Top 5 Beautifully Customized Email Subscription Widget For Your Blog

Email subscription boost your blog readership, it gives you advantage of having more people getting your blog feeds/updates as soon as you add new content, This help you to form a kind of community of loyal readership of your blog. Your email subscribers can increase when you have an eye-catching subscription box and I will provide you with codes for some of amazing subscription box you can use in your blog.

It is very important you add an email subscription to your blog, if you visit all the major blogs/websites you will notice an Email subscription form, some use popups to show their email subscription form others place their own form in the visible area of their blog, as we did here in techbadoo, using popups may seem kind of intrusive to some people.

Below are some beautiful made email subscription form you can add to your blog free, It is made to attract more readers and more subscribers to your blog. Place the widget in place in your blog where it can be easily seen, the tutorial below will teach how to add this customized widget to your blogger easily without additional stress.

Form 1

This is a beautiful designed email subscription form, it is blue in colour, with social icons, It contains Facebook Icon, Twitter Icon, Google plus and your RSS sharing button. This was made not only to boost your blog readership and subscribers but also to increase the number of people who you socialize with in the 3 major social networks.

To add this subscription box to your blog.

  • Copy this code below.
  • Go to your blog layout. Select "Add Gadget" at the place where you like the form to appear.
  • Select "HTML" Gadget
  • Paste the code inside the Gadget.
  • Change Feedburner address/ID with your own, also replace the social links with your own link.
  • Save and preview your blog
To check if it working perfectly, subscribe with your own email and confirm the subscription from your email.
Note: You need to have an accout with feedburner and activate email subscription.

Form 2


Another free stylish - beautifully designed email subscription box to get the attention of your blog visitors and force them to subscribe, It has social media icons that becomes active once mouse goes over it. Made with CSS through and through and it will not affect your page loading speed.

To add this subscription box to your blog:

  • Copy the code below
  • Go to your blog and add "HTML" gadget.
  • Paste the code inside the Gadget
  • Change anywhere you see "Techbadoo" with your own Social network ID.
  • Replace the feedburner id with your own address "('http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=Techbadoo"
  • Save and Enjoy your new awesome email subscription widget

Form 3


This one is made and designed by bloggeryard, A simple flat UI designed style with lovely effects and eye friendly colour, it is perfect email subscription box to use in your sidebar. it is made with HTML and CSS3. It gives good effect when someone hovers over name or email box.

To add this subscription box to your blog:

  • Copy the code below
  • Paste the code in your "HTML" gadget in sidebar
  • Change the feedburner username to your own.
  • Save and Enjoy your new email subscription box.

Form 4


A simple design Email subscription box with the ability to adjust to any width it found itself. This particular email box seems to match any blog background you used it on.
To add this subscription box to your blog
  • Copy the code below
  • Paste the code in your "HTML" gadget
  • Change the feedburner username to your own
  • Save your widget.

Form 5

envelope like designed subscription box

Give a good impression to your potential subscribers with this well designed like envelope email subscription box
To add this box to your blog
  • Copy the code below
Apply the process above

It is our hope that you will find among our list the email box that suit your test, We can help you to customize any of them to match your blog design.


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