7 Simple Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free For Serious Affiliate Marketers

7 simple ways to advertise your business for free online

Affiliate Marketing can make money for you without you having your own product, infact since introduction of affiliate marketing into internet, many people have made their living solely on internet selling other people's product, however am not going to go into affiliate marketing in this article, I just want to reveal to you some free ways you can make money by advertising your affiliate business and driving more sales and recruits if you are into MLM.

To succeed in Internet Marketing, be it affiliate marketing or MLM, advertising is the key.
However, if you are just new into internet marketing and still run on low budget then  free advertising is the bail-out. When I was starting out I don't have a single cent to advert my business, so I just have to depend on the free ones, you too can do this whether you are just starting up or already established, The trick is that to get more people interested in your advertisements, make sure that what ever is it that you want to advertise, there are some value added to it or kind of incentive to your ad-viewer. Adding value to your advertising can range from offering ebook, coupon, or free tutorial.

Internet today is filled with lots of places where you can advertise your affiliate links for FREE!All you have to do is try and know them and also  familiarize yourself on how to use them, If you can do this then you can promote any business online with zero advertising budgets.
 Some of them includes:

1. Article Writing
This is the first trick I learnt about having a free traffic to my affiliate link, I learnt this from my mentor in affiliate marketing Ewen Chia, the trick here is to provide people with quality article and in return the search engine and the article website will return the favour by sending traffic to your link.You can write content rich articles on any subject and submit to multiple article directories to get traffic. Information and unique content in your article is the key thing. But you also need a very catchy title that makes readers click on your article and then on your link at the end of the article. Try and make your titles very catchy, this is the first thing your reader will see, take a look at two example below

1st option:
Bad Title: "There are 7 ways to increase traffic to your website"

2nd option
Good/Catchy: 7 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic.
If you are the reader, which of the headlines will you click on?... the second one right?. that's what I thought. Do not over-hype, the reader will see through it. Use capital letters to begin each word.

Some top article directories where you can write articles and expect traffic includes: Ezine ArticlesGoArticles and hubpages. There are lots of them, but the 3 above are my favorite ones.
 Also Add your promotional comments on "work at home" articles written by others, it works!.
Note: To see more article directories, search for "article directories" in search engines

2. Email Advertising
Email Advertising has been and is still one of the effective ways of reaching thousands of your prospects. Sending email using autoresponder to these prospects/people does not necessarily make it a spam. Because they agreed to receive emails from you when they opted-in in your lists.  Send your prospects email on a regular basis to keep them abreast of your fresh offer and make sure to give out bonus from time to time to keep them interested in what you have to say. Besides, you can build your own list from people you have interacted with before. 
As a beginner who have no or low budget you need a free emailing service because it is important you have a list, My  recommended free autoresponder  you can sign up with is MailChimp. MailChimp is easy to use and  build your  opt- in page, and more importantly it is  free if you have less than 2000 people on your lists, so it is perfect for a beginner. You can import your list to paid ones later.
However, using free autoresponder is good in the beginning when you have no or low budget, but you should switch to paid ones with better feature, as an affiliate marketer, it is best to switch to TrafficWave autoresponder when you are ready to use paid one. TrafficWave offers one month free trial and then you have to pay $17.95 per month after that, when you join TrafficWave make sure to join and promote their affiliate program, it is the best in the industry and you can cover your subscription cost in no time and make money as you do so.

3. Join And Participate In Forums
This is a good way to get organic traffic to your affiliate link or website/blog that many people do not know or totally ignore. Forums has provided me with lots of organic traffic am enjoying today, I still get traffic from links I posted in some forums years back that I have already forgotten.
There are millions of forum with participants from all over the internet with different interest, sharing ideas and debating on all kinds of topics.  If you start a number of new threads in these forums, you can get substantive traffic to your affiliate links/websites. There are popular forums on internet, use your Google to find then, you can also join forums like WarriorforumNairaland among others, Lots of them are free to join and you can be posting immediately.
If you do more than promote affiliate link, say you have a website or blog, you can have forum widget on your blog which allows your blog visitors to interact with each other, this will certainly increase the number of traffic you get and out of hundred people that visits your blog/website one must surely click and buy your affiliate product.

4.Email Provider Groups
Many people have no idea that most email providers have groups, where members interact with one another. Providers like goggle gmail, yahoo, hotmail  and others have groups on all topics and subjects which includes: business, finance, health etc. 
You can join them free and participate in sharing your ideas.You can start your own group and gradually build its membership.This may take a little bit of time when you are starting out, but bear in mind nothing good comes easy, remember to share your affiliate links as you participate in the groups.

5. Social Marketing:
Social Media is one of the greatest tool of marketing and creating awareness in recent times and understanding each of the tools available will give you the confidence to build a real following that you can leverage to increase sales of your affiliate product and also expand your brand awareness if you have your own product, or establish a personal/business relationship with your customers and prospects. 
We have many social networking sites. Join as many of them as you can, create a public profile and become an authority in your niche, add unique and valuable contents to your site and blogs. As you do so, you will have an awesome opportunity to meet lots of people based on interest. Also, There are lots of groups in these social network sites where you can freely promote your business. And best of all, almost all the social media platforms are free to use. You may not have the budget to hire a social media manager or agency, but using social media doesn't have to be expensive. You learn as you participate.

6. Traffic Exchanges
This is a new form of marketing, and it really works for those who are on low budget. It involves viewing other people's ads in return others will also view you own ads, you accumulate credits/points as you view others ads/websites and in return, you will exchange it for traffic to your affiliate link or website. You can generate traffic to your site using traffic exchanges. One advantage of traffic exchanges is that you can get targeted traffic to your site. 

7. Classifieds
Classifieds involves sites that allows you to list your offers, and people who are looking for offers/jobs come to these sites to see what they can find, Classified sites can be describe as the internet version of yellow pages. There are different categories in Classifieds website, you have to choose one to post your affiliate offer. If the site allows, you can place different ads in the same category to attract traffic. You can find some examples of free classifieds you can advertise on here:



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