How To Add Image Gadget In Sidebar Without Title in Blogger

Often time, we would like to use the image gadget in Blogger sidebar either to show an awesome image or to link it to a page or an ad without any title for the image. However, Blogger gives you an error message "Required field must not be left blank" this is a little bit frustrating given that adding a title can make the mess of our design and sometimes seem amateur.


Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore, Here you will learn how you can bypass this and be able to insert your image in Blogger sidebar or any other place in your blog without adding a title. This is very easy to do, just follow the step below.

How To Use Image Gadget In Blogger Without Adding Title:

1. Click on "Add Gadget"
2. Select "Image Gadget"
3. In the area given for "Title" just add this little piece of code there <!>
4. Upload your image and save, now you will not get the error message "Required field must not be left blank" also your image will not have a Title as the code you add above will override this option.

Once again the code you need to add to that place "Title" is written is: < ! >

Hope this simple trick works out for you, Let me hear your opinion in the comment section.

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