to have more people taking actions on the ads. They also have a good referral system, where a referral makes $10 when the publisher he referred earns $10. You can withdraw your money with Paypal or Payoneer.

Signing up on Revenue Hits is very easy, and your account gets immediate approval, you can start showing ads as soon as you sign up, no longer waiting forever to get approval. If you need to know how you can maximize your earnings with Revenue Hits then sign up now using this link  here.... Sign up

8. Adversal 

Adversal stands at number eight in our Google adsense alternative we use to make money online. They have been existing since 2003 serving pop under and banner ads. Adversal ads have an attractive CTR. Your blog/website have to be pulling at least the minimum of 50,000 page views per month to get approved at Adversal. However, they pay well and you can earn enough money up to $100 - $1000 per month using this network.
Adversal have multiple ads format, 100% fill rate, they pay minimum of $20 every 35 days through PayPal, ACH, Check or Wire transfer and have good affiliate program from which you can earn extra cash when another publisher joins their network through your unique link. Adversal have high quality advertisers from USA and Uk and if you get more traffic from North America or Europe you will definitely see an increase in your earnings.
Visit at www.adversal.com

So I have provided you the top paying ad network for 2015 that you can use to monetize your blog and start making money like authority bloggers. The list is not exhaustive, I am going to update them as they changes, however, the one provided here are the ones paying the best for 2015. With each of the ad network above, you can make up to $200 per month using each one, ofcourse that just the beginning of your earnings.

Combining Ads
It is best to adopt different ad networks when you want to monetize your blog, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, keep on testing them until you get the one that pays you the most. It is best to combine:
Google Adsense with Chitika.
Google Adsense with Infolinks.
Google Adsense with BuySellAds.
Media.net with BuySellAds
Media.net with Adversal
BuySellAds with Revenue Hits
BuySellAds with Adversal
Infolinks with Adversal

Traffic Determines Earnings
Nobody will click on the ads on your blog if nobody is seeing them, When it comes to making money with ads you placed on your blog, targeted traffic matters a lot. Do a proper Seo and also use social media like Facebook to drive massive traffic to your blog, the more people visiting your blog the more clicks you will be seeing, most of these recommended ads are contextual, meaning ads are served based on the content of your blog so your visitor is likely to see what interests him/her.
Don't settle for normal traffic if you want extra-ordinary earnings, spend money to get more traffic to your blog for chance to earn bigger, that's how the pros does it.

where to place ads for better conversion
Placement Determines Conversion
Driving traffic to your blog is not enough, you have to place ads where it can be easily visible, the best place to place your ads for maximum conversions include:
1. Header (Recommended Format: 728x90)
2. After the post title (Recommended format: 468x15, 468x68)
3. In the middle of the post (Recommended format: 180x150, 125x125, 120x240, 200x200)
4. Immediately after the post (Recommended format: 300x250, 468x60, 336x280)
5. Sidebar (Recommended format: 125x125, 120x600, 300x600)

It is recommended you place the maximum of 3 ads per post, don't fill your whole post with ads that are intrusive, you will end up chasing the visitor away.

Have your say, which of the advertising program are using or planning to use in your blog?..... and how are they working for you, your opinions is highly appreciated in comments

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